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Is there any comprehensive definition of spiritual health? Many researches have proposed various definitions for that. But still, many of us don’t know what does it mean to be spiritually healthy. It can be religious, material oriented or individualistic. There are many approaches for spiritual health. It all depends on the human perception to enhance it. It reveals the human connection with society, nature, God and himself. The basic features of spiritual health are to know the meaning and purpose of life, proper lifestyle, connection with others and transcendence.

The word “spirit” originated from the Latin words “spirare” which means to breathe. And “spiritus” which means breathe, vigor, courage or soul. Spiritual health is related to the health and wellness of your spirit.

Importance of Spiritual health

Spiritual health is significant in numerous ways for a deeper sense of inner peace. Our mind keeps on buzzing with responsibilities and thoughts. We fail to understand what does it mean to be spiritually healthy. When we move from a task to another, we get exhausted and less passionate. We don’t have a clear direction and start feeling hopeless.

Spiritual health helps to search for the inner meaning of life. When we are spiritually healthy, we feel connected well with the environment. Our actions will be more consistent with values and have more clarity in choosing the right path.

Healthy spiritual people have a clear identity about their life and clarity about events in life. They can clearly define the ideas and act accordingly. Some people purse religious practices while others follow a general sense of self-awareness and harmony. They display a positive attitude, clear values, commitment, self-acceptance, hope, and feelings of peace.

Benefits of Spiritual health

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Compassion, love, fulfillment, joy, forgiveness and altruism are the benefits of having spiritual health. You can enjoy spiritual health, and it depends on your values, faith, principles, morals and beliefs.

If you are involved in spiritual wellness, you can understand the meaning and purpose of your life and life of others too. You will seek to find harmony which lies within our environment. Many activities can be associated with our lives to connect with people and society to keep lives spiritually healthy.

To engage in spiritual wellness, it is very significant to enjoy the little pleasures of life. You can add a few activities to your daily routine which give you relaxation.

Practices to be spiritually healthy

There are many practices to realize what does it mean to be spiritually healthy. It will help to enhance the spiritual connection, attention, compassion and empathy.

Prayer – Prayer helps us to make our mind calm and relax. It is a feeling that you trust in something, and you are downloading your worries to God. We deep dive to stay connected with our faith.

Reading – Try to connect through words by reading motivational books, quotes etc. It will alter your thoughts to go in the right direction.

Meditation – Meditation is the best practice to know what does it mean to be spiritually healthy. It creates a passage for self-awareness and reflection. It may be difficult to manage time to meditate during hectic days. If you meditate for 10 minutes, it will make your mind calm and relax. It will make you ready to face challenges. It makes your mind free and get a better relationship with your spiritual health.

Yoga – Yoga is a physical practice which enhances both physical and emotional wellness. It will reduce stress and make you free from strains on your body and mind. It can be done at various levels which has lots of health benefits and maintains spiritual health.

Travel – Travel can do wonders for your body and mind. It will reflect you and your attitude. When you are in a place with fewer distractions, you will start finding yourself. It will reduce stress and make your mind on the right path of spiritual wellness.

Explore yourself – Ask questions to yourself for self-exploration like Who am I? What is my purpose? What are my values? This will help you to deep dive into yourself and allow you to understand yourself better.

Positive thinking – You will think differently and be focused if you start viewing things positively. When you eradicate your negative thoughts, you can feel more relaxed. You have to change your perception of certain situations and things to boost positive thinking.

Journal – Expressing your thoughts helps to bring a state of mindfulness. It will help to identify the wrong paths that you are holding to. It will help you to process and release your feelings. By jotting down your thoughts and feelings, you will have clarity and go ahead without hesitation.

Connect with your faith community– It is advisable to connect with some organizations or person to feel what does it mean to be spiritually healthy. According to some researchers, the places of worship connect well and encourage spiritual wellness.

Help others – Help others to feel gratitude and a sense of purpose in life. You can be part of any organization or do individual volunteer services for needy people.

Seek for deeper meanings – Think and analyze the patterns of occurrences in your life. Seek for deeper meanings that give control over your destiny. It will help to achieve a spiritually healthy life.

Spiritual health and physical health

When we suffer from any chronic illness, we tend to misunderstand what does it mean to be spiritually healthy. It is very important that keeping spiritually healthy keeps you physically fit. Your spiritual health helps to handle the issues faced by your physical health.

To achieve this, ask yourself to achieve inner peace. If you are able to achieve it, you will be physically strong to heal your body from illness. We should be peaceful physically too.


Spiritual health is like a puzzle where you should place all the dimensions together. People love to have a healthy and meaningful life. When it is met, it puts harmony in your life and others too.