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Death is not just a physical process. Several people who have a deep emotional connection with those who are about to die have observed something apart from the body’s physiological closing takes place as they start approaching death. Are you wondering what is the spiritual meaning of death? If that is the case, you may get your answer once you complete reading this article.

Does life experience end?

People who are about to die often want to resolve and confront unfinished matters from the past, especially with their family members. For instance, they could wish to send an email, meet with a particular person, or want to write a letter. These dying people may also have a strong urge to return to their childhood haunts.

They may want to browse their family photos again and again. All these experiences may have a deep healing touch. When wishes like these are fulfilled, the person who is dying can embrace death in peace.

There have been several such instances when in the days or weeks before his/her death, a dying human frequently speaks about dead relatives visiting them. They may also speak of visits made by their pets, religious figures, children, groups, or friends. These people usually say these apparitions have visited to assist them to let go or “collect” them.

Also, a dying person could be discussing shuttling between in reality and out of it and explain otherworldly realms. These people may also discuss starting a journey. They may look out of the window all of a sudden and go through a sense of wonder, happiness, or amazement.

They could be in a semi-conscious state and are not able to communicate with people sitting close to them. Yet, it may seem as if they are stretching their arms to hold something and look puzzled.

Many dying people may also seem to be in deep thoughts. It is as if they are getting information, which they would not have contemplated before. People who are about to die and who go through a change of life experiences do something unique. They describe these experiences with reassuring and loving words. These words can be beautiful, comforting, greeting, and soothing.

However, it cannot be said with certainty how many people who are about to die to go through such experiences and visions. Studies have suggested that dreams and end of life visions hold deep significance for dying people. These visions help them to accept the reality of their dying process. So, the answer to what is the spiritual meaning of death could possibly be these unique experiences.

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Choose when to die

It may frequently seem that dying people decide the exact moment to pass away. There are quite a few people who have a high probability of passing away on their birthdays rather than on any other days. There are many such incidents when dying people have shown an uncanny instinct to determine certain things. They may determine which loved ones can be with them when that moment comes. They also want to protect those people who cannot face them dying.

There are many such cases when a dying person is known to remain alive above all medical logic. For instance, they want to meet a special friend or relative before death. Some people hang on until a birthday or a special anniversary arrives. A dying person who could be unconscious, semi-conscious, or confused can also be coherent enough to bid a final adieu before they pass away.

On the other hand, there are some relatives or friends who feel almost forced to come and visit a dying person even at odd hours. These people narrated the unique experience of them being called back.

Some people purposely opt to die alone. They seem to wait until the time people surrounding them have left the room before they pass away. Some dying people choose to pass away when there are only some people present in the room.

Thus, keep taking short breaks and give the dying person some space. However, you should ensure to bid goodbye to them whenever you exit the room. It is just in case the person passes away when you are absent.

The real meaning of death

Are you still wondering what is the spiritual meaning of death? The very word ‘death’ triggers fear of the unknown in the hearts of people. Humans regard death as enigmatic as it is bound to happen. People hardly like to discuss death with their friends or loved ones. They simply enable themselves to consider their actual implications. The reaction is not strange as several people feel life is a state where their body is active biologically.

However, it makes sense to ask: Is there anything beyond death? What is the actual meaning of death? How would the dead person’s survivors respond? Irrespective of the kind of physical ailments being suffered by the person, the soul’s power does not seem to diminish. Now, this is purely spiritual. The word ‘afterlife’ refers to what happens to a human being after his/her death.

The term signifies that the dead person has reached a separate place. It is a place where death is considered to be a continuation of his or her life. Before one can respond to a question such as “what is death?” they should ask the meaning of life. According to medical science, a person has life when his heart and brain are functioning.

A person can be biologically alive. However, they are not alive. Functions such as speaking, walking, and breathing are just the manifestations of life. Rather, the real source of life can be defined as the energy, which enables a human body to function. It is the soul that can do it. Although life’s manifestations may stop once a person is dead, the soul is alive. However, it does so in a distinct form.

For any person whose major motto in life is to achieve material gains, death is indeed the end. It is that stage when temporary accomplishments in life come to a standstill. However, for an individual who is more into spiritual accomplishments, life continues. A person’s soul gets charged with the untiring energy of a person’s good acts on earth.

It simply continues materially via their children. Just as his/her loved ones are alive, they are also alive.

What is the spiritual meaning of death for survivors?

As death leads to profound emotions, there should be a proper channel to express those feelings. It is required to heal constructively. When a person’s loved one passes away, a couple of conflicting yet powerful emotions arise within the survivors. These are being baffled about the future and the sorrow over the loss. The sages have been trying to explain to mankind that it could be a cruel act when a person does not mourn for the death of their loved one. However, mourning for a week is adequate. Else, the individual’s death may become a permanent fixture to cause us sorrow continuously and create obstructions in our life.

There is no reason one should curb their natural pain and sorrow over the death of a loved person’s death. After all, grief is a kind of feeling that cannot be controlled. Hence, it may not be correct to set boundaries for such an agony.

The most powerful bond is between the spouses or a mom and a daughter, which is a spiritual one. The bond can remain powerful even after death. Also, mourning is a way to maintain this profound bond for a departed person’s soul. Each gracious act done by the surviving child may give the departed soul satisfaction and pleasure.

It is particularly true when things are being done in a way, which was taught by her to the child. The departed soul is aware of what happens to the relatives and pals she has left behind her. On the other hand, the soul becomes sad when their loved ones go through depression or sadness. The soul of the dead person is happy when his/her survivor can travel beyond their initial grief. They would love to see their children and family pick up the threads in their lives, as well as encourage people around them.

However, there is no way something or someone can replace a loved one who has passed away. At the same time, there is a means to fill that emptiness. That is when the survivors perform certain virtuous acts on behalf of their departed relatives. They are continuing to please the person’s soul in such a case.

However, all said and done, death may indeed be a shattering and incoherent experience for the survivors. Even if rationale and explainations are given, a person’s heart may still grieve. However, there is nothing wrong with that. So, when any relative or a pal is mourning their loved one’s death, do not give any explanations.

Simply be by their side at that difficult time. Try to console and soothe them and cry with them if you feel like letting out your feelings. Perhaps, now you comprehendthe spiritual meaning of death.