Many people keep incensed in their homes, so we wanted to find out the true purpose. What does incense do spiritually? Some cultures use it just for decoration and flavoring the air, but we found out it has a cool spiritual use.

Spiritual Protection

It is believed that burning incense can help ward off negative emotions and spirits. In addition to using incense sticks, it’s also possible to use incense cones or even loose resin as a form of spiritual protection.

Spiritual protection involves the blessing and protection of your home and your aura. By burning different types of incense, you could help protect yourself from psychic attacks instead of summoning positive energies, which are far more beneficial for your wellbeing.

Burning specific types of incense can also be used as a method of ritual cleansing. Incense can be used to cleanse sacred space before meditation or spells, removing any negative energies within the room which may interfere with your rituals or spells.

Increase Energy

Incense is used in many different ways to help increase energy levels, soothe away stress and tension, stimulate creativity, and for meditation and rituals. The incense that burns quicker with more smoke will have a stronger energetic effect than incense that burns slower with less smoke.

Empower Spells, Rituals, and Meditations

  • Concentration
  • Open the mind
  • Calm the spirit
  • Creativity
  • Meditation
  • Insight
  • Intuition
  • Clarity of Mind

Sacred Space Purification

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’re going to say it anyway: purifying your new sacred space is necessary. You might call this “cleansing” or “removing negative energy.” You can do this mentally (“I will cleanse my kitchen through the power of my mind!”), physically (spraying sage juice and water mixture in every corner of your home), or any combination thereof. The point is that you want to create a positive vibe when you’re using incense for spiritual purposes. So if your apartment has only been housing bad juju, get rid of that vibes before beginning the ceremony.

Another small detail: don’t forget to open and close your sacred space at the start and end of any ritual, meditation, or ceremony you plan on doing with incense. There’s no wrong way to do this; remember that some opening and closing exercise helps add extra significance to what you’re doing inside the space during the ritual itself.

Fertility and Pregnancy

What does incense do spiritually? Fertility? Yes, Many ancient civilizations used incense for fertility rituals, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In modern times, it is still sometimes used in this way. If you’re trying to conceive or find yourself pregnant, use frankincense to help increase your faith that everything will go well. During labor, you can also use it to calm both you and your child. Some people also believe this scent protects against miscarriage or complications with a pregnancy. The essential oil of frankincense is generally considered safe in small doses when applied topically or inhaled—but consult your doctor before using any essential oils while pregnant.

Exorcism or Warding Off Evil

Incense is also used to cleanse, sanctify and bless. Smudging with sage is a common practice in shamanic rituals and exorcisms. But, What does incense do spiritually? The smoke of burning incense helps penetrate the subconscious and changes mood, energy, and vibration. Some will burn incense to provide protection, while others use it to dispel negative energy that may be lingering around their home or sacred space. Burning incense can also encourage good spirits while driving away evil spirits.

Spiritual benefits aside, some people like the way incense smells! Certain scents are known for creating a sense of calmness or euphoria and increasing creativity and focus. Incense can be used in meditation or yoga practices to alter your senses and consciousness. Even if you have no interest in spiritual matters, there is something incredibly relaxing about the aroma of a scented candle or stick of incense burning softly in the corner of your room.

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Improve Concentration and Clarity

Burning incense can help to keep the mind focused. It can also be used in meditation, healing, psychic work, and grounding. The following herbs and essences can be used for this purpose:

  • Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) – This is wonderful for meditation and psychic work.
  • Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) – This helps one focus on making positive changes in their life.
  • Sandalwood (Santalum album) – This is useful for concentration during meditation or spiritual work.

Stress Relief

What does incense do spiritually for relief? The most common reason for using incense is stress relief. This can range from a simple way to relax the mind after a long day to deep breathing and meditation practices used to improve mindfulness and reduce anxiety. Calming scents such as lemongrass, sage, sandalwood, and rose are excellent at creating peace and tranquility in your environment. Using incense before bed can also help promote restful sleep and lucid dreams.

Meditation Enhancement

What does incense do spiritually for meditation? If you’re the spiritual type, you might be able to use incense to enhance your meditation sessions. For example, applying incense to your room and lighting it up before meditating can help you increase your meditation power. Alternatively, you might find that using an incense can help you with relaxation and focus and, therefore, increase your meditation’s effectiveness on a more basic level.

Ritual Use

You can use incense in many ways to enhance the atmosphere of a ritual. Try using it for the following:

  • Aromatic properties. Incense is known for its pleasant smell, and some can conjure strong emotions when used in certain contexts.
  • Element of air. In Wiccan tradition, smoke carrying the scent of incense is associated with the element of air. Burning sandalwood is one way to connect with this tradition; others include sage smudging and burning sweetgrass or tobacco (if your tradition allows).
  • Element of fire. Fire can be represented using candles or fire itself (if safe). While not all incenses burn on their own—some require that they be placed on an incense burner with hot coals—incense smoke represents this element. If you’d like to represent all four elements during a ritual but don’t have access to a natural outdoor fire pit, try using incense as a substitute for fire!
  • Element of the earth (and water). Incense ash has been used throughout history by Native American tribes as offerings in rituals involving earth or water spirits. If these rituals interest you, try sprinkling ash from your favorite incense at the base of sacred trees or near bodies of water.