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Christian spiritual discernment is a process that involves making a decision in accordance with God’s will. This discernment is different from other types of decision-making. God guides us through the process of Christian spiritual Discernment.

The first step in this process is to seek out internal signs of God’s actions. Spiritual Discernment means focusing on making decisions that align with Jesus. This discipline also has an emphasis on God and Jesus. Ignatian discernment is a unique way of Catholic discernment. It originated from Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatian discernment is a series of spiritual exercises that help people make informed life decisions.

These exercises are designed to help people see God in all aspects of their lives. There are seven steps to follow when it comes to making a decision. These include identifying the issue, praying about the choice, talking to a mentor, and finally trusting the decision. The process begins with the individual who is in touch with her or his feelings about something that is not working correctly in their lives. This is then taken into account by prayer. Prayer is a way of opening our eyes to God and establishing a relationship with Him. God is also revealed as a mysterious and mysterious being who is also within us.

Going Deeper

Spiritual Discernment occurs when the mysterious presence of God or the divine comes into play. It is a process that brings about integrity and clarity to our lives. When we are spiritually discerned, it means we can see the difference between good and evil. We can also tell us which way the winds of evil will blow. Those who distinguish between good and evil have to constantly re- disentangle themselves from both good and evil. This is the reason why it is so important that one constantly tries to discern the difference between the two. This act of seeing a difference is the first component of this set of operations that precedes all of the following aspects. It involves distinguishing good and evil. In order to properly interpret the coin’s image, one must first determine if it is gold or not.

Aside from distinguishing good from evil, there is also something about the involvement of God in the non-evil. This concept makes it possible to separate the good from the evil. This process occurs when we interpret God’s involvement in our lives. It is important to read God’s involvement in all of our lives to gain full enjoyment from it.

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Spiritual Discernment as a Skill

The pure-in-heart opens themselves to God’s influence. This opens up the cracks in their bodies and allows them to be fully formed in God’s image. The image of God that we see in us is a gift that is inwardly oriented, and it longs for complete likeness to him. This process helps us to become more open to the meaning of God’s creation. Spiritual Discernment is a process that enables Christians to seek the will of God for their lives. It is not a secular process, but a deeply rooted part of the Christian tradition.

Spiritual Discernment is a skill that is learned and improved. It is not an ability that is innate, and it is not a person’s sole reason for being on Earth. There is no one on Earth who has the necessary discernment to live life fully. Like the master musician, a discerning person will see his need to improve his discernment as his acclaim grows.

When it comes to making accurate cuts, practice makes a difference. An experienced tutor will confidently make the same cuts that his apprentice makes. It is natural for a person to learn and practice various skills, such as making cuts. At first, they may seem slow and hesitant, but they will eventually make accurate ones. The more we seek the truth, the more our ability to discern will grow

Applying Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment is the process of applying our understanding. It is not only about recognizing but also about applying that understanding. God has given us the ability to discernment. He does not simply give us this skill, but He also gives us the Holy Spirit to assist us in our journey. The purpose of being people of discernment is to further the end of man, which is the chief purpose of being here. Being people of discernment brings glory to God and learns to enjoy him ever more.

Spiritual Discernment is a discipline that is required only in a world where we are faced with temptation and sins. It involves carefully analysing and applying God’s Word to separate truth from error. It is a task that people take on in order to see things that God sees. Spiritually Discerned people are people who are equipped with the knowledge and ability to see things that are not according to God. They do this by applying the Bible’s wisdom and understanding to their lives.

Believing in the doctrines that are foundational to the Christian faith requires us to thoroughly examine and prove them. The two areas where we must do spiritual discernment are the same. Both of which are related to the two general themes of Scripture.

Imbibing God

Spiritual discernment will equip us to know God as he has revealed himself and thus allow us to avoid having worldly hearts and minds. To be people that honour God with our actions, we must first be people who honour God in what we think of him and what we believe to be true about him. Only when we think rightly about God will we live in a way that is consistent with his will for our lives.

Understanding and obeying God’s will is not instantaneous. Because of this, the task of learning and living is not given immediately. It requires a lot of effort and discipline. All Christians must seek to know and obey the will of God. They should not be concerned about the secret will of God, for it will never be known fully. We cannot expect God to provide all the details of his plan for us before we follow in obedience.

Signs you may have the gift of Spiritual Discernment

· Having the gift of Spiritual discernment is a great benefit for people who are passionate about the presence of God and the Holy Spirit.

· You are more sensitive to the spiritual atmospheres than most people. This sensitivity may affect the development of your gift.

· Someone with a gift of Spiritual discernment can see and sense things that are not seen by others. This ability can cause us to feel isolated and lonely, as well as be misunderstood.

· Individuals who are gifted in discernment may experience unusual events or sensations. They may also feel things that are not being experienced by others.

· Someone with a gift of discernment can see clearly behind the words and actions of a person. They can also tell if a person is telling the truth or not. One may tell if it is anointed by the Spirit or is it from the speaker’s heart when it is being told to people gifted with discernment.

How to develop Spiritual Discernment

· Desire the things that matter to God. Motivated by these desires, commit to doing the things that will make you look good and excel in life.

· This practice is very important in walking in God’s perfect will. It helps keep your spirit and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. As a result, prayer times are moments of spiritual ecstasy.

· You need to know the Word of God to walk in His perfect will. The Bible is the only way to get it. Follow God’s instructions and act immediately after receiving them.

· People who look for goodness in the broken world don’t deny it or pretend it doesn’t exist. They do their best to see that it meets God’s standard of good. So appreciate and be thankful for every little blessing

· Spiritually Discerning people know that truth is not a private matter, and that we must have shared it to thrive. They are willing to share it with others, and they test it by the larger body of shared truth.


As we grow in Christ’s knowledge, we’ll meet the challenges of a world that is broken. Through the Spirit and the Bible, God is giving us new life, but he also wants to make us more holy. This process requires us to be changed, but we can still be made right. Sometimes, it can mean being misunderstood. Because people tend to know the difference between good and bad, they can evaluate their actions and behaviour. Instead of seeing discernment as a way to gain an advantage, discerning people use it to serve others. If you have been given the gift of discernment, be sure to avoid the dangers that come when used away from God.

The spiritually discerned person learns to let go of what they cannot control. An individual who is already discerned knows that their words mean everything. They should take time to ponder on their commitments and if they are consistent with their values.