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Are you noticing 11:11 frequently now? Then you must be wondering what does 11 11 mean spiritually? You should be relieved to hear that there are many like you. Perhaps they notice this number on their watch more than ever, and regularly. The frequency has something to do with its spiritual significance. If you find yourself looking at the clock at that exact hour, the universe or your guardian angel is trying to send a message across to you.

When you are aware of this occurrence happening to you, you should be ready to listen and accept the message. It is important to raise your consciousness and be alert. 11 11 has certain energetic vibrations which you grab and work on.

If you want to decide what does 11 11 mean spiritually, especially for you, then you should know what this number symbolizes spiritually. Once you realize what 11 11 represents, you will understand the message that your angel is trying to send you.

The meanings of 11 11:


According to numerology, 11 is a superior or ruling number. It is the ‘master number.’ The number one denotes new beginnings, starting a new cycle by introducing new elements or things in your life. If you are seeing 11 11, the time has come for you to refocus on your life goals. The number eleven stands for spirituality, fulfillment, innovation, intuition, genius, creativity, and refinement. 11 11 might be trying to remind you to keep a balance in life and receive the lessons that life is placing in front of you.

Spiritual Guides and angels

As mentioned earlier, angels are trying to connect to you. They want to convey a message through the 11 11 that you are noticing now. Next time it happens to you, take a pause and be attentive to their call. This will help in understanding what they are guiding you towards. If you are in a new relationship and thinking about your new partner, when you see this number, it means the universe is giving you a ‘go-ahead’ signal. If you are thinking of starting on a new track to achieve a goal, the universe is giving you a thumbs-up sign through 11 11.

Message from a deceased loved one

Seeing 11 11 frequently can also mean that a loved one who has passed away is trying to connect with you. They want you to remember them. Passing away a loved one often leads to a spiritual awakening of a person. If you have lost a family member or a friend, they might be trying to comfort you. They want you to know they are at peace. By showing you the angel number, they are trying to tell you that they are there to guard and protect you. You will be reunited with them later, but now, it is time for you to cherish the memories but move ahead.


At one glance, 11 11 is nothing but a series of ones. So what does 11 11 mean spiritually through this oneness? 11 11 is here to remind you that everything in life is interconnected through the life force. You and we are all connected as one, through all stages of time, to everything there is in the universe. It is time you realize the depth of the connection you have between yourself and the universal energy.

Spiritual Awakening

Beyond our physical world, there is the domain of a spiritual world. You should not worry too much about what does 11 11 mean spiritually if you have started your spiritual journey. It is a sign that your mind is awakening to the spiritual realm. Consider yourself lucky to see this number repetitively, because it only means good things are going to happen.

Manifestation of thoughts

When you see 11 11 a lot, it can also mean that you are being able to manifest your thoughts. Or if you are not manifesting already, it is the universe sending you a message to do so right away. You should put in more self-belief and aim at what you desire, to make it happen.

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What can you do with the energy vibrations of 11 11?

Keep an open mind

Be alert and aware. If you are receptive, you will be able to cue into the signals that your spirit angels are trying to send you. All the things that you are supposed to do or you should notice might not be very clearly stated or visible to you. It is up to you to be conscious enough to not let great opportunities pass you by. The 11 11 has already told you the opportunities are coming!

Work on your intuition

You have been trying to understand what does 11 11 mean spiritually because you have been noticing this number a lot lately. You are not sure how this is connected to your life. It is here that you need to rely on your intuition and use it to understand why you are suddenly seeing this numeral so much. Try to calm your mind to read what your instincts are telling you. Your gut feeling will not be wrong.

Focus on your goals

11 11 is linked with new endeavors and new cycles. It is also about manifesting your goals. And along with these, the number is also a signal that you should start acting on your goals and desires. To achieve desired results, you have to work on it. So the bottom line is after you have intended to do something, take the next steps to get it done.


So what does 11 11 mean spiritually? It means there is a big opportunity coming your way which you shouldn’t miss. It also means that you are well-connected with your intuition. 11 11 is an angel and holy number. When you are on your spiritual journey, often seeing this number means that it is time to take a relationship ahead, or move forward with a project. It is a beneficial time to be taking calculated risks.