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Dreaming of dead parents is definitely not an uncommon event. People who dream about their dead parents can experience spirituality or other such effects.

A new study by Dr. Joshua Black says: It is normal to have supposed grief dreams. Like the ones in which people see their dead parents.

His study shows that 86% of individuals who have lost a parent, for instance, have encountered grief dreams at least once.

However, frequently dreaming of dead parents uncovers our requirements for security, wellbeing, guidance, or some sort of help. We regularly go to our parents for help and assurance on the most troublesome occasions. Also, they are always there for us when we are facing some significant uncertainty. This is why they frequently embrace that job in our fantasies too.

Have you had similar dreams lately? Do you know what does it mean? Or how it can affect you? Or what God wants to convey to you? Read this article till the end to discover everything you need to know.

How Does Dreaming of Dead Parents Change You?

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A report published in Psychology Today mentions that the people who dreamt of their dead parents felt a sense of closure. The dreamers may experience positive emotions and a sense of being strong. All this changes their perspective.

Dreamers may also evolve a stronger interest in existential questions and a strong desire to discover spirituality. This is true even for Carl Jung, the Founder of Analytical Psychology. A visit by his passed-away-father in his dream significantly changed his feelings towards spirituality.

Carl Jung shared that his father appeared in his dream six weeks after his death. He mentioned that his father was standing in front of him & told him he (his father) has recovered a lot and is returning home from his holiday.

Jung was quite sure that his father would be upset with him for moving into his (his father’s) room. But to his surprise, he was not annoyed at all.

This incident significantly impacted Jung and forced him to think about the afterlife for the first time in his life.

What Does It Mean When You Start Dreaming of Dead Parents?

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, dreaming of dead parents can be psychological 30% of the time. On the other hand, it could be spiritual for about 70% of the time.

Psychological Reasons

When we say psychological reasons, it may include various issues such as anxiety about losing parents or even remorse of not spending enough time with them. However, this is not true for every dreamer – he might be dreaming of dead parents out of spirituality too.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation also says that a person is considered spiritual if the dream occurs at least three times. But what does it mean when it happens? It can mean many things that may include: parents might need some help in the afterlife, they are just trying to send a message from beyond to their children, etc.

However, dreaming of dead parents can mean something else too – it is for you to ponder over. You can also take help from a professional to decipher the dream for you.

To help you a little, here are some reasons for dreaming about dead parents several people reported-

A Glimpse of Heaven

It is a story of a woman who dreamt of her dead grandfather. She said that her grandpa was fighting against Parkinson’s disease when she was a kid. At that tender age, she couldn’t figure out how to absorb his death and move on.

But according to her, God knew exactly how. She mentioned that after many years, her grandpa appeared in her dream & was apparently looking in a much better place.

Dr. Charity Kayembe, the co-author of Hearing God Through Your Dreams, says that dreaming of dead parents is a way for us to get closure & a peek into heaven.

She explains it further – we often see our parents in a hospital bed for the last time before they leave us. However, God doesn’t want that picture to stay with us. That’s why God helps us to discover how well our parents are doing in heaven. Probably in a better place, happier, healthier, and at home.

The Inheritance of a Spiritual Gift

The perspective of Dr. Barbie Breathitt, the author of Dream Encounters: Seeing Your Destiny from God’s Perspective, is slightly different. She believes that dreaming of dead parents could also give the dreamer some particular task or responsibility.

She further explains her perspective by saying that these kinds of dreams could also mean that the dreamer is receiving a gift, a divine mantle. This divine mantle might be something that God previously gave to their (dreamer’s) parents & now, it is time to pass it on.

She also says that this gift could be something spiritual or a divine trait that builds character, such as kindness or wisdom. She adds that God can only help the dreamer see their parents, but it is up to the dreamer to decipher the meaning & receive the divine gift.

She says that God is quite aware of what we deeply desire, especially building a better character like them. She further says that when you dream of your deceased parents, it is an opportunity for you to take on the characteristics that you deeply desire from them. 


Dr. Breathitt has yet another perspective on dreaming of dead parents. According to her, sometimes when a deceased parent shows up in dreams, it is to communicate a message on God’s behalf. This can be especially true in the case of the people who are still grieving.

Dr. Barbie Breathitt also says that some people may not take dreams seriously. However, it is a gateway or a doorway to the supernatural. She believes that if a person loses his parents before he gets the opportunity to say goodbye, one last time, God chooses to help that person.

God decides to bring their deceased parents to their dreams to deliver a message. For example, if the person could not get out of the grieving process, the deceased parent(s) will talk to the dreamer about how happy they are in heaven. The parent(s) may also tell the dreamer that it is okay & it is time to move on and live out their destiny.

How to Interpret a Dream of the Deceased?

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If you have been dreaming of dead parents, how are you analyzing it? Dr. Barbie Breathitt has a suggestion for you. She says that it’s a good idea to understand the meaning of the name of the deceased parent visiting in your dreams.

According to her, more than half-the-time, it is much more about what their name stands for than the person himself. She says that looking up the spiritual connotation of the name and then learning what scripture verse it is attached to can give better insights into the dream.

She believes that doing that can sometimes help you decipher the message God is trying to deliver to you.

Next, consider how you feel in the dream. Is it safe to say that you are feeling those same things in some places in your real-life existence? It may reveal what your dream is trying to imply.

For instance, a woman visited Dr. Virkler Kayembe for help in interpreting a dream. In the dream, the woman saw her mom – who passed away 20 years ago – along with one of her (the woman’s) close friends strolling into a church.

Dr. Kayembe deciphered this dream like this – when that woman’s mother was alive, she was full of wisdom. And the woman’s friend is someone she (the woman) has been worried about for some time. So, God might be showing the woman that her friend is entering into the next level of spiritual growth & that she was moving in with wisdom (what her mother represented).

Deciphering dreams can sometimes become overwhelming and confusing. However, individuals should always stay calm & try taking help from the professionals.

To Sum It Up

Dreaming of dead parents is a common phenomenon that occurs with individuals irrespective of who close they were with their parents.

Our parents have been our main defenders & gatekeepers since the second we were born. Therefore, we will, in general, see them in that part for quite a while. And they regularly maintain that job during their whole lives.

These dreams are often a sign of the individual’s current state of mind & spirituality. However, these kinds of dreams also bear some spiritual meaning & directive for the individual. 

Again, God can only deliver the message, it is you who has to understand its meaning and decide if you want to act on it. Did you also dream of your dead parents? Share your experience and what you think it means, in the comment section.