What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually?

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Dreams are fascinating. All of us dream – some of us clearly remember our dreams whereas some of us recall bits and pieces of them after we wake up. Many times our dreams are filled with absurd elements and events in an amusing timeline. So flying in a dream mean spiritually many things.

For hundreds of years, neuroscientists and psychologists have searched about dreams to understand them better. They have reached the REM cycle of sleep when dreams take place, but there is no single theory that explains the how and why of dreams.

There are many elements and events in our dreams. Some situations are unique to us whereas some actions (in our dreams) are quite famous ones. So, it makes one wonder what is the interpretation of those elements. Dream interpretation is a popular way to understand the subconscious functioning of the mind and also to understand the signs of the universe.


Flying in a dream is a very common action. A lot of people dream of flying – from different perspectives. Some dream of flying high like a bird, some dream of flying and falling. For some, it is an adventure dream whereas for some it is more emotional. There are many interpretations of flying – also it holds meaning in a spiritual sense.

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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a form of dreaming wherein you are aware that you are in a dream. The dream of flying is a common action in lucid dreaming. Many individuals even change the pace of their flying, as you can control some aspects of your dreams in lucid dreaming. Such flying in lucid dreams can be a simple indication of an adrenaline rush. Flying is an adventurous activity, and the dream can be interpreted as that.

Dream Interpretation

The interpretation of the dream is highly subjective to the experience after you are awake. Are you energetic and joyous? Or is your energy depleted and you feel exhausted? Your energy can be a good indicator as to how to interpret your dream – in the positive sense or the negative.

Flying as a symbol

Flying has been the symbol of freedom. Likewise, flying in a dream is considered a symbol of freedom in your being. It indicates that you are free from any boundaries and you can be whoever you want to be and go wherever you want to go.

Spirituality also says that flying in dreams can be an indication of acceptance of new information. If you have recently found out something new, flying could mean that you have now openly accepted that change. This could be about yourself, or the people around you. Flying, here, means that you are positively approaching it. You are looking forward to it.

The other side of it

Flying in a dream mean spiritually can also be of another sense. If your energy is depleted when you wake up after a dream, it might be a sign of spiritual warning. If you feel a little tense after the dream, it might be telling you that flying is actually a quest for freedom. You might be feeling stuck in your stage of life. Possibly, something in your life could be going against your beliefs and values, and you are facing a tough time adjusting to that. So, the gesture of flying becomes a gesture of breaking free.

Flying above the ground can be a sign that you are distancing yourself from the stressors of daily life. You are in dire need of a break or a re-arrangement. Flying above water is deciphered to be breaking away from overwhelming emotions. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, and we are unable to understand them. Such a dream can be an indication that our emotions are consuming us. There could be many reasons for this. It could be a failing relationship, problems at work, an identity crisis, and more. You have to identify the issue that is bothering you, and then try to resolve it.

Flying and Falling

Some people misinterpret falling into dreams as flying the dreams. And, at times, these two actions are intertwined in the dreams. The dream of falling is a symbol of the fear of failure and fear of giving up control. This directly means that some fear is ruling over the mind. A dream combining both flying and falling can be interpreted as a desperate attempt to break free from the fears. It is not easy to overcome fears, and maybe the dream is an indication that you are tired of fighting your fears. It is time to take a break and be easy on yourself.

Flying with wings

Another common dream is flying like a bird or flying with wings. The wings are easier for our brains to imagine due to popular culture and movie references. Anyhow, flying like a bird is a positive sign in dreams. It is a sign of optimistic growth and freedom. It can also be an indication of empowerment. A bird faces many obstacles then overcomes them and flies high. Similarly, your journey can feel like it. Also, dreaming of angels with wings is a sign of goodness, as per Spirituality.


Dreams are divine experiences. They are a means for us to better understand our inner dialogue and a means to understand the signs. So when the question of what does flying in a dream mean spiritually, comes to your mind, you have to take a moment.

A dream of flying is mostly seen in a positive light and should be treated like a dream indicating independence and freedom. If you feel that your dream of flying was not a positive sign, then you need not worry. Dreams are warning signs, this is actually a way for you to mend your ways and improve the situations around you. If you are feeling stuck, you have to act to escape or resolve that situation. If you feel afraid of something, you have to get bold and face it.

So, understand your dreams, let the signs speak to you, and let them help you. You have to pick the signs and work on them. If the signs are positive, then you just have to appreciate the situation and cherish the dreams. Flying in a dream mean spiritually that it is a sign, and you should just take that into account.