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Many people seek a religious path in search of inner peace. They believe that following these paths will solve their every problem and they can rest in peace for their remaining life. It’s like religion is the magic medicine that can solve every problem on this planet. However, this notion of belief has never been fulfilled. Most of these people give away the path of religious believes after a couple of days of trial. After that, they start speaking non-scene things about religion and spirituality and get back to their normal life. If you are a peace seeker then it is not the right way of pursuing peace. Let’s learn how religion can give you inner peace.

What is inner peace?

Before you start seeking inner peace, you should at least learn the meaning of this phrase. The phrase “Inner Peace” is made from two words. These are “Inner” and “peace”. “Inner Peace” is a state of mindset where you find peacefulness in yourself. In this state of mind, you remain focus and determined all the time. Achieving inner peace won’t solve all the problems of life. As long as life exists, you always have to face multiple challenges associated with it. Instead of fearing these challenges, inner peace will give you the strength and courage to face these challenges head-on. Let’s learn the role of religion in finding inner peace.

Religion and Peace

Although people have used the name of religion to spread violence in society, peace is one of the main objectives of all religions. It is one of the most essential values that bring multiple people together. Let’s find out how the major religions of the world preach peace.

Inner peace in Christianity

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Currently, Christianity is the major religion of the world. You will find people following this religion on every continent of this planet. The birth of Christianity happens with Jesus two thousand years ago in Jerusalem. Through his preach, he always emphasized spiritual development. All of his virtue is recorded in the New Testament. He always asked his followers to rise above materialism and spread love and compassion to others. It doesn’t matter how badly others behave with you, with your good behavior you can change others for good. He said that spreading love and compassion to others is the easiest way of achieving peace in life. 

Inner peace in Islam

Along with Christianity, Islam is the second most popular religion on this planet. The Prophet Mohamed was the founder of this religion. The foundation of this religion is based on the belief in “Allah” and guidelines for social conduct. This religion emphasizes more on five-time prayer every day and doing good social conduct in the community. The Quran is the holiest book of this religion that gives guidance for good social conduct and a peaceful lifestyle. The followers of this religion are asked to recite and memorize this book for understanding their role in life and the social environment. Many Islamic scholars say that the simplicity and the knowledge of this book can give inner peace to the readers. 

Inner peace in Judaism

The history of Judaism dates back to nearly three thousand years old. Moses started this religion and rescued Jewish people from Egyptian Farrow. Later he settled these people in Israel and gave ten rules to follow. According to this religion, these ten rules came directly from God. These rules help the followers live a peaceful life without any inner conflict. This biblical religion forbids bad social practice and materialism. It encourages its followers to maintain good social conduct and find inner peace through good behavior. 

Inner peace in Hinduism

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. This religion believes that your current activity will dictate the future outcome. The activity you are doing today is also known as “Karma”. This religion also emphasizes the duty of every person. Along with many other religious books, Bhagwad Gita is considered one of the holiest books of this religion. This book describes how anyone can achieve inner peace or “Moksha” by following their duty. This religion also believes in different rituals for achieving inner peace or “Moksha”.

Inner peace in Buddhism

Instead of any particular god, the system of Buddhism is rooted in social principle. Around 560 B.C. Gautam Buddha followed the spirituality by meditation. He gave up his earthly possession and made contact with the divine power. After getting enlighten, he preached the world about love and compassion. According to Buddhist believe, getting rid of seven sins from life is the best way to find inner peace and enlightenment.

The religious way of getting inner peace

All major religions of the world have emphasized good conduct. Good conduct not only brings peace to society but also brings happiness inside. It also enhances the spirituality inside of the person. Along with good conduct, the follower must have unwavering faith in God. This faith gives the follower mental strength for pursuing a spiritual path.

As a result, the religious follower can remain determined during an unpleasant time. Faith in God gives him the power to follow his goal. Hence, the person can remain focus and calm during a difficult situation. Praying religiously is one of the tested methods of achieving inner peace. It gives the follower a divine connection to the universe.

How prayers bring inner peace?

Prayer is a simple way of opening your heart to the god. It let you speak directly to the divine. Regular prayer reduces mental stress and removes guilt from the soul. It also allows you to see things more clearly. For this reason, every religion has emphasized a lot about prayer. Doing prayer multiple times a day also develops more faith and gives courage and determination to face all kind of difficult conditions. Prayer is one of the simplest ways of achieving inner peace in the heart. 

How meditation brings inner peace?

Along with prayers, all religions of the world also encouraged their followers to meditate. Meditation is a way of getting calm and taking deep rest in the mind. It encourages positive alpha wave generation in the brain and gives the person a happy feeling. The positive aspect of meditation is that it makes the nervous system strong. With regular meditation, a person can increase his alertness to a superhuman level. Therefore, in difficult situations, the person can remain peaceful. 

Meditation is synonymous with the Buddhist religion. Gautama Buddha who has started this religion got enlighten by doing meditation. The process of meditation gave him a clear sight of truth and peace. Meditation helped him detached himself from materialism. It helped him connect himself with the divine energy of the universe. After getting enlighten from meditation, Gautama devoted his life to others well being.

Regular meditation fills the heart with tranquillity. The person who practices meditation has more empathy than others. As a result, the person able to balance his conduct more appropriately. Regular meditation is also good for overall health and well-being. It encourages positive thoughts in the brain. Meditation can also cure mental diseases like depression and trauma very easily. Even scientists have found definitive proof that regular mediation makes people more peaceful from the inside.

How Yoga brings inner peace?

Along with different religious rituals, yoga is also an integral part of Hinduism. Yoga is a combination of posture and exercise that reduces stress from the human body. Aside from different postures, yoga emphasizes breath control. It allows the diaphragm of the lungs to absorb more oxygen and revitalize the body from inside. Yoga was originated in the northern part of India, and people over centuries got tranquillity and inner peace by practicing it. Many Gurus in the Himalayas and the rest of India still practice and teaches yoga to the population.


Inner peace is an element that can fill your heart with tranquillity. It can keep you steady and focus in a troublesome time. For this reason, seeking inner peace can be beneficial for you. It will help you achieve life goals in ethical ways. Strong religious belief and compassion for others are some of the best ways of getting inner peace. Many religious scholars got inner peace in their life by following this path. So, it will also work for you if it worked for them.  Having a strong faith in God and doing good work in society opens the path of inner peace. Religious books and scriptures are good guidance for inner peace seekers. It let them see how the lust for materialism is disrupting the peace process and encouraging conflict in society. All of these religious books encourage us for personal development and guide the world in the right direction. For this reason, a peace seeker person should read these books before starting the journey toward inner peace. After reading these books, he needs to improve his conduct accordingly. Only then anyone can achieve inner peace through religious ways.