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Dreadlocks have been a part of human history since ancient times. From Greece to Egypt, and even India, people across cultures were known to style their hair in dreadlocks. Dreadlocks have even been found to date back to the Bronze Age. Have you ever wondered, what do dreadlocks mean spiritually?

As early as 480 BC in Greece, men were turning their hair into dreadlocks. Aside from being adorned by people to show power and reputation, dreadlocks have also been associated with spirituality and religion. The popularity of dreadlocks gained momentum when the Rastafarian musician Bob Marley wore dreadlocks, skyrocketing their popularity across the globe.

Today, people across the world style their hair into dreadlocks, but not everyone understands the spiritual significance behind it. If you were wondering what do dreadlocks mean spiritually, then there are a lot of associations.

Dreadlocks and Spirituality

Although people nowadays take time and effort to carefully style their hair into dreadlocks, traditionally dreadlocks didn’t need to be styles. If you leave your hair without brushing or caring for it, with time, it will become matted and form dreadlocks.

These are the dreadlocks that are closely associated with spirituality. There are many spiritual reasons behind this as well. One of the most dominant reasons is that many people believe that hair has spiritual energy. When hair is left loose, then spiritual energy can escape through the head.

By deliberately dreadlocking the hair, whether through matting it or by styling it, the loss of spiritual energy can be stopped. People also believe that dreadlocks allow for a better flow of energy, allowing for better communication with the divine.

Dreadlocks Through History

Dreadlocks have appeared through history, and largely with spiritual connotations. Take for example how in ancient Egypt, only the Pharaoh and those close to the nobility were allowed to wear their hair in dreadlocks. Where the Pharaoh was concerned, elaborate wigs were shaped into dreadlocks, and then presented to them. Did this have anything to do with what do dreadlocks mean spiritually? Yes, since spirituality and the afterlife were key concepts that pervaded through the ancient Egyptian way of life.

Pharaohs have been buried in their tombs, with their dreadlocks in tact. As these were wigs, these then were preserved for centuries.

The followers of Leviticus also had dreadlocks in their year. They took the Nazarite vow, which prohibited them from cutting their hair. Over time, their hair would become matted and naturally form dreadlocks. Samson, from the tale of ‘Samson and Delilah’ was a man who took the Nazarite vow. In the story, his strength is attributed to his hair, that is, his dreadlocks.

It’s only when Delilah cuts off his hair does he lose all his strength. In this way, people on ancient cultures believed that dreadlocks were associated with power and strength.

Dreadlocks have also appeared in Indian cultures. The god Shiva had his hair in dreadlocks. And many of his followers, and indeed followers across various Indian traditions, continue to leave their hair in dreadlocks.

When it comes to spirituality, dreadlocks have often been associated with spiritual ascension. In ancient cultures, it was only the village elders and wise men who wore their hair in dreadlocks. Over time, these dreadlocks came to signify a source of strength. The more dreadlocks a man had, the more strength he possessed.

Dreadlocks and Wisdom

Dreadlocks have also been associated with wisdom, as well as strength. Originally, it came as a form of understanding a person’s wisdom by their age. It would take longer to form more dreadlocks in the hair naturally, so this signified that someone with more dreadlocks was more mature. This meaning was taken both literally and figuratively, as more dreadlocks also showcased more spiritual progress.

Today, dreadlocks are not only worn as a fashion statement, but continue to be seen as symbols of wisdom across many cultures. Dreadlocks represent intelligence, knowledge, and the drive to achieve something great in life.

Owing to the Rastafarian influence, which played a key role in giving dreadlocks the image it has today, this hairstyle is also associated with rebellion.

People from all cultures still wear their hair in dreadlocks, but many of them have different reasons for doing it. If you’ve been wondering what do dreadlocks mean spiritually, then the answer is that it signify a lot of things. Dreadlocks primarily are meant to show wisdom, strength and power.

But over time, other spiritual meanings were also attributed to dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks and the Flow of Energy

Chi, chakra, ki, or energy is known to flow through the body. In many cultures, people believe that this energy could escape through the head. This is as the hair is good conduit for this energy to flow through, and then be released into the world.

It was wise to not allow this to happen, and try to preserve and conserve this energy within the body. Through this, the belief came that when the hair was in dreadlocks, it was difficult for the energy to flow out from the hair. Instead, this energy would get trapped in the hair. This is what led to the spiritual belief that having dreadlocks allows a person to maintain their chakra within their body.

Dreadlocks and Connecting With the Divine

Dreadlocks enabled people to maintain their chi within their body. With this energy in tact, it became easier to direct that energy to communicate with the divine. What do dreadlocks mean spiritually is that when you have your hair in this style, it’s easier for you to communicate with the spirit world.

Whether you want to talk to your spirit guides, or communicate with God, having your hair in dreadlocks can make it easier for that to happen.

Dreadlocks and the Spiritual Journey

What do dreadlocks mean spiritually has a lot to do with inviting the positive flow of energy into your life. With your hair in dreadlocks, you can ensure that all the positive energy stays within your body.

Dreadlocks were traditionally also seen as a way through which people showcased their spiritual strength. People with more dreadlocks were thought to have progressed further along their spiritual journey. Should you have fewer dreadlocks, then this would mean that you had just begun your journey.

The idea was that someone who completely embraced spirituality would not want to deal with material desires. Here, material desires refers to anything that deals with the physical world, including vanity. Those who were truly spiritual and seeking enlightenment would forsake such activities as caring for their hair, and devote themselves entirely to spirituality.

Those who had more dreadlocks were perceived to be further on in their spiritual journey. Those who had achieved enlightenment would have no need to care for their appearance. They would be able to leave such things behind and focus on their spiritual truth.

The spiritual journey is closely associated with dreadlocks. From saints to Rastafarians, dreadlocks have been adopted across cultured around the world.

The Spiritual Significance of Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have strong ties with spirituality. If you’ve wondered what do dreadlocks mean spiritually, then the answer is that they’re closely linked. Dreadlocks symbolize purity, and the positive flow of energy.

Having your hair in dreadlocks helps you to trap all the positive energy and chakra within your body. This can help you to connect with the divine better. While it’s possible to form dreadlocks over time naturally, you can also fashion your hair into dreadlocks by maintaining it carefully.

Dreadlocks today continue to have strong associations with spirituality. Many spiritualists believe that dreadlocks are associated with the end of the spiritual journey as well. When a person achieved spiritual enlightenment, they have no further need to maintain their appearance or partake in material pleasures. This is why many saints who choose to leave their hair in dreadlocks also retreat from society, to focus on their spiritual pursuits.

Having dreadlocks can also improve your ability to understand your inner self, your intuition, and what your inner child wants. What do dreadlocks mean spiritually is that by leaving the hair in the form of dreadlocks, spiritual progress and eventual enlightenment can be achieved.

Conclusion: What Do Dreadlocks Mean Spiritually?

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Dreadlocks have been a part of human history for centuries. References to dreadlocks have existed in nearly major civilization in the world. Throughout history, dreadlocks have enjoyed associations with spirituality, as well as power and reputation.

If you’ve thought about what do dreadlocks mean spiritually, then the answer is, spirituality and strength. Dreadlocks were seen as a way to trap chakra within the body, allowing the user to become spiritually stronger with time. Having dreadlocks can also improve your connection with the divine. It can enable you to send and receive messages from the spirit world much easier.

Dreadlocks were seen as a sign of wisdom and strength. Powerful figures throughout history, such as heroes and Pharaohs, have been associated with dreadlocks. It is also believed that dreadlocks can symbolize a person reaching the end of their spiritual journey. Dreadlocks have always been closely associated with spiritual enlightenment. It was believed that the more dreadlocks a person had, the more spiritually enlightened they were.

Today, dreadlocks are used in various ways. From carefully maintained fashion statements to sages who devote themselves to the spiritual path, dreadlocks continue to be seen across the world.