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We all are spiritual beings and the foundation of our life is based on the vibes we receive from our surroundings. These vibrations may be in the form of material, psychological, or emotional affects. Our Holy Spirit is innately meant to be at rest because it is a part of the Spiritus Mundi or the Spirit of the Universe. So, whenever there are agents that are against the nature of the pure spirit, then the mechanism of our soul is disturbed. We tend to feel vexed or uneasy spiritually. This process is very sly and we cannot predict when these gradual changes start to occur. Thus, there are times when we feel uneasy when there is no cause for it and our life is going perfectly fine. Then, you must consider that the vexation of spirit by various factors can cause this feeling.

Here are various factors that can make you feel spiritually vexed:

No Feeling of Fulfillment

A spiritually vexed person has no sense of satisfaction in his or her life irrespective of the material accomplishments. People who usually tend to find spiritual or emotional satisfaction in material things generally are found to be drained spiritually because material things only bring transience physical pleasure. Spiritual hollowness is a perpetual chasm that can only be corrected by spiritual healing.

Uneasy Mind

The book of Ecclesiastes has the description of vexation of spirit in great detail. The mind of a spiritually vexed person can never be rest. There is some kind of disturbing energy that is always keeping the mind occupied. So, people who are spiritually vexed spend many days and nights going restless on a continuous mode. This person is always dissatisfied with his or her life. Spiritually vexed people are always complaining because they cannot find any calming agent for their mind. The mind seeks fulfillment in material things but in fact spiritual healing is required. So, spiritually vexed people are dissatisfied all the time.

Always Feeling Disturbed

When the positive energy flow of your mind is disturbed by the presence of some circumstances or people, then you may fee disturbed for no reason. This also happens when your self-esteem is violated by someone and your spiritual channels get negative vibrations. So, to ensure that you are spiritually happy, you must identify these things and should try your best to avoid them.

Feeling of Grief

A spiritually vexed person will always have a feeling of grief. A vexed spirit is a troubled, grieved, or perplexed spirit. It is generally said that a spirit is cursed whenever it dwells against the nature’s or God’s law. Vexing your spirit is also considered as vexing the spirit of the supreme God itself as all are ultimately connected to one divine being. So, vexation of spirit is a punishment for disobedience given by the supreme spirit for disturbing the energy flow of the universe.

Feeling Burdened

Spiritual vexation can also cause a feeling of burden on our mind and heart. It feels like a stone that is pushing our chest with a lot of weight. So, spiritual vexation may be a sign that there is a heavy negative energy in your life that may need to be removed.

Even Jesus said, “My soul is vexed.” So, when your soul is struggling to get rid of something, you may feel uneasy or perplexed. It is also an indicator that soon you may start afresh and embark upon a journey that is fruitful and full of glory. So, being spiritually vexed is an indicator to start your life’s journey anew by removing the past burden. You need to roll away that stone! If people would not have rolled away the stone, then there would not have been the miracle of resurrection! So, a person may be buried deeply on the weight of spiritual grief, it may be a sign of a new spiritual awakening!


Spiritual vexation is associated with the suppression of the guidance that is given by the Holy Spirit. Spiritually vexed people form a kind of blockage that does not allow them to be in touch with the divine spirit that guides them through the good and the bad. As a result, people feel lost and unguided. This is the point from where they start to question their own faith and even start to wonder if there is a God at all! So, spiritual vexation may take away a person from the path of holiness. It may make him or her dwell in the places that may further bury them in the sea of despair and pain.

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Physical vs. Spiritual

A person may feel spiritually vexed even when their body is completely at ease because the real problem is not physical but spiritual. If spiritual vexation would have been related to the concept of body, then it must have been only the concern of the poor because rich people can afford all the physical pleasures! So, spiritual vexation is not something concerned with the class or a person. It is the divine law that is equal for all, whether rich or poor.

Some people try to nourish their spiritual barrenness by surrounding themselves with all kinds of physical pleasures whether it be food, clothing or lust. But, this turns out to be a setback in return and they end up feeling more spiritually vexed in return. It is a vicious cycle in which they continue to find themselves being entangled. These kind of people seek more and more physical pleasures in an effort to satisfy their soul, and they continue to get entrapped in the cage of physical aspect of being. So, spiritual vexation cannot be healed by providing your body with various kinds of worldly pleasures. It is a spiritual matter and can only be treated right by targeting the spiritual grief.

Spiritual Vexation and Modern World

The problem of spiritual vexation is very much prevalent today in the modern world. The current society is focused so much on material fulfillment that the question of spiritual salvation is pushed into the background. The capitalist forces have taken over the life of people to such a great deal that material or physical satisfaction is being presented as being equal to spiritual satisfaction. This is also the reason why people and their relations have become so hollow.

Nowadays, instead of fixing the old being or things, people try to replace them altogether. But, the innate sense of connection with self is something that cannot be replaced. A person can try to change or replace the external factors in his or her life on being dissatisfied. But at the end of the day, one has to live with the old unchanged self that is always present like a shadow with each step.

Discovering the Self

Being spiritually vexed is a matter of self at the end of the day. Each person is different and occupied in their own life in their own way. Thus, spiritual vexation is a matter of concern that is singlehandedly handled by the person who is being troubled by it. Unlike physical ailments, spiritual vexation is something that is not obvious. This is the reason why many people today are ending up at psychiatrists because they do not possess they knowledge about what their self is lacking!

Spiritual hollowness has disturbed the energy flow of people. Being involved in unchecked materialism and lust are the main caused today that the population feels spiritually vexed most of the time. The material culture has drained people of their selves and there is not scope for individuality.

Spiritual Healing

With spiritual vexation comes the solution of spiritual healing. It is of great help to find a good spiritual healer so as to find the root cause being the perpetual grief. Many people are so dissatisfied with their life these days even after having so much material pleasure. Thus, spiritual vexation has become a major issue of modern life and this kind of pain requires professional help.

Spiritual healers are just like doctors. They are the doctors of the soul, just like their are the doctors of the body. Our body is not just flesh and blood. There is an invisible energy that is driving this universe and a very small part of that universal energy is inside all of us. Some people put it in the terms of science and some people view it from a spiritual perspective. At the end of the day, both science and religion intersect at one point. The point is that there are energies floating in this universe and their flow can make or break our life.

As a result, spiritual vexation is a very serious issue and must be paid close attention. Spiritual healing is very necessary to get rid of the grief and connect ourselves to the supreme spirit. Consequently, one feel feel very light when the weight of the negative vies will lift up and the soul will witness resurrection!