What Does a Rainbow Mean Spiritually?

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Rainbows are formed after a period of rain. Light that is passing through water droplets find themselves refracted. As a result they get exposed to the seven colors that are present in white light. However, it’s interesting to note that a rainbow will not be formed after every bout of rain. This is why when you end up seeing a rainbow, it could be carrying a special message for you.

The rainbow is mainly associated with positivity and abundance. When you see a rain ow, this could mean that positive events are about to happen in your life. Do you find yourself wondering what do rainbows mean spiritually? Seeing a rainbow means that a new beginning is on the horizon for you. Perhaps someone will be fulfilling a promise they made to you. Rainbows can also signify improvements in relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic.

There are divine meanings associated with the rainbow as well. The arch of a rainbow signifies that divine is looking out for you. They are promising to keep a watch over you, and to protect you from difficulties and strife. Seeing a rainbow can feel calming for many people. However, you may still wonder what does a rainbow mean spiritually. Understanding what a rainbow spiritually means can better help you in deciphering the messages your angels are trying to send to you.

The Symbolism Behind a Rainbow

Depending on your age and life circumstances, seeing a rainbow can signify different things. To really understand the symbolism behind a rainbow, it’s important to first understand how they occur naturally. An example of this is how a rainbow can only be formed when there is natural light present. This is why many people believe that seeing a rainbow could mean that your angels are trying to send you an important message.

When you see rainbows, it could symbolize that an unfulfilled promise will soon be fulfilled. Was there someone in your life who made a promise to you, but hasn’t yet lived up to it? Perhaps you made a promise to someone and haven’t yet fulfilled it. Seeing rainbows is a strong sign that promises are about to be fulfilled. This should also give you hope associated with a fresh start. But what do rainbows mean spiritually? Here are a list of meanings associated with rainbows:

1. Luck and Abundance

There are various cultures across the world where rainbows are associated with prosperity. Rainbows also signify fertility in many cultures. There is also a particular belief, seen in Celtic folklore, where rainbows are also associated with gold. They believe that a leprechaun is supposedly hides a pot full of gold where the rainbow meets the earth.

This pot full of gold is seen as a sign of good luck as well. It can also be seen as the start of a new life, seen through newborn babies.

2. New Beginnings

When you see a rainbow, you may be going through a difficult time in your life. In this case, the rainbow symbolizes that positive things are about to enter your life soon. You are being asked to be positive, and to look forward to your future.

Rainbows tend to catch the eye of many people, especially as they are often formed after a bad storm. The rainbow is formed of seven colors that are vibrant, reminding people that there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel.

3. Peace

The rainbow is associated with peace as well. In the same way that rainbows come after rain, after war there comes peace. This is why seeing a rainbow could be a sign that a conflict is about to come to an end.

Should you have been fighting with someone in your life, then seeing a rainbow is a sign that you should consider choosing peace.

4. Death

There are some cultures where rainbows symbolize death. Specifically, they symbolize that a loved one has safely transitioned to the spiritual realm. This is why rainbows are also viewed as bridges that link our world to the afterlife.

What Does It Mean When You See a Rainbow In Your Dream?

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In case you find yourself dreaming of rainbows, then this could be a strong sign that your angels are trying to send across a message to you. Your angels want you to know that positivity and abundance are on their way into your life. Keep in mind that rainbows can be elusive in how they appear. They don’t just automatically occur after a rainfall. The conditions need to be right in order for a rainbow to manifest.

When you dream about rainbows, this could also be a sign that you’re being asked to connect with your inner self. Have you been wondering what do rainbows mean spiritually? The answer to what do rainbows mean spiritually can change depending on the context you see the rainbow in. Should you see it in your dreams, then this can symbolize creativity as well as productivity. Rainbows can represent joy as well. Your angels could be asking you to understand what your strengths are. Then, use your strengths to combat any conflicts or hurdles that appear in your life.

When you see a rainbow in your dreams, this is also a reminder from the divine to check what your spiritual strength is. If you don’t spiritually protect yourself, then you may find yourself dealing with negative experiences. Your angels may also be trying to tell you that you’re overlooking the positive things in your life, and focusing on the negative.


The answer to what do rainbows mean spiritually can change depending on the context you see it in. However, rainbows are usually associated with positivity as well as abundance. When you see a rainbow, this means that good things are about to enter your life. Your angels are asking you to be optimistic, and to look forward to your future. Use this guide to learn all about what do rainbows mean spiritually.