What Does Silver Mean Spiritually

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The times we live are super stressful and utterly jam-packed with work schedules, with lines demarcating work life and personal life getting increasingly blurred. This has spawned a renewed quest for spiritual fulfillment among the global populace, especially among the educated, corporate professionals. This has also sparked a fresh interest in precious metals and stones that are known to have an alleviating effect on the soul. Prominent among them is silver with its relative affordability and charm that has lured seekers over the centuries. Have you ever really been curious about “What Does Silver Mean Spiritually?”

The Metal

One of the primary base metals in alchemy, silver has always been held in high regard right from the ancient civilizations for its numerous soothing and healing properties. With a 95 % rate, silver has the highest reflectivity rate of light among all metals and is especially useful in the applications of solar energy and in making mirrors. Being a metal that is innately connected with emotions, silver can bestow balance in our lives and can even widen our psychic consciousness. So what does silver mean spiritually in reality and what qualities does it bring to enrich our lives? Read on to know.

Association with the Moon

Being associated with the moon, silver has long been considered a feminine metal and is thus said to be influenced by the flow of tides. Because of its association with the moon, it is endowed with traits such as compassion and empathy. Thus, when coupled with minerals such as turquoise, moonstone, and agate, it channelizes the positive energies associated with these minerals.

Shielding Properties

Silver has been quite popular since ancient times for its shielding properties against negativity and negative energies. When paired with Realgar, it is believed to ward off evil intentions and is even said to deflect it back to the original sender or source. When coupled with Eudialyte, it is firmly believed to remove all obstacles that prevent your transformation or evolution to a higher level.

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Astral Travel

For those who are still a bit doubtful about what does silver mean spiritually in actuality, herein lies the answer. Astral travel is a realm that is still far-flung and mysterious for the majority of us. For the elite few who indeed practice the mystic out-of-the-world art, silver can perform as an effective anchor and beacon to guide them back to their physical bodies. It can also function as a powerful agent to help dissuade any doubtful thoughts or fears while returning back from travel.

Health Benefits

Apart from yielding spiritual benefits, silver is reputed to have a lot of physical health benefits as well. A proven anti-microbial agent, it is known to ward off several viral and bacterial infections. It has been used as a powerful disinfectant as well as an immunity booster. An excellent blood purifier, silver has also been known to correct both hormonal as well as chemical imbalances in the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat afflictions such as skin conditions, sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

Another useful quality of silver is internal body heat regulation. This, it achieves by helping to distribute the body heat uniformly in the body of the wearer. Thus, helping maintain such balance in the body temperature can in turn avoid many bodily disorders. For instance, in extremely hot and humid conditions, the body cannot produce enough sweat to cool itself down and the body temperature can rise to alarming levels. this can in turn lead to any heat-related illness. Similarly, in extremely cold conditions, the body can be afflicted by conditions like hypothermia. In both the above cases, wearing silver ornaments can indeed be life-saving, thanks to its temperature regulating characteristics.

To better answer the question “What Does Silver Mean Spiritually”, the following characteristics can throw more insight. Silver comes in handy when it comes to helping maintain energy levels and emotional balance. Silver is known to have a remedying effect against conditions like chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, and recurrent mood swings. Thus, silver is known to have beneficial qualities in safeguarding mental health as well.

Another unexpected health benefit of wearing a silver ornament is its ability to indicate increases in metal toxicity levels in the body. It is known to react to toxic substances and can change color while coming into contact with them. Thus, your silver ring can turn blue if the sodium levels are just too high in your body.

Wealth and Prosperity

Silver is reputed for its tendency to attract wealth and abundance in life. Wearing silver can thus increase the chances of not just spiritual, but material prosperity as well.

Love Life & Relationships

Love life and relationships can prove to be really demanding in these stressful times. They can be subjected to numerous ups and downs which can lead to mood swings and depression. Here, silver can be a real life savior by protecting us from negative swings and heartache. It can provide a balmy effect and help us maintain stability and to remain cool-headed in times of emotional turmoil.

Right Way to Use Silver

To obtain the best possible results, silver can be used in the following ways to achieve the specific desired goal. When worn around the wrist like a bangle or a bracelet, silver can help in receiving channelized positive energies. When tucked under the pillow while sleeping, it can help prevent nightmares and even help attain lucid dreams. For the frequent and avid travelers among you, carrying a piece of silver can bring you some much-needed good luck and may even help avoid mishaps and en-route difficulties. For those interested in activating the third eye or the spiritual eye chakra, placing a bit over the forehead can help fasten the process.

Silver can very well be used in combination with certain stones or crystals to have an enhanced effect. For instance, for enhanced protection, it can be used with Black Sapphire and Chalcedony. For increased healing tendencies, silver can be used along with Amethyst, Red Jasper, or Serpentine. And for better spiritual progress, it can be used with Topaz, Pearl, or Selenite. The above-mentioned characteristics and details should more than satiate your question “What Does Silver Mean Spiritually?”