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Have you ever thought about how you feel an instant spiritual love connection with your partner? This could be a feeling that tells you that you have found your true love.

Don’t worry because if you have been feeling this way, then you are extremely lucky. Not everyone can experience a spiritual love connection. It is something that is felt by few lucky individuals. What exactly is spiritual love connection? In spirituality, it can be described as a feeling that connects you with your soul mate. Looking at that person, you know he or she is your soul mate.

In this world, very few lucky people can experience this divine, spiritual love connection. Even when it does happen, it doesn’t happen often. God and the angels have blessed you with this powerful gift to make your life happy, rewarding and exciting.

Why is spiritual love connection important? You start appreciating your partner more, seeing and touching them brings you joy because of this connection. It all seems worth it and even during troubled times, it becomes easier to go through it. This is due to the fact that you have such a loving, warm and soulful bond with your partner. The ability to experience such a connection makes your love life magical and meaningful.

When you are able to maintain your own space while loving the other person, it is an example of spiritual love. This love is free of any conditions and neither of you has to follow any rules to be with each other. You love the other person despite their flaws, such as their irritating grin or laziness. A spiritual love makes you embrace your partner fully without criticizing them every time for their shortcomings.

You feel at ease with your partner

When you have a spiritual love connection, you don’t have any unrealistic expectations from each other. You don’t have to change yourself to please them and you feel that anything is possible with love. Every time you are together, all you feel is comfort and happiness. In each other’s arms you find peace and you don’t question each other’s loyalty. There is no awkwardness between you two. Others find it difficult to understand the love between you and your partner and it’s not easy to explain.

With the arrival of your partner, life has a new meaning. It is no longer dull and you are motivated to try new things daily. Both of you go through tough times together and do not break up at the slightest inconvenience. Many couples now are busy dating each other without committing to their partners. This causes them to have rifts in their relationship.

If you are in spiritual love, that is not the case. Having a spiritual love connection with your lover makes you love them wholeheartedly. Experiencing this connection means you are not constantly worried about your partner’s faithfulness.

Frees your soul

When you experience spiritual love, you are not worried about your worst insecurities and fears. This is because, in a love like this, you feel secure and comfortable. Your partner loves you for who you are and wholeheartedly accepts your imperfections.

Instead of criticizing you, they celebrate you in different ways. In today’s world, couples hold each other to impossible standards. This does not bother you because your love does not demand anything in return, it only keeps on giving.

Honesty is an important part of your relationship

Spiritual love won’t work if you are not honest with each other. Being truthful with your partner is very important in a spiritual love connection. It lays the foundation of your relationship and keeps you away from unnecessary worries. Many couples sometimes lie for trivial things, which can be quite damaging. Lying to each other can cause problems in the long run and is an important reason for heartbreaks.

The constant lies and deceit make it unable to trust the other person. Truth can sometimes hurt, but it is always better to be open with your partner. Couples in a spiritual love relationship know the importance of honesty and are always on the same wavelength. This helps in developing their relationship in a better way. A relationship based on truth is a sure sign of a divine, spiritual love connection.

Not for convenience

If your love is spiritual, you are together for a reason and not for convenience. Most couples now are together because they are dependent on each other for life’s hectic tasks. These couples do look good together and will share a lot of common political, social and other interests. If you see them together, they seem more like friends than partners because love is missing.

When you experience a spiritual love connection, things are quite different. Yes, you also face troubles like pettiness, jealousy and insecurity. None of these are enough to break you two because your divine bond keeps you together nicely. In spirituality, looking into your partner’s eyes is enough to convey your desires easily.

It is very common to see a lack of communication between couples. Some of them feel that talking is a huge chore to do and are not comfortable with it. People in genuine, spiritual love only have to look into each other’s eyes to communicate. Their bond is so strong that it makes people wonder if they are under a spell. This is a sign of how much love they have for each other.

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Your relationship encourages growth

When you feel a spiritual love connection with your partner, you grow as a person for the better. This is because your lover doesn’t hesitate to point out when you are on the wrong path. They give you constructive criticism so that you don’t trip and fall in the complex journey of life. When your partner loves you wholly, they will never do anything that will lead you on a wrong path.

It is not possible to achieve personal growth if your mistakes are not pointed out. Spiritual love is the best form of love because you lift each other up and help each other when needed. Being in such a fulfilling relationship helps you experience what true joy and love is.

You respect each other

A genuine relationship means having mutual respect. This form of respect could mean different things and is not restricted to a particular aspect. For some couples, respect might mean respecting the need for space and independence. For others, it could mean respecting opinions, views and flaws of your partner.

A big sign that you are in a fulfilling relationship is if you embrace small differences of your partner fully. If either of you don’t have a problem with the need for space and individuality, this is also an indicator. When you have a spiritual love connection, the very foundation of your relationship is based on respect.

The feeling of respect should come from within you. To have mutual respect, you need to be open-minded and accepting of everything. Only then can you experience a well-balanced, genuine and meaningful love life.

Meaningful conversations are a part of your relationship

What is a meaningful conversation? These are conversations that help you get a different and new perspective on certain matters. The best part is that it could be about anything- the future, aliens, or technology. A sign that you are experiencing a spiritual love connection is when you and your partner frequently indulge in meaningful conversations. It is a clear indication of how you both enjoy each other’s company.

This is quite rare among couples and if you both find yourself doing this, you are perfect for each another. It shows your willingness to bond with each other on a different level. Both of you know life is not to be wasted on talks about trivial matters.

There is an intense physical attraction between you two

Most people think spiritual love connection is only restricted to the mind and soul. This is not true because love also includes physical intimacy. There is a desire to be with the person every time and to indulge in deep, intimate physical relations.

Having sex is not only about fulfilling lust. It also means opening yourself to your partner in the most intimate way possible. You have no fear of being judged or criticized when you submit fully to your lover. In spirituality, a spiritual love involves an electric physical connection as well.

When you feel such a strong physical attraction, making love makes you feel happy and warm inside. It is now no longer about fulfilling bodily needs but the coming together of two souls. You are vulnerable while also being comfortable at the same time.

Starting a spiritual journey is quite important, but doing it with your partner can be more rewarding for you. You are lucky if you share an intense spiritual love connection with the person you love. Don’t take your partner for granted, appreciate them and focus on building a stronger relationship.