What is a Rash & How to Heal Your Skin Rash Spiritually

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The skin is the largest organ of the human anatomy. It is that protective layer of the human body that hides & protects the organs inside from the outside world. The skin helps you feel the outside climate, whether hot or cold, by conveying the message to the brain through nerves in the human body. Similar to other external parts of the human body which react to emotions, the skin too expresses emotions, changing its color & tones as per the situation.

Your emotions are expressed by the skin such as cheeks turning red when embarrassed or turning pale on being anxious etc. The emotions affecting the skin leaves a glow on the face when happy but leaves a scar or a rash when undergoing negative emotions. Continues negative emotions can lead to several skin disorders ranging from rashes, acne, herpes, psoriasis, etc.

What is a Rash?

A change in the human skin related to its color or appearance or its texture is rash. A rash in a human body could be restricted to a certain part of your body or all over the skin. Rashes cause discoloration of the skin, constant itching & become very painful while becoming blistered, lumpy & dry. There are various treatments for rash depending on the appearance of the symptoms. Rashes can occur due to hostile exposure, food allergy, even occupation, or sometimes passed on genetically.

Most rashes on proper diagnosis can be treated usually through steroid topical creams especially in mild cases. But many skin disorders have to be treated through spiritual means.

Spirituality & Skin Disorders:

Persistent rashes make your skin dull & colorless giving a listless complexion, unlike a healthy & radiant glow.

Skin disorders or rash has been prevalent since ancient times. People have been treated as outcasts for centuries if found with visible skin ailments or disorders.

From ancient times spirituality & religion have been at the helm of the treatment of skin disorders.

It’s believed that skin disorders occur due to negative spiritual effects causing illness & discoloration of the skin, whereas the positive spiritual traits would help in curing the illness. In spirituality, the spirit, the mind, emotions & the human body are holistically taken as one unit in influencing a positive spiritual effect to heal from skin disorders.

Controlling Your Emotions:

Whenever anyone ends up having a dull & listless complexion could mean that person is under stress & carrying negative emotions. Researchers have found that the emotional, physical & mental stress levels of a human being can cause discoloration of the skin. High stress levels can lead to:

  • Your body releasing hormones causing inflammation & lowering the blood flow to the skin.
  • Nerves in the skin getting irked causing further inflammation or give rise to allergic reactions.
  • To protect & fight the skin uses the immune system, causing swelling or rashes.
  • Skin disorders such as psoriasis, rosacea & acne aggravate with stress.
  • The visible layer of the skin becomes damaged resulting in dull & dry skin.
  • Due to the damage to the skin, the produce of internal moisturizer & plumping lipids is reduced.
  • The process of healing & restoration of the damaged skin takes time.

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This shows that emotional, physical & mental stress levels are to be controlled & are not only bad for the heart & overall health but also bad for your skin too.

Skin Disorders varying with Emotions:

Emotions vary with individuals & their conditions differ accordingly. But some emotions have a direct connection to specific skin conditions.

Emotional Intensity can cause skin disorders such as:

  • Angry or Anxious – Hives, Allergy, itching or inflammation.
  • Anxious Behaviour – Redness & Rashes on the skin.
  • High Stress – Aggravated psoriasis or eczema, acne.
  • Disturbing Event – Inflammation, rashes etc.
  • Being Highly Emotional – Flushing & redness of the skin, rosacea.
  • Chronic Stress – Sensitive & dry or dehydrated skin.
  • Depressed & Sad – Dull, dry, flaky skin.
  • Suppressed Anger – Dull & dry skin.

However, one cannot escape from emotional stress in our lives but can do something to minimize it & effectively reduce its effect on the skin.

Minimizing Emotions & Skin effect:

One can try to balance emotion & stress through some measures as given below in reducing its effect on your skin. Such as:

  1. Do Not Indulge in Stress Munching: Stress releases hormones in your body indulging you to devour unhealthy food. The already damaged skin due to high-stress levels further deteriorates with fast & high-sugar foods. Stick to a healthy diet to maintain your stress levels & for healthy skin.
  2. Indulge in Relaxing Activities: Mind based activities can help reduce your stress levels further in restoring your health & skin. Activities such as yoga, meditation, tai chi & hypnosis to name a few, have been found very effective with stress-related conditions. Taking these mind-based activities daily will help in reducing stress levels & rejuvenating the skin.
  3. Change your Routine: All go through stressful periods in our lives. Your normal life might get disrupted & unorganized due to an incident in your family or for many other reasons. These incidents derail your healthy lifestyle & push you towards stressful times.

To come out of such incidental stressful times, it’s very important to become defensive & adopt new routines in getting your life back. Such as:

  • Become very strict about your bedtime & get proper sleep in reducing your stress levels.
  • Add skin supplements to your diet such as Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc., or as prescribed by your Physician.
  • Cut from the earlier routines & indulge in relaxation times for yourselves like getting a facial or a massage or spending time with a pet.
  • Be easy on yourself & help the body to recover.

These self-care measures if adopted could help you recover from the stressful period inflicted on you due to an incident or negative spiritual effects.

The Quality of Your Skin:

The quality of your skin denotes your balance in handling your emotions & spirituality systematically in attaining an overall healthy appearance. What different types of skin reveal:

A Dull Skin: A Dull & listless complexion often reveals a person with many physical health problems. They are usually termed as thin-skinned or emotionally sensitive people. In that condition they are naturally devoid of blood that flows to the skin due to an increase in epinephrine & cortisol hormones which blocks its passage, hindering skin repair.

Problematic Skin: Due to Acne, Rosacea & other Issues: Processed food, cigarette smoke, pollution & hazardous fumes, etc. can often lead to skin disorders. They generally help in building up bad toxins in your body. The toxin build-up in your body elevates skin diseases such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis, etc. But these toxins have to be removed or detoxified. To make your skin condition better it’s advised to take the advice of a coach who would employ the holistic method in treating you.

Stressful Conditions & Allergic Reactions: Hive is a skin disorder or an allergic reaction usually caused by stress. High stressful conditions in an office or in working areas in attaining a certain goal have mostly been connected to work-related stress or the attained skin reactions. Meditation, yoga, etc. can be used to reduce the effects of the stressful conditions & rejuvenating the skin.

A Radiant Skin: A radiant skin or glowing skin is the most favored look everybody looks forward to. Whether it’s falling in love for the first time or a lover in any form having reached his goal or even new parents, it all transforms into radiant glowing skin. The glowing skin reflects a happy, content & proud person inter-prospective in nature.

It is very important to understand the connection between the spiritual & emotional state of a person when diagnosing his skin. That’s why a person’s spiritual & emotional conditions are very important when diagnosing a skin disorder.

How to Heal Your Skin Spiritually: Our skin is exposed to various hazards that crop up every day naturally or artificially. Our skin often tends to protect us from these hazards or invariable toxins but then beyond a point, it gets affected. This skin infection due to an infected cut or discoloration of an area becomes irritants stemming from an external reaction of scratching. These imbalances or internal causes are generally attributed in Ayurveda are due to toxins generated by the lungs, liver & blood. These imbalances as per Ayurveda are due to various reasons like re-heated food, high alcohol consumption & many other negative emotions related to the body.

Herbal alternatives are advised in cooling the skin & effectively cleansing the blood in healing the skin.

Typical Ayurveda Treatment for Better Skin:

The conditions to be followed in treating your skin condition as per Ayurveda:

  • Pitta Condition: This condition involves swelling, redness & infection of the skin. The best remedy is to apply topically cooling elements such as Aloe-Vera gel or coconut oil.
  • Vata Condition: This condition relates to dry, itchy & scaly skins. The best remedy is to nourish the affected skin surface with warm sesame or avocado or ashwagandha or Brahmi oil.
  • Kapha Condition: Bad skin conditions with rashes oozing or weeping. The best remedy in these conditions is to avoid any topical oils but to be cleansed with decoctions of yarrow or burdock root.

Rejection due to skin issues is quite disappointing especially if it happens socially.

Social withdrawals could affect your self-esteem & could accordingly impact your psychological health.

Therefore, improvement of your skin health should be equally important when considering an overall healthy life. Include skincare in your wellness thoughts to lead an overall healthy life.