What Does a Dragonfly Mean Spiritually

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Ever wonder why a tiny species like a dragonfly can fascinate the collective imagination of human beings across many cultures and civilizations? Ever wonder why the fly is called a Dragonfly? Ever think, what does a dragonfly mean spiritually?

They have roamed the Earth for millions of years. According to estimates, they have been here longer than humans, 300 million years to be exact. Words that could best describe them are enigmatic, beautiful, colorful and vibrant. Artists, designers and writers have glorified the Dragonfly in many ways.

That’s precisely why they are prevalent in tattoos, jewelry, clothes, insignias, totems, songs and literature. Ancient cultures associate it with a change of grandeur, a flight of leadership. Although it is short, it is deemed historic. Hence, world conquering and pioneering leaders were often compared to the dragonfly.

Akin to the dragonfly, they spend most of their life in the form of a flightless nymph, only to rise as a four winged creature. An insect that looks distinctly grand on a flower. flies are annoying, butterflies are beautiful, but a dragonfly looks exotic and heavenly. Read on to know more i.e.what does a dragonfly mean spiritually?

The symbolism:

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Four winged long-tailed super fliers, the Dragonflies symbolise new beginnings to a better life. This new life is born from courage when dragonflies fly across the water. They fly for a very little span of their life but they have tremendous fun with it. flying across large areas. In a way, they are adventurous high flyers that bring positive change. This is the basic interpretation as to the question, what does a dragonfly mean spiritually.

Their colors and flights catch the human eye and appear to be enjoying the moment. Symbolically, they are about living the moment to its full potential. Despite the long flights, they only average 2 seconds for flapping their wings. Hence, they represent poise and maturity. They are fast but nothing is rushed. Everything is done with the intent to make the most of the available environment. In some cultures, they also appear as fairies that act as guardians to humans.

Spiritual interpretation:

Dragonflies exist in many colors and symbolism prioritizes color association with many things. This gives many answers to what does a dragonfly mean spiritually.


Red dragonflies are rare. Seeing them is considered extremely auspicious. Red is a color of passion, anger and intensity. Sometimes anger and intensity are paramount for a new beginning. In Japan, seeing a red dragonfly in autumn represents the perfect time to shed the old and start something new.


Orange dragonflies are all about wellness and creativity. Again, creativity by definition is about creating something new. It is also a time of joy. Sometimes beginnings require struggles, but not in the case of the orange dragonfly.


This color is about honor, intellect and happiness. While it is not explicitly about new moments, honor is a state of poise. It is about restraint and not rushing into anything that tempts impulses but emerges to be dishonorable. In this sense, it also represents intellect i.e. look before the leap.


This type of dragonfly represents fertility. Like the red, it is about birth, creation and a new beginning. It is also the color of trust, a color that is commonly used by financial institutions. Even the dollar has the nickname greens. Nature is abundant and this symbolic beginning is about abundance.


The Blue Dragonfly symbolizes loyalty, wisdom and faith. All three qualities are those of poise and taking challenges head-on. It is also a royal color that hints at the leadership qualities of people who can usher in change for the better.


It is a mixture of red and blue, hence the dichotomy of the two. It represents peace, nobility and devotion. Like all other dragonflies, it is highly auspicious.


An earthly color that is the birthplace of all the living. A brown dragonfly represents a grounded security and earthiness. A relatable and solid place to make a fresh start. it maybe interpreted that the surrounding environment is conducive to try something new in life.


Like the darkness, this is a color of discretion. This is about protecting the loved ones from indiscretion. In a way seeing this dragonfly translates into loyalty under adverse situations. A black dragonfly is never seen as something unlucky.


This is a color of innocence and purity. A new beginning is innocent. It is not soiled by any bad experiences. Seeing a white dragonfly is like witnessing the purity of a new state of being. In a way, witnessing a white dragonfly evokes a sense of inner purity.

As a spirit animal

The Dragonfly is often viewed as the spirit animal that comes bearing good news. No form of the dragonfly is considered unlucky. It is born in water, a symbol of the subconscious, the abode of the inner being. Then it transforms into a high flying airborne creature. Air represents intellect. The two interpretations blend in to decipher what does a dragonfly mean spiritually.

It may be interpreted that the dragonfly is a transformative spirit. An animal that elevates the traits of the subconscious. It transforms them into the intellect. It is about evolution from a dormant being to an active leader

As a dream

Dragonflies are such vivid creatures that they are also seen in dreams. They are a manifestation of some innovative thought or an inspiring emotion. A dragonfly dream needs attention. It is all about navigating through unattended intuition or emotion.

Rest assured that focusing on such ideas and emotions would yield a fresh start with an elevated conscience.

It could be the spirit animal in the dream that is guiding to a better future through the moment. Something needs immediate action, to yield an unimaginable change.

In totems & tattoos

Some people want to wear the traits that a dragonfly possesses. It becomes a reminder of passions and ambitions. While natural dragonflies remain nymphs, their essence can be represented in totems and tattoos. They can be hosts of spiritual energy and power.

Like any other cultural practice, they become conduits between nature and being. They become pathways of channeling the subconscious into the conscious and reaping benefits of the harmony. Now you know “what does a dragonfly mean spiritually”.