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The very notion that our existence is conjoined with other bodies in this universe is not a mere statement, and it would be wrong to deem it so. While you may notice some of them happening around you or you may not, these experiences are changing you every day. This is how deep the signs of the universe are. An open heart, a sensitive mind and eyes that are ready to absorb the supernatural can always intercept these signs.

However, this shall be repeated here that not all the wisdom lies in the material aspects of life. The Vedic sciences do recognize the importance of vistas of life that are not known to us yet. They are called an imperative aspect of our lives, which shall not be ignored.

In its truer fashion, these spiritual signs are nothing but messages. Why do we need such messages? Well, that is the real question.

The ultimate quest

The language of the universe is divinity. Divinity is subtle. It cannot translate into words, but it is no less than that either. The universe, through these spiritual signs, tries to speak to us. It is working on our side all the time. Telling us about our next move. It is informing us about the signs that will shape our destiny. A lot of spiritual signs are tough messages, quite clearly. You suffer, you step us, you get broken, you reassemble these all karmic cycles are spiritual messages for us to hear to and get better in life.

So, don’t we all want a direction in life? Indeed, we do. That direction is what these spiritual signs offer. To know them all, you have come in tune with the Universe. Be more vigilant and receptive. Be more desiring of receptivity towards the love that is being showered on you all the time.

Let us understand a few of these important signs.


This is the most abundantly present form of spiritual signs. It is everywhere, wherever you can feel and understand it. Anything which returns joy is returning a good indication. Anything that pleases you today is there to give you a push towards that energy. It says, in its spiritual meaning that “go for it”. On the other hand, having a go at things that are not returning favorable results, is simply a futile waste of energy. You have to accept the fate and respect the spiritual sign if it comes to you. Let’s go for an example. A relationship that is not fruitful to you or one that is not to your liking will always bring sorrow and pain (which themselves are subcategories of spiritual signs), indicating that this is what you have to avoid.


Dreams aren’t always what we have been thinking or desiring. Do you sometimes see people you don’t want to meet ever in dreams? An accident? A horrific incident? These are spiritual elements of a dream. The universe speaks to you through this alternate reality that you need to keep in check. A clear mind and a clear conscious are a must for the dreams to evolve. This spiritual sign can be a game-changer, though are we ready to interpret the dream.

The game of numbers

Does your phone number have a sequence that matches right away with your vehicle’s number? Do you see 666 everywhere you go? Why is that happening? Nothing is a coincidence in the filed of divine spiritual signs. Everything is worth pondering over, brooding over. The hidden messages aren’t easy to see anyway.

Body Pain

Pain is one of the most direct signs of nature. The universe has its way of protecting you. It tries to send you on the right path. When it comes to your body, the pain of any kind in any part is a telling sign. It could be a possible disease, an incoming accident to that part or something that needs to urgently treated. At times, our thought process gets linked to certain pain. The pain which no doctor can identify. We feel confused as to what brought it up or what could solve this. This pain is also in itself a telling sign that you are either hanging on to somebody who needs to go.

Or it can be a bad habit that is incessantly causing you pain without you even taking note of it. This spiritual sign, when properly interpreted, can be a lifesaver. Often people counsel medical practitioners ignoring the subtleties of the body pain.

Is your body in pain or is something else being communicated? This is what we need to differentiate.


Remember, materialistic items create a significant and strangely close-knit bond with us. Our destiny, our hopes, our path gets attached to it. That revolving chair in your office, the pen you always carry in your breast pocket, etc. When such possessions are too dear to us, they often get attracted to our vibes and the spiritual aspect into play. Often, when you lose that item, you feel disparaged and broken. You have attached yourself to it. However, we need to understand the spiritual sign behind that. You lost the item because it was meant to leave you.

Don’t keep the wrong ties.

Your connection to an object was likely tying you in a malevolent way. Every such small indication with things close to us must be seen from the spiritual perspective. Remember, what in this normal world is good for you to use, the ultimate galaxies work on another dimension and that is the one we need to be more careful about. No priced possession shall make you blind to these signs! Be vigilant.

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Every thought in your brain is a message that is underlying the conscious. You need to be more open-minded to identify the message behind the thought. What you think could be the reason behind your other linked spiritual signs like happiness or sorrow. Lack of satisfaction or maybe some grief that has crept in and has made a safe harbor. For example, you are reading ‘Fault in Our Stars’ and you get overly distraught and emotional about your own life. That is a clear indication that you are worried about you and your partner’s health deep down.

The Easiest sign to pick

Thoughts are the easiest spiritual signs to pick as they come to you more often than others. Reading into thoughts is an art. People still get dreams that they have an impending exam to take the following day. Even when they have gone way past their high-school days. This could be a potentially dangerous sign of lack of preparedness in life’s other responsibilities, like a job.

So, thoughts can be lifesavers. They can be a constant guiding spiritual sign only if you are introspective in nature. This sign is a major plus if you do meditation. Meditation gives us greater peace to absorb and reflect upon our thoughts.

Weather and Nature

Weather is a spiritual sign. It is descriptive of your personality as well. People have a personal liking towards kinds of weather. Why so? It is because the universe gives nature to us as one of the biggest mirrors to our own selves. What we want to see outside in the sky is what we carry deep within our hearts as well. There is no difference. There can’t be. Some people are rainy people. They love rain, they absolutely enjoy getting drenched. It is a sign of touch and compassion that they are seeking in life. When you are always seeking a hot climate and sun is what you are looking out for, it generally relates to deep wanting of freedom and energy. You are missing energy or are feeling suffocated and that pertains to your desire for heat.

These are the kinds of signs nature gives us.

Nature is the teller.

Similar is the role of flowers, moist, dew, and humidity in our life too. Smells and aromas do different things to different people. Our role is to somehow understand the nuances between these emotions that arise out of these smells. Ask yourself, why do I like this smell that much? Universe has a message, you have to smell it.

Unexpected meetings

Lastly, notice those meetings which became a super incidence of your life without any warning. You happen to bump into someone and it just works out between you two! You happen to talk to someone about something random and you connect. That is a big sign altogether. It is the universe telling you to do something about it and go forward with it. The world is full of different people. People outside our circle are strangers to us. Yet, the odds of a stranger getting a good connection with you are almost none. That is the reason we cannot miss these signs from the universe. Often, the best partners are found this way. It is not surprising.

Signs, signs everywhere

Be receptive, open-minded and aware. Answers are coming to you. Directions are coming to you. The universe is your guide.