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The eyes are considered to be the gateway to a soul. This is because the color of the eyes can say a lot about a person. In several spiritual organizations, the eyes are a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. It is considered that when the eye is good and healthy, the entire body is full of love and light. As the eyes are a gateway to the soul, they allow an individual to peer on both sides of the metaphorical plane.

Green eyes are strikingly distinct, as they are extremely rare and unique. Many people believe that green eyes are beautiful to look at. In fact, a mere 2% of the world’s entire population has green eyes. That means that out of the 7 billion people on this planet, only 140 million people have green eyes!

Eye color is completely dependent on the genetic makeup of an individual, and strictly scientifically speaking, it is almost impossible to base someone’s personality on their eye color. However, there are some generalizations and connections that can be noticed among all people of the same eye color. This is especially true for people with green eyes, as it is a very rare eye color.

Before we jump into what do green eyes mean spiritually, it is important to understand where green eyes come from.

Where do green eyes come from?

Anthropologists have found accounts of early men with green eyes. These green eyed early humans lived in the mountain geographic in between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This area was mountain geography between Europe and Asia. This area had a natural bridge, which is now known as the Silk Route. As this was a popular trade route even among early travelers, the mating between the different groups led to gene distribution. Resultantly, even today, a majority of the green eyed population can be found in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Since green eyes are very rare, they hold a lot of meaning and symbolism. This helps develop an understanding of what do green eyes mean spiritually.

What do green eyes symbolize?

Owing to their rare nature, green eyed people are considered to be mysterious. Along with the mystery, green eyed people are considered to be extremely passionate individuals, especially with their personal relationships. This passion can lead to jealousy and green eyes people can get jealous very easily. However, they are very loving people and delightful to be around.

Green eyes also signify a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. They are principled individuals, with strong morals and a sense of justice. They are a delight to have in the professional space, as it is easy to get along with them and as they tend to avoid conflict.

That brings us to wonder, what do green eyes mean spiritually? Keep reading to find out.

The symbolism of the color green:

Green eyes are considered to be extremely attractive. But, apart from its striking physical attributes, the color green also symbolizes several positive things. Green signifies new beginnings, fresh starts, growth, hope and life. Green eyes are considered to be full of love.

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Calming nature of green eyed individuals:

What do green eyes mean spiritually is also that green is considered to be a very calming color. Green eyed people are gentle individuals who can calm nerves and ease anxiety and stress. The rich beauty of the eyes allows green eyed individuals to look at the bright side of things and remain optimistic. Individuals with green eyes seem calm and happy all the time since their eyes reflect growth and life. This is very infectious!

This seems to be very contrary to what is prevalent in pop culture about green eyes.

Are green eyes evil?

Green eyes have been associated with an innate sense of mischief and devilishness. This is because green eyed individuals are passionate people who tend to get jealous very easily. This combination of passion and jealousy may drive them to commit acts that can be considered evil.

However, green eyes are symbols of purity of heart and childlike innocence.

Green eyes as symbols of purity and innocence:

As the color green is interconnected with nature, green eyed individuals have a strong connection with the spirits. The green eyes, coupled with the innocence and purity allow an individual to actually see the various realms of light and energy.

This purity and innocence make a person wonder what do green eyes mean spiritually in connection with the spiritual world.

Green eyes in correlation with the spiritual world:

The color green strongly symbolizes worldly wisdom and deep understanding. This is why individuals with a green eye color are considered to have a deep connection with the spiritual world. In many cultures, individuals with green eyes are considered to be gifted spiritually. These eyes hold the ability to read thoughts and empathize with others.

The wisdom that green eyes hold also has immense knowledge of ancient learnings. This makes them spiritually and emotionally connected with nature and people alike.

Concluding Remarks:

Green eyes in pop culture have almost become synonymous with evil and envy. Now we know that this is completely untrue. Green eyed individuals are gifted spiritually and hold the wisdom of the world in their eyes. Their passionate nature can cause some problems with jealousy, but they also love passionately. This passion also ignites an incredible zest for life. Since green eyes are extremely rare, green eyed individuals usually have very distinct personalities and an active imagination. They are curious and intelligent beings, which makes them great partners in both the professional and personal space. In addition, they embody enlightenment and are spiritually enlightened.

An individual’s eye color is a distinctive trait that can prove to be a very attractive physical attribute. Eye color can change over an individual’s lifetime and also be reflective of a person’s physical and mental health. The eyes are truly the gateway to an individual’s soul and a lot can be said about a person just from their eyes!