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Since ancient times, people have attempted to dig out the deeper significance of natural events. It is believed special occurrences in the natural world give a specific impact on the lives of mortal humans. One such particular and rare natural event is the super blue blood moon which can be observed once in many years. Due to the rareness of this natural phenomenon, it has piqued the interest of humans as well as astrologers and spiritual healers.

Spiritual practices have been an integral part of human lives, offering them a greater perspective of the universe and life itself. The concept of spirituality is not only confined to one religion. Instead, this ideology has been given importance in every culture and tradition. The very idea of spirituality defines a meaningful relationship with a bigger power than yourself. This relationship can lead to the emotional well-being of an individual, giving them peace, acceptance, satisfaction, and gratitude to lead a healthy life.

In spirituality, people connect with the utmost universal force which is responsible for bringing all the natural elements together. Therefore, an elusive natural event such as the super blue blood moon spiritual meaning bears vital importance in affecting human lives. It has been firmly believed that occurrences in the natural world are profoundly connected with the human world. Spiritually always considers environmental forces and humans as the two interlinked elements of nature. 

Define A Super Blue Blood Moon

This extremely rare natural event takes place when a super moon and a blue moon join with the lunar eclipse’s blood moon.

In a calendar month, the second full moon in a month is called the blue moon. This event is comparatively a rare one from which the English phrase has come, “ once in a blue moon” that also marks the rareness of some occasion.

A super moon or full moon happens when the satellite’s location is at the nearest point in its orbit surrounding the Earth. During the super moon phase, the moon seems to be 30% bigger and 14% brighter.

During the lunar eclipse, when the moon stays under the shadow of the earth, it gets a blood-like red-colored appearance, making it the blood moon. The sun rays are deflected while passing through the earth’s atmosphere which gives birth to a blue color that can be seen by humans on the earth.

Is The Blue Moon Of A Blue Color?

Are thinking about whether the blue moon appearing in the sky is really of blue color? Yes, you should clear off your doubt as the blue moon will look like any other full moon: complete, bright, shiny, and magnificent. However, the shade of the moon has been quite blueish in case of some blue moon events.

Super Blue Blood Moon Spiritual Meaning: A Time For Spiritual Reflection

The moon passes through different phases according to the calendar similar to the different emotional stages in human lives. In space, an eclipse is a time when the earth is standing perfectly in the middle of the sun and moon while casting its shadow on the moon’s body. However, when you observe this particular phenomenon in the bigger picture of the universe, you should perceive it as a period for settling down emotional burdens. You are proceeding towards brighter and greater aspects of life.

The concept of recovering and moving forward during this time has been prevalent for quite some time in various cultures including Christianity. The Battamaliba people, currently living in Benin and Togo keep faith in a mythological tale. They narrate that during this time, the earth and moon are busy fighting with each other whereas the humans inspire them to stop this fight. Therefore, the super blue blood moon spiritual meaning also has another feature which implies settling the age-old conflict and reuniting with ourselves and the surrounding people. So the natural occasion gives humans a chance to be benefited spiritually and emotionally. Both emotional and physical conflicts should be neutralized in this time for a brighter future.

As the moon is an evident sign of human emotions, its various phases indicate the rise and fall of the emotional graph. The changing vibes with this special lunar eclipse may create a little discomfort among some people. However, this transformation should not be perceived in a negative light. Rather the super blue blood moon spiritual meaning often denotes the crossroads of human lives. Mostly, they inspire change and brightens up those aspects of our lives that should be handled with care and attention.

The powerful rays of super blue blood moon are known to pull the emotional strings of humans and provide them with a scope to contemplate, reflect and realize the impacts of their action. This time is beneficial for closing the door to unprofitable doors and opening yourself to a future. The universal realm appears to be in better alignment in the beams of the super blue blood moon.

If you are aspiring to seek spiritual enlightenment, then this period can offer you the opportunity to meditate and contemplate your purpose. Therefore, you can take your life in a better direction and enhance your overall well-being after this unique lunar eclipse.

The Importance Of Blue Blood Moon In Prophecies

Blue moons have generally considered to be a part of several prophecies.

It has been serving as the omen in the book of Joel. Here, it is stated that before the coming of the horrible day of the Lord, the sun will transform into darkness and the moon will get a blood-like color.

The Super Blue Blood Moon spiritual meaning has special significance in light of current world events, They are linked with Israel by the priest of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion. Rabbi Yosef Berger. It was also believed that the lunar eclipse is a bad sign for those who hate Israel.

The mention of the blood moon can also be found in the Book Of Revelation. Here, the opening of the sixth seal leads to a massive earthquake, the darkening of the sun, and the transformation into a blood moon. Wicca or the Pagan witchcraft also considers the blue blood moon of extreme importance.

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Astrological Beliefs Regarding The Super Blue Blood Moon

Astrology has a firm belief about the super blue blood moon are when lunar energy is at its most powerful. It is being able to affect tides through the pull of the moon’s gravity, and an eclipse with a super blue blood moon is considered romantic. However, it is also believed that the advent of such a super blood blue-blood moon can cause emotional problems in a person’s life as well. It may result in mental instability.

Despite this, the super blue blood moon meaning is considered tremendously powerful and superly charged. This is why the super blue-blood moon is also considered to be very fortunate as well. This positive linkage of the super blood blue blood moon is what can explain the rituals that people perform around an event like this.

Specific super blue blood moons signify different impacts on different astrological signs. Suppose, the blue moon that will be seen on 22nd August 2021 indicates the rise of the zodiac sign Leo. On the other hand, the blue moon that rises on Halloween’s Day does not carry any astrological importance as such. It is because it happens according to the events of a calendrical month which differs from the blue moon in an astrological month.

Super Blue Blood Moon Spiritual Meaning: A Fortunate Beginning

In spite of the apocalyptic effects of the Super Blue Blood Moon mentioned in some prophetic books, this natural event also has a lucky aspect that many people prefer to celebrate. This time is considered to be ideal for the beginning of new things. Preferably, you can start making futuristic plans or set up your long-term agendas during this period.

An Auspicious Hour For Performing Rituals

The Super Blue Blood Moon spiritual meaning also indicates that this period is the prime time for holding religious ceremonies, auspicious rituals, and other worships for protection. In case you are endeavoring to crack a new job, acquire some money or achieve your dreams, you can perform a ritual to fulfill your earnest desire in this hour.

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The Best Period For Healing Yourself Emotionally

During this rare occasion, the moon will offer its bright glimmer upon the dark, heavy, and old energies that are still inside the shadows. Therefore, if you are willing to heal yourself emotionally, this is the most preferable period. It can guide a person to let out his or her emotional stress. This time will help you to turn the surrounding er vibration and negative energies into positive ones. The power of pacifying your negative energies will enhance in this period.


Though there have been mixed opinions in different cultures and countries regarding the super blue blood moon meaning, this lunar eclipse signifies an epitome of power, strength, and energy. The actions performed during this period are hard to take back. These ideas are intense thoughts that lie underneath our external appearance and are not easily conveyed due to the fear of unacceptance. After all, when you get the chance to look at a super blue blood moon, immerse yourself in the soft moon rays and aim for a better beginning.