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Your mouth is a gateway to good health. Teeth are the entry point for food, which provides the body the nourishment it needs to lead a healthy, happy and energetic life. The mouth is also the location where the process of digestion starts. Healthy chewing is key to good digestion and a healthy life.

Teeth are indicators of good health. Any disturbance in the oral system is often symbolic of underlying body issues.

When teeth hold such significance in determining an individual’s bodily health, then it is not an exaggeration to believe that they hold spiritual significance too. It is often said that the mind, body and soul are intertwined. A slight disturbance in any one system can have a significant impact on the others.

So, is there a spiritual significance to teeth? Are teeth problems indicators of any spiritual inconsistencies in your life?

What do teeth represent spiritually? Read on to know.

Spiritual Significance of Teeth

There are multiple interpretations to the spiritual significance of teeth.

The Hindu belief system associates the teeth with Vishuddha chakra. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which when translated means a disc or wheel. Chakra is a reference to the inner wheel of energy, which is believed to be located at 7 different places in the spine of the human body.

The spine is believed to be the house of a human being’s life force (or Chi). The 7 Chakras impact this life-giving force within the body.

The 7 wheels are believed to be located at the base of the spine. These energy Chakras move upwards till the crown of the head. Free movement of energy keeps the body and soul in balance. Any obstruction to the energy flow indicates a disease in the body.

Each Chakra is associated with a color and specific organs within the body. A block in the Chakra indicates a problem with the associated body part.

The Vishuddha Chakra is the 5th energy chakra. It is present in the throat region. This Chakra represents an individual’s ability to refrain from lying, and communicate with truthful words. Body parts associated with this Chakra include the mouth, teeth, gums, thyroid, esophagus and the vertebrae in the neck. The color associated with this Chakra is sky-blue.

It is believed that when the Vishuddha Chakra is open, people are able to communicate with clarity and truthfulness. When the Vishuddha Chakra is blocked, it can lead to various oral problems, including cancers of the mouth.

Oral cancer is believed to be a result of constant and powerful blockage of the Vishuddha Chakra.

This is just one interpretation when it comes to discovering the answer to “what do teeth represent spiritually?”

Spirituality Associated with Wisdom Teeth

If you think wisdom teeth do not serve any purpose, then you are not alone.

Wisdom teeth form in human beings around the age of 17 to 25 years. Though considered a vestigial organ, the wisdom set attains importance because of its spiritual significance. If you are experiencing problems in your wisdom teeth, then it could be an indicator of fear dominating your life.

You could be in fear of change or of people or situations. A pain in wisdom teeth can be symbolic of a greater pain that you might be experiencing in your life. The pain is also a warning that you need to address the fear to move ahead in life.

Wisdom tooth problems may also be indicative of contempt for oneself. This contempt may arise from one’s incapability to address one’s own needs. This situation often manifests in the form of emotions such as self-criticism, being judgmental toward oneself, or self-condemnation.

Spiritual healing can help you overcome the fear and enjoy a beautiful life ahead.

Teeth Represent Suppressed Emotions

Another interesting interpretation for “what do teeth represent spiritually?” is the presence of repressed emotions in the individual.

Teeth may be symbolic of some difficult emotions. An individual with tooth problems might not be expressing emotions in a positive manner. This suppressed energy needs to be released to restore harmony to your oral system.

Specific teeth problems may be symbolic of the need for improvement in your life. For example, cavities may be indicative of the need for a change. Tooth decay may be indicative of the lack of a healthy routine in your life. It may also denote suppression of your creative energy and a lack of self-confidence in your life.

The Chinese belief system also associates teeth with emotions. Referred to as “Teeth Meridian System,” this system describes the organs associated with each tooth and the corresponding emotions. An issue with a tooth then signifies an underlying issue in the corresponding organ and the associated negative emotions.

For example, any issues with teeth numbered 11, 22, 6 and 27, can indicate an underlying issue in the liver and gallbladder. The corresponding emotions are tendency to blame or manipulate, frustration, and anger.

Similarly, teeth 1, 32, 6 and 17, are associated with the small intestines and heart. Emotions associated with issues in these teeth include excessive worry and low self-esteem.

Spiritual Meaning Associated with Common Teeth Problems


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An exploration of “what do teeth represent spiritually?” leads one to some fascinating interpretations available for teeth issues.

The teeth, according to spiritual experts, convey more about your life and your present state. The function of teeth is to grind food. So, any teeth or oral issues may be indicative of an inability to process new information, ideas, or a change, and use them in a constructive way.

If you are experiencing problems in the gums or the teeth, then it may be a reflection of your personality. You may be an individual prone to the fear of making faulty decisions.

Teeth are also responsible for sounds and clear communication. Issues with teeth may therefore represent problems with clear self-expression.

It is said that the four teeth on the front are indicative of your relationship with your parents. The lower incisors represent your parental position, and their influence on your life. These teeth are also symbolic of the type of relationship you want to establish with your parents.

If you are experiencing problems in these teeth, then it may be an indication that you are not able to establish the kind of relationship you want with your parents.

In specific, problems with teeth on the right side indicate problems with father. Issues in teeth on the left side indicate problems with mother.


Cavities may be indicative of a lack of appreciation in your life.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome is a condition where a tooth bears cracks, but is not yet broken anywhere. This condition weakens the integrity of the impacted tooth or teeth.

A cracked tooth may indicate a similar situation in your life. It may be symbolic of your compromised integrity as an individual.

Teeth Grinding or Bruxism

Teeth grinding during sleep may be an indicator of the feelings of anger and frustration that you may be carrying within you during the day. A spiritual approach can help you address these emotions before they develop a greater problem in your body and mind.

Odorous Breath

Breath is an indicator of your inner thoughts and your general state of mind. If you are carrying emotions of anger, hatred, bitterness and jealousy, then a bad breath may signify these emotions.

You can cleanse your breath by transforming your thoughts. Replace anger and bitterness with acceptance and positivity. Encourage feelings of honesty and friendliness instead of envy and hatred.

Gum Diseases

Diseases of the gum such as gingivitis symbolize an inability to stand up for oneself. If you are experiencing gum problems, then it may be an indication of a personality that refuses to accept reality.

Spiritual healing helps you understand yourself and develop the ability to accept yourself the way you are. With such healing, you will more in tune with yourself without depending on others for acceptance.

Spiritual Ways to Prevent Tooth Problems

In addition to a healthy dental regime involving brushing and flossing, regular spiritual care can keep teeth problems away. Some tips to achieve a healthy oral system:

· Be at peace with yourself. You can achieve this state with self-acceptance and relinquishing damaging emotions of judgment, bitterness, anger, and resentment.

· Keep your diet healthy. Consume fresh foods. Minimize or avoid intake of sugar. Sugary foods are the greatest detriment to oral health. They make your oral system a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which damage your system in the long run.

· Look at ways to minimize stress. Develop healthy hobbies and spend quality time with loved ones. Move away from smoking during times of stress as it is a major cause of many oral problems, including oral cancer.

· Develop the skill to communicate clearly. Be happy with who you are and stand up for what you think is right. You will develop more self-esteem as a result.

In Conclusion

There is indeed more to your teeth than you may see.

Understanding the spiritual significance of teeth enables you to discover more about the interconnection between your exterior and inner self. This spiritual knowledge can help you handle any unfortunate incident of tooth problems.

This knowledge also endows you with more clarity and wisdom regarding your life and emotions. You can discover the root cause of not only your teeth problems but also your life challenges. With discovery comes awareness, which helps you address issues the healthy way before they become larger problems.

Spiritual healing can help you understand the deeper significance of your teeth issues. A genuine spiritual healer can help you understand the message being communicated by your teeth. A reliable healer uses a combination of exercise, herbs and authentic spiritual healing, address tooth issues.

The answer to “what do teeth represent spiritually?” may help you find clarity and more success in your life.