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One: Spiritual fitness is a lifelong pursuit.

In our daily life, we meet different kinds of people. But when you meet a spiritually fit person you experience a divine, strong connection, and they have the power to leave a long-lasting impression in your life.

Spiritually fit person’s are magnetic, they attract people through their positivity, generosity, freedom and happiness. Being in the presence of a spiritually healthy and fit person, you feel energetic and overall good. A spiritually fir person has this unique ability and willingness to enjoy the present moment. They do not let negative and toxic thoughts, worldly pleasure and unnecessary worry to affect them. For a spiritually fit person the present is a gift and they enjoy that moment to the fullest.

What are signs that show you are spiritually fit? To help you identify, we have listed down the signs of a spiritually fit person.

  1. Spiritually fit people are fearless: Being fearless is one of the signs that you are spiritually fit. If your mind and body is overcome by fear then you are not able to concentrate in your present. There are various kinds of fears that people have, from fear of heights, fear of darkness, fear of public speaking etc. But deep within many people have fear of failure, death, dejection, loneliness, sickness etc.

    People who are spiritually fit they do not let fear overpower their present and they do not surrender themselves to things which are not under their control. Spiritually fit people are child-like where they simply learn how to ignore their mind and live carefree and without fear. For any common human being to keep fear at bay is not an easy task because the mind keeps playing games. We often surrender ourselves and fall prey to unnecessary and toxic thoughts. That’s why, a spiritually fit person who has trained his mind and body is able to live a healthier and fearless life, he is happy and contended.
  2. Spiritually fit people indulge in only positive talks: A spiritually fit person doesn’t involve himself in gossip or small talks. He is not comfortable in speaking ill off others. Spiritually fit people are focussed and follow their own path. They do not waste time in speculating the whereabouts of others. They respect and honour other people’s lives, struggles and decisions. If a spiritual person does not have anything positive to say about someone they simply decide to keep quiet. They consciously stay away from negative conversations or belittling people. Positive talks create a positive environment and thereby spreads positivity.
  3. Spiritually fit people are secured: Low esteem, lack of confidence and emotional stress are not the characteristics of a spiritually fit person. A spiritually healthy person is very secured in his own environment, body and mind. If you meet a person who is spiritually fit you will feel emotionally and physically secured in their presence. Such is an aura and enigma of a spiritually enlightened person.
  4. Spiritually fit people feel cut off from the world: Spiritually fit person feels himself cut off from the whole world but strangely he is very ok with it. Being alone and spending time in silence is a form of meditation for a spiritually healthy person and they enjoy being disconnected from the rest of the world. They are drawn towards nature and they adore the beauty of all natural things. They engage themselves in spiritual activities which require a peaceful and calm environment and thus they avoid distractions like unnecessary crowd and social gatherings. When they do meet people or a large gathering, their sole purpose is to emotionally uplift and spiritually enlighten their guests.
  5. Spiritually fit people are knowledgeable: Life is a journey of continuous learning and acquiring knowledge and a spiritually fit person enjoys the process of learning. For him, gaining the right knowledge is very important else it just becomes information. There is nothing more satisfying than nourishing your mind with healthy thoughts. If your mind is rich then your body automatically feels vibrant and energetic. A healthy and secured mind is devoid of fear, stress and worldly sins. When you meet a spiritually fit person you will be amazed by his vast knowledge and understanding of the world. A spiritually fit person believes in sharing and imparting his learnings to others to help them in their path of self- realization.
  6. Spiritually fit people are loving and kind: Love and kindness are the traits of a spiritually fit person. A loving and kind heart is a reflection of a pure soul. When you meet such a person you are instantly drawn towards the positive energy that they emanate. When you love yourself you have a natural inclination to spread love and positivity. That’s what sets apart a spiritual person from any ordinary man. Spiritual people train their mind and by doing so they are able to overcome sins like selfishness. Their selfish desires turn into selfless desires, and they become more loving and compassionate towards others.
  7. Spiritually fit people feel a sense of purpose: A spiritual life is not something that is achieved in a short period. It is a lifelong process and needs purpose. A spiritual person knows what their purpose is. Purpose gives someone cause to pursue their interest in developing their own self. It also helps in building a better quality of life for themselves and for all the people in their life. Giving and helping others often serves as the catalyst for invoking the purpose in our lives. Purpose also helps in remaining calm and not get agitated when things don’t go our way. This is because having a true belief instils a trust that whatever we are doing is intended towards getting us closer to our true purpose.
  8. Spiritually fit people see beauty in the most mundane things: The environment suddenly appears incredibly beautiful, innocent and perfect for a spiritual person. He sees miraculous beauty in the simplest and mundane things. Sometimes moments like this can bring tears of joy and immense gratitude in a spiritual person. For a common man, he often fails to appreciate the beauty of nature and the miracles happening around him. Because his mind is closed and overburdened with worries. For a spiritual person his mind is only full of knowledge and is free of stress and hence is able to appreciate beauty in ordinary things seen as “nothing special”. When you see a piece of art in a dirty puddle of water you know you have advanced in your journey of spirituality.
  9. Spiritually fit people feel closer to God- Spiritually fit people have an intense desire to know God to understand the Supreme being. They are not merely with religious ideas and beliefs. They seek earnestly to find the hidden truth, the mystery behind life and death, the creations of God and by doing, so they feel a connect with the Supreme power. It’s a moment of immense self- joy and self- realization when a spiritual person is able to connect with God or the divine power.
  10. Spiritually fit people believe that the soul is eternal: A spiritual person is not overburdened with the fear of death. For him soul is eternal and physical death is simply transition to another world. Through years of mediation, discipline, and self-training, a spiritually fit person has attained a higher consciousness where physical death no longer affects him. He is able to concentrate on the real purpose of life. He has a clear understanding of the real purpose of human existence, and he focuses all his energy towards attaining his goal.
  11. Spiritually fit people respect their body and mind: For a spiritual person their body is like a temple. They are very particular of what they drink and eat. They exercise and mediate not for outward beauty but for inner purification and to be strong inside and outside. They follow a strict regime and are extremely disciplined. They know the importance of taking care of both the body and mind. They are also very selective of what they read and watch, whether its radio, TV or social media. Only a person with a fit body and mind can perform his duties with due diligence and with all honesty.
  12.  Spiritually fit people have inner peace: Spiritually fit people experience inner peace not only with themselves but with others as well. They do not have any expectations from life or from other people and therefore they are always contended with what they have. A spiritual person is also not dependant on others or on external things for fulfilling his happiness. Their happiness comes from within, which gives them real happiness and peace. Attaining inner peace is not an easy task, it requires years of self-discipline and self- training to make peace with oneself. The body and the mind have to undergone intensive training to achieve a sense of calmness.
  13. Spiritually fit people express themselves clearly: A spiritually fit person  expresses himself clearly both professionally and personally. He does not fear being judged by others as he is confident about his views and his thoughts. He has achieved this level of knowledge and competence through varied life experiences. So, he does not shy away from expressing himself fully and sharing his knowledge.

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Two: Meditation is an important part of the spiritual life

14. Spiritually fit people meditate: Meditation is the art of being able to focus singularly and control our emotions. But achieving focus through meditation needs practice and lifelong commitment. Meditation allows the spiritually fit to discipline themselves. It allows the person to elevate themselves mentally and physically. We have all heard the phrase “body is a temple”. The mind is an equally important part self-development. But few actually tread on the path to physical and mental fitness. Meditation allows the person to separate the physical from the mental being and concentrate on developing both individually. Breathing exercises and yoga are now very popular among the spiritually fit. Yoga helps in the physical development and flexibility. Breathing exercises help in circulation and in attaining stillness of mind

15. Spiritually fit people do not get perturbed by worldly pursuits: Most people spend most their lives in pursuit of materialistic belongings. These things may provide a temporary sense of happiness but desire is something that doesn’t have an end. A spiritually fit person recognizes the frivolity of materialistic possessions. It is not that they don’t have any desires. They do. But more importantly they do not let the failure to acquire these possessions affect their mental wellbeing. The conscious mind needs to make that distinction and this only comes to the spiritually fit mind. This kind of mental strength comes with a lifelong practice to control our emotions.

16. Spiritually fit people experience a sense of liberation: A spiritual person is not tied to any worldly pleasures, relationships, materialistic gains etc. They have attained universal and emotional freedom. They yearn for experiences that define them as a person and elevates them from all ties of a physical world. A spiritually fit person experiences a sense of liberation and freedom which is a reflection of true happiness.

What happens when you realize you are spiritually fit person? No angels from the sky descend or miracles start happening around you. But you achieve inner peace, freedom, intellect and a deeper understanding of life. You feel free, happy and contended with wherever you are and with whatever you have. When the mind is free of desires and the body is free of wants that’s true liberation. You know you have a higher purpose in life. You are the source of strength and light to many, an inspiration and you lend help and support to those in need.

Hope you have read the signs that show you are a spiritually fit person. you have attained spiritual awakening in life or if you are a spiritually fit person then go ahead and spread positivity. Make a difference in the world through your good work. There are many who need your support in this much confused world.