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While pigeons may seem like common animals, they actually hold immense symbolism and spiritual meaning for us and the world. As with most things in the world, this spiritualism is often spotted and sensed by those who have a strong sense of spiritualism within themselves.

Answering the question of ‘what do pigeons represent spiritually?’ is one that carries many aspects according to the perspective you look at it from. This is because the spiritual meaning and symbolism of pigeons vary according to each religion. For example, while Hinduism may believe they promote luck, it is different in Buddhism or Christianity.

The most prominent common spiritual meaning of pigeons amongst these religions comes from their roots. As these animals have been messengers for gods and people from ancient eras, they are known to be spirit messengers as well. This means that pigeons allow people to connect between the world of the living and the dead. Moreover, they supposedly are also able to promote healing through these worlds.

Apart from this, let’s go over ‘what do pigeons represent spiritually’ in some religions-

Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons in Various Beliefs –


In Christianity, pigeons and their white counterparts, doves are known to be religious sacrifices. As stated in the Bible’s Old Testament in Hebrew, the “Yonah” are sacrifices to god. This directly translates to pigeon and shows that the birds represent the human spirit


This belief is supposedly the opposite when it comes to Hinduism. Hindus believe that pigeons are embodiment of the god of the dead, Yama. This belief came to be as the god is a judge of good and evil.

Thus, unlike the common gods of death, Yama is more of a judge and will set out judgment on spirits. Thus, pigeons are supposedly the embodiment of his being in the mortal world and help him complete his judgment.

Older Religions

Other earlier legends believe that the sorrowful coos of pigeons and doves are a reflection of underlying emotions, matching the energy within unpleasant situations. When a pigeon appears in a person’s life, it may be a sign that they should assess their home life and consider the reality of their position in comparison to their personal expectations.

Let’s take a closer look at pigeon symbolism, discover their dream interpretations, and learn more about their superstitions, totems, and spirit animals.

Pigeon Symbolism

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From a broad outlook, pigeons are known to be sources of information and important messengers for the gods and even spiritual connections. This has been a prevalent source related to these animals from ancient times and has deeply rooted itselves within them.

It is due to this that pigeons can be said to symbolize prosperity, transformation, and overall growth. They are one of the few birds that humans have interacted with meaningfully from an early time and also worked with happily. Thanks to this, pigeons are also a symbolic presence for harmony, freedom, and compatriotism.

As they were prominently used as messengers in the Greek and Roman empires, this utility of pigeons has been passed on in spiritual symbolism. Specifically, the ability of pigeons to find their way to a destination and come back home safely has solidified their space in symbolizing connections.

That being said, in China, this belief was quite different. Chinese tradition states that pigeons are often signs of long life and fidelity. This means that they are known to bring about healthy and prosperous life with many ids. The roots of this belief are said to grow from the care a mother pigeon takes of her young. Unlike many other birds, pigeons will watch and feed their young. This goes on until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Thus, they signify longevity in life.

Various different meanings of Pigeons spiritually

Pigeons as Totem Animals

Pigeons are also often known to be referred to as totem animals. A totem animal is a being or sacred object that will guide you through your life. They are also often linked to having multiple lives and rebirths especially in North American tribal lore and history.

When it comes to pigeons, they are said to guide you when you are being overly giving. Speicifially, when you are selfless to the point where you are causing yourself pain. It is at this time that pigeons will appear to guide you in restoring your trust and beliefs in the people around you.

This allows you to become more confident and trustworthy in your own life and progress forward. Moreover, pigeons are said to only appear for this when needed in life. For example, before you fall ill or need help. Thus, they are animals that you can trust to guide you on the correct path.

White Pigeon Symbolism

Apart from the commonly known pigeon, the dove, which is a fully white pigeon is known to carry special importance in many beliefs. Even in pop culture and modern traditions, the dove is a symbol of peace, harmony, and honor. It is used not only to signify the peace of the deceased when they passed but also the trust amongst nations. For example, when different political groups come into peace agreements, doves are released from their cages as a sign of the bond.

Apart from this, the symbolism of harmony is also accompanied by love. This basically means that along with pigeons, doves are known to promote fertility and romance. Specifically, in weddings and fresh associations, they are great omens and signify a happy and healthy future.


Through this article, we hope you can truly understand the significance of these wonderful animals. Whether you are having a rough time in your life or looking to trust others, pigeons can guide you on the right path. Apart from this, they have always been loyal messengers and are great for signifying trust and communication.

Similarly, doves are the perfect embodiment of trust and harmony. They are present for the end of wars and the beginning of relationships making them truly one of the most positive guides you can have.