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To be spiritual is to be with the one. To be spiritual is to know that there are things beyond self. It is known to the abundance of the universe. There is no reality as it is – rather there is a spiritual world that prevails. This spiritual world is where humans aim to be.

Humans are moving rapidly on their spiritual journey. They are following mantras, rituals, and so much more. They are internalizing philosophies, uncovering histories, and going beyond the surface level of things. Even so, not every human is on the same spiritual level. Some are more advanced than others. Likewise, some are spiritually discerned while others are not.

What is Discernment?

Discernment, in the most basic words, is the power to differentiate. It is the ability to perceive wholistically. A person who is able to practice good discernment is an individual whose judgements are very wise. He or she can understand the meaning of things beyond the face value. In terms of spiritual discernment, it is the same perception. If an individual is spiritually discerned, then he or she has a powerful judgement of reality, and other concepts. His or her wisdom holds greater value. Such individuals are natural and great at differentiation. Even in minor matters wherein the masses will conclude that there is no difference, such individuals can arise and take a better call.

In religious aspects, especially Christianity, discernment is also equivalent to God’s decision. It is seen as the process of decision-making by the higher power. Such decisions are mostly about the major life-altering events. The following questions are often under the realm of spiritual discernment:

  • Should one marry?
  • Should one not marry?
  • What vocation should one follow?
  • Should one follow a life of pleasures?
  • Should one devoid himself or herself of the pleasures of life?

What is the difference between being judgmental and discerning?

Being discerned might come across as being more cautious and judgemental. It is indeed measuring and comparing of options. But discernment is not mere judgment. It is much more beyond that. A judgment is an analysis of a situation that is roughly passed on. There is no standard measure of the analysis. There is not even a preface as to what the judge might have concurred.

Discernment is much much more than judgment. Discernment is divine and holistic. It, yes, includes judgment. A person who is spiritually discerned will judge a situation and come to a conclusion. but this judgment is not basis any raw opinions. This judgment and conclusion come from the greater being. A spiritually discerned person has a connection with the higher power of the universe. He or she directly communicates with the power and pick cues that the universe showers. Their judgment stems out from wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and divinity.

The process of Discernment

The divine process of discernment includes guidance from God. It is God’s will and discretion that will guide the ultimate decision. The process includes recognition of signs that God has bestowed upon the wise individual. It is through these signs, that the ultimate decision can be taken. There are mostly external signs that guide on what the individual should focus upon. A spiritually discerned individual is able to rapidly pick up such signs and act upon them. Many times these signs are aligned with the spiritual processes and symbols. These are not grand signs that stand out. These are rather simple signs that are presented in daily living. These are the words of God, simply conveyed to us – and, it is up to us to recognize them and follow them.

It is only when you are spiritually discerned, that you know the reality of things. You know the reality of the world beyond. You can know what is truly right and what is truly wrong. If you are not spiritually discerned, then you can not make these decisions. These decisions lose their value, and you are not able to make the best possible decision.

How do you practice spiritual discernment?

It is not always natural to be spiritually discerned. This can be learned as well. Spiritual discernment, is thus, a practice. It can be deliberately developed and internalized. It is the same thing as spiritual development. Through devotion and divine faith, you can further progress into this realm of spiritual discernment.

To start with this, you have to start a conversation with God. This is not an easy conversation, It is also not easy to start with a conversation. There has to be a proper connection with the higher power in order to communicate. This connection has to be nourished thoroughly. It also takes time to build such a connection. It is highly unlikely that God will speak to you when you have your first conversation with him, You have to be virtuous. You have to develop the virtue of patience. You have to be devoted, and kind, and obedient.

After many practices, you might get a chance to hear him. This also might be different from others. Every individual has a special relationship with God. Likewise, every individual has a different communication style with God. Your communication might be different to what you have known around you. You have to trust the process. You have let God take the power and guide you from within. Once you will connect with God, you will unveil the magic. You will witness the transformation within. The wisdom will naturally fall into your lap. Your meaning of the material world will change, and you will be a custodian of the greater good. You would know the difference between the right thing and the wrong thing. you will also know the urgency of things and the spiritual meaning of it all. In the essence of this, you will receive the gift of discernment.

If you can not move through this process, then there are certain simple practices as well. Through these practices, you can try and move ahead on the spiritual journey.

  • Knowing oneself

In order to connect with God, you have to first connect with yourself. Connecting with the self means connecting with the beliefs that one holds. You have to accept the worldly beliefs that you follow. You have to be face to face with your emotions and fears. You also have to be aware of your capabilities. You can not be a stranger to yourself and a friend to God. The primary step is to know your every response and principle. You have to ensure that you know your core values. You have to be strong enough to endure your spiritual journey. It is not easy to reflect and introspect but it is essential if you want to be spiritually discerned.

  • Note and record oneself

In order to know yourself, you can record your behaviors and thoughts. You can do so by journal writing. By keeping a journal, you will be able to assess your thought process. You will be able to identify the point wherein your connection with yourself is breaking. By going over your own thoughts, you can improve your level of thinking. You can also strengthen your belief system. If there is any thought that goes against your spiritual journey, you can actively curb that thought. If you do not want to keep a journal, you can practice confessions. These confessions can be direct to God – might be one-sided for now. You can even write your thoughts on a paper and let that paper out in the universe. It might find the way to where it belongs.

What is the gift of discernment?

The gift of discernment is received when one is spiritually discerned. This gift is not a typical gift that is wrapped or decorated. It is a metaphysical and spiritual gift. It is a gift that holds the power to change the life of others around. It is a gift bestowed by God to his fellow follower.

The gift of discernment means to know the reality and difference of things. It means to know the truth. When you have received and accepted this gift, you become different. You transform into a higher being. You are now able to judge between right and wrong. You are able to understand what is reality, and what is the ultimate truth. A lot of words around are labeled as truth. People even claim opinions as to the ultimate truth. But, once you have received this gift of discernment, you are spiritually discerned – you now know the truth that exists beyond us all.

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So, if one is spiritually discerned, it means that one is connected with God. He or she is speaking through the divine powers and their words hold true value. It is a process of faith and complete faith. Unless and until you completely have faith in this process, you can connect with God. Without this spiritual connection, you would not be able to decipher the cues that God has showered for you. Spiritual wisdom and spiritual realization occur only after one has established a strong connection.