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The only guarantee life brings is that we’re all going to die eventually. Over the years, people have experienced death in many ways. Those who have passed on can’t share their stories. However, those who stay behind have stories to share as well.

When a person dies a natural death, there are often signs from spirits that prepare the person for their upcoming journey. Sometimes, people relate these experiences to their loved ones. A very common example of this is someone who sees a loved one visit them in their dreams and tell them that they will pass on soon. An experience like this helps the individual prepare for their upcoming death, and also helps them say their final goodbyes.

But that’s not all, sometimes those who care for them can see spiritual signs of death as well.

What are the spiritual signs of death?

The final journey a person embarks on in their lives is often feared. A common fear is that there is no life after death. Spiritual signs that death is near provide comfort by offering the hope that the soul lives on after death.

Death is not just a physical or spiritual experience. It’s a combination of the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that enable the person to leave their old life behind.

When a person is near death, the signs include physical changes, emotional changes, as well as spiritual changes within the person.

1. They are Focused on the Past

When a person starts to suddenly reminisce about their old days, this is a spiritual sign that death is near. This isn’t the same as being nostalgic about the past or sharing stories with children or grandchildren. 

The person feels as if they’ve reached the end of their road, and looks back on everything they’ve accomplished in their life. This can be a happy, content or a painful process. But the idea is to come to terms with the life that was lived and to prepare for the journey to the afterlife.

During this time, people will suddenly remember things they had forgotten about their past. Stories about their childhood, of their pleasant memories, and all the life lessons they encountered. People often try to impart these valuable life lessons on to their descendants, as a way to guide them.

2. They’re Ready to Say Their Goodbyes

Another spiritual sign that death is near is when the person is ready to meet and say goodbye to their loved ones. This could be a period where the person also seeks out people they had a difficult relationship with and tries to end the situation on good terms.

This period could be tough for loved ones. But it’s important to offer gentle support through the process. Before the soul departs from the body, they want to settle their relationships.

3. Noticeable Physical Changes

These are usually visible to the people caring for the person. In hospitals and hospices, this is a sign that death might be nearing. The most common physical symptom of death is when the skin becomes paler and loses color. The circulation within the body is being directed towards important organs, leaving the body looking pale.

There are other physical symptoms as well, such as shivering. The person may feel very cold. During this time, a warm blanket is a great way to make them feel comfortable. Don’t use an electric blanket, however, as they could cause burns.

Another physical symptom is the refusal to eat food or drink water. This is a natural process. This is a symptom that is also seen in animals nearing death.

4. Disorientation and Feeling Light

Before death approaches, the person can also begin to show symptoms of disorientation. Their spirit and body are slowly beginning to separate as the soul prepares for the afterlife.

They could be confused or forgetful during this time. They could also misremember things. Disturbed sleeping patterns are another spiritual sign that death is near. The person can suffer from insomnia; alternatively, they could also sleep much more than they are expected to.

Some people also talk about feeling as light as a feather. This could indicate that their soul is nearing the time it has to leave the body.

5. The Process of Letting Go

The attachments people make in their lives are the hardest part about saying goodbye. These attachments may not always be to people and relationships.

Dreams, jobs, legacies – these need to be let go of before the person is ready to move on. This spiritual sign of death manifests itself when the person starts making active efforts to come to terms with their life. People don’t always accomplish everything they wanted to in their lives, and it is not possible to die with zero regrets. During this time, the person will start to come to terms with the life they’ve lived.

They may also start to speak about the afterlife. At the end of the process, the person has come to terms with their life story.

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6. Changes in Spirituality

A prominent spiritual sign of death is an evolution in the spiritual progress of the person. Someone who was never spiritual before may suddenly find solace in spirituality.

People who are already spiritual may start to relate their experiences to their loved ones. During this time, people start to talk more actively about spirituality. This can be seen as a way to have hope in the continuation of the soul.

The person may suddenly also find peace in reading about religion, or religious scriptures. They may also have spiritual experiences during this time.

7. Dreams and Visitations

A spiritual sign of death that people mention before they pass on is about being visited by a deceased loved one. This most often manifests in the form of a dream.

A person can see their mother in their dreams, telling them that soon they’ll move on. Some people have also mentioned seeing their passed on loved ones near them.

These visions are not harmful to the person, and usually offer them a sense of comfort. It helps them realize that they have loved ones on the other side waiting for them. In that way, it reduces their fear of passing on from this world to the death.

Aside from these seven spiritual signs of death, there are other symbols and indications. Most of these signs are encountered by peopled who die a natural death. This death can be in old age, or due to a prolonged sickness at a younger age. In either case, the person has time to come to terms with their life and say their goodbyes.

The same doesn’t always apply to people who die suddenly. A person who dies in a car crash, for example, won’t get the time to say their goodbyes. Are there any spiritual signs when it comes to people who die a sudden or accidental death?

Signs of Death Before a Sudden Event

Most symptoms of death relate to an experience where people are aware they are going to die and come to terms with it. But not everyone gets the chance to prepare.

However, spiritual signs of death can still manifest in their lives in other ways. There are also various omens that can indicate that a person may die soon.

  • Getting a visit from a deceased relative also applies to sudden death. In this case, however, the relative may also try to warn you.
  • A sign of death from spirit happens when you hear three knocks on the door. When you open the door, it’s empty on the other side. People who have experienced this say that it was usually a relative or someone close to them that passed away.
  • Sudden signs of bad luck could be a warning sign from spirits that you’re heading towards danger. If you don’t follow your intuition, this could end in a bad way.
  • Another spiritual sign of death is when the person themselves say something odd about dying soon. This is more rare, but the person can say that they have a feeling that they might pass away soon.

Since death is always unpredictable, when it comes to sudden events, it becomes even more difficult to tell spiritual signs of death. People who have had more encounters with death are better able to understand these signs as they appear.

That is why people who work in hospitals or hospices tend to know that a person is going to pass away soon. Some hospice workers also refer to a smell. This smell comes from the body that has started to shut down. When a person dies, it is hard for everyone around them. But more often than not, the person themselves finds peace. The importance of spiritual signs of death lies in the fact that it allows people to end their lives in peace. The people around them are also able to move on in a better way. They can believe that their relative is in a better place.