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As you all know, the Elephant is the biggest land animal on the planet Earth. It is a powerful, huge animal that can command authority and power wherever it goes. It is also believed that this animal is a born leader since it comes with amazing leadership skills, strength and wisdom. The Elephant is also one of the friendliest creatures provided you behave gently with this animal. If your animal totem is Elephant and eager to know what is the spiritual meaning of the Elephant, this write-up provides all the information you are looking for.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Elephant?

The meaning of Elephant in your life indicates your intelligence level. You are kind and gentle, and wiser than you think. More often, you are like a baby and do things to satisfy your soul, regardless of what others think of you. In addition, you are blessed with wisdom and memory, and have high levels of perseverance and patience. You are hardworking and will have your say only after fully processing the entire data and facts.

An Elephant symbolizes honor, integrity, pride, dignity, reliability and power. So, if this is your spirit animal, be glad that you are one of those lucky few blessed.

Are you lucky if your spirit animal is Elephant?

As said earlier, an Elephant is hardworking, with complete control over itself. If this is your animal totem, it means you work relentlessly to achieve what you want. You are clear with your goals and objectives, and there’s nothing that can stop you from realizing them. We suggest you to be patient and continue your hard work. Good days will follow, and you will be able to taste success.

Elephant Spirit Animal: Positive Traits

If Elephant is your spirit animal, please note, you are highly intelligent and intuitive. You don’t need to be told anything, you understand quickly and get things to work before anyone spells it out for you. You are wiser than most people out there, but keep that to yourself. Do not reveal your intelligence when not required. Furthermore, you have a great memory, but we suggest you not to reveal this blessing until truly required.

You are emotional and take things deeply. The same feeling goes out for your trusted ones as well. You stand up and take the initiative for those that are helpless or struggle to fight. Helping others comes naturally to you. Moreover, you have the strength and courage that are above the average, and you are determined to help those around you when they face injustice. This makes you highly reliable.

You are loyal, sympathetic, and sensitive. Additionally, you easily connect to people and socialize. You are faithful and stick to your ethics even during difficult circumstances. You are soft-spoken, with tons of love and affection for others.

Like your spirit animal, the Elephant, you take responsibility at a very young age. You go beyond your capacity and walk the extra mile when it comes to helping others. You feel contented when you are able to help someone. Besides taking responsibility, you hold yourself accountable for mistakes that happen with things carried under your supervision.

Just like the Elephant, you do all that you can to keep your near and dear ones happy. Your persistence, confidence, and commitment enable you to take on challenges and difficulties with ease. You go all out to protect your family, young and old, strong and weak.

You are empathetic and work to fix things when there are differences in relationships, both professional and personal.

You are a deep thinker, rational, judgmental, and highly ambitious. You leave no stone unturned to turn your dreams into reality.

Elephant Spirit Animal: Negative Traits

The Elephant is a hefty, dignified and proud animal. Therefore, if your spirit animal is the Elephant, it might be hard for you to accept setbacks.

If things do not unfold as per your plans, you may feel disheartened and struggle to move on.

Will calling on your Elephant totem help?

Certainly! You should call on your spirit animal, the Elephant, when you feel low or depressed. Your Elephant spirit animal will motivate and guide you to move on and take on challenges as they are thrown at you. It serves as the driving force to reach your life’s goals.

Remember your spirit animal and get inspired. Identify how the Elephant takes care of its family. That should be sufficient to get you started all over again.

What does it mean if the Elephant is coming to you as a spirit animal? What is the spiritual meaning of the Elephant?

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When the Elephant comes to guide you, it is time to review yourself.

  • Have you, of late, lost intimacy with your dear ones?
  • Are you not keeping in touch with your family?
  • Is it a call to review your commitment to your near ones?

Stop for a moment, review how you are going about in recent times, and if you feel the need for transformation, make no delay!


Elephants are loyal to their circles. They take care of their entire community. This quality resonates in you too, if the Elephant is your spirit animal. Connectedness is in your blood. You do all that is possible from your end to ensure your close and distant relatives, colleagues, and friends are secure.

You can easily build relations and maintain them for life successfully. However, you get close to small groups of trusted circles only.

Elephant in your dreams?

Well, this is a good sign and nothing to worry about. When you see Elephants in your dreams, it means you will soon overcome the obstacles you are currently facing. It also means that you are making good decisions. Gear up to experience a new positive phase!

The magnificent and huge Elephant is a strong structure, and as your spirit animal, provides the energy for you to finish any task with ease.

Elephants hold significance across cultures and faiths. These adorable, kind, and gentle giants are increasingly becoming prominent for their support and guidance.