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People around the world suffer from exhaustion every now and then. It’s almost like an epidemic of exhaustion. Moreover, it has been going on for decades. With the advancement of technologies, employees are now working harder than ever to meet overwhelming demands of consumers (both B2C & B2B).

If you are feeling exhausted and weak frequently, you are not alone. Every fifth person feels tired at all times and unfortunately tiredness is becoming quite common now-a-days. Constant stress, work, lack of sleep and adequate exercise, and all of these affect the state of the mind & soul.

Sometimes simply living can feel overwhelming. The world demands a lot from us and just because we feel tired, it won’t stop. Sleeping at night can help your mind & body recover, but how can you let your soul recover?

Sure, physical exercise & meditation can relieve you of stress for a while, but you should always deal with it afterwards. This can quite affect your soul after a while.

You may be spiritually tired, but how can you know for sure? You should start looking out for signs such as frequently feeling tired right after waking up. To help you determine better, here are 9 signs that can help you know if you are spiritually tired:

1. You Might Be Suffering From Depression, Anxiety Or Other Mental Illnesses.

Our deepest emotions are encased in our soul, so a separation between your body & soul can lead to you suffering from mental issues such as depression or anxiety. Did you know? Fatigue is also a sign of depression. However, not only physical fatigue, but mental & emotional tiredness also indicates you are spiritually tired.

Those with a drained soul are usually afraid to wake up every morning because when the sun comes up, the bills have to be paid too. Many people surely don’t like working at their jobs but a tired soul will dread going to it. You may often suffer from burnout, a common issue in today’s time.

According to the American Psychological Association, many Americans are currently under stress due to a number of reasons. According to APA, the USA is going through a nation-wide mental health crisis, which can have serious social & health consequences in the coming years.

2. Frequently Feeling Lonely & Alienated

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As stated earlier, a tired soul makes you feel lonely even when you are among other people. You will feel disconnected from others and even from yourself because you cannot relate to the superficial subjects most people relate to. Your soul is deeply hurt, and you feel like nobody really understands where your emotions or decision comes from. You are outside looking inward and feeling alone out of your sight.

While others seem busy buying expensive jewelry, the latest phones or gossiping about their friends, you wonder when the world will be a hospitable and welcoming place. Due to all this, you may feel alienated as you see things completely differently from others.

3. Your Body Is Oftentimes Under Pain

Oftentimes, people with emotional problems report having aches and pains throughout their bodies. Additionally, having a tired soul can be accompanied by abdominal pain, joint problems, headaches, back pain, etc. Physical pain can indicate a deeper problem and if you are in pain for some time, notice how you feel emotionally. If you visit a doctor and still don’t find any right answer to your problem, your soul is likely to be exhausted.

4. You Feel Tired Right After Waking Up, Even After A Good Night’s Sleep

Feeling tired when you just wake up can be more than only a night of restlessness & tossing or turning around on your bed. It might indicate that you are mentally not ready to face the day ahead. This can be because of many reasons such as feeling lethargic & depressed, and due to the stress you may inevitably face in the day ahead.

Sleep does not help much when your soul is tired, because sleep unfortunately does not help the soul to recover from the demands of everyday life. Many people with tired souls also find it difficult to fall asleep and sleep through the night because they lie in their bed at night and think too much. This can typically lead to feeling exhausted when waking up.

So, if you find yourself feeling exhausted every morning you wake up, it is a sign your soul is tired.

5. No Activities Interest You Or Make You Happy, Not Even Your Hobbies

If you don’t even find your hobbies fun anymore, maybe your soul needs some attention. If your soul is truly suffering from exhaustion, it will be difficult for you to have fun no matter what you do.

For example, if you liked going to karaoke before but don’t care now, your mind may be busy with other issues that are consuming your energy. Things like bills, the state of the world, your job & relationships, etc might be preoccupying your mind.

It could also be a sign of depression. If you notice it happening to you often, consider getting treated by a licensed professional (therapist) who might be able to help you get back on track.

6. You Feel Disconnected From Life

Feeling like a stranger in your own body and not feeling connected to anyone, including yourself, is a warning sign that your soul is exhausted. Not feeling interested in anything in life and just doing enough to get through it indicates that your soul is tired.

You may find it difficult to start new friendships and relationships or even maintain the old ones. You may also spend most of your time alone, or you may no longer feel connected to others. Are you having a hard time deciding what to say in a conversation because you just do not feel intrigued? Pay close attention to these kinds of feelings. They can be the key to understanding deeper problems your mind & soul are suffering from.

7. Frequently Daydreaming Of Leading A Completely Different Life

When your soul is tired, you have probably woken up to the wrong reality that you live in and no longer want to play a role in it. You might even start daydreaming of running away and leading a simple life in the forest, far away from the stresses of the world. You may also dream of living on a completely different planet, where life seems more calm, peaceful & easy. People with a tired soul often escape their reality through the world they mentally create. Why? Because their dreams make them feel more comfortable than their everyday lives.

However, you can turn this special disadvantage into an advantage. Creative people have always used their imaginations to create amazing works of art, movies with amazing stories, books, etc. You can turn your daydreaming, a pain, into a passion & use it positively to vent out your intense emotions.

8. You Have Built-Up Intense Emotions

If you have built up intense emotions and not don’t know how to express them or vent out, it can indicate you are spiritually tired. Your soul goes through so many emotions, feelings & thoughts throughout the day that they may tangle up in you. This can leave you crying, worrying or being angry for no reason at all.

You may have mixed emotions that may rage simply because you have a keen awareness of the world. You may be fed up with the horrors existing on our planet. This can trigger a wide variety of emotions that are difficult to manage.

If you notice yourself being more emotional lately, try looking inside your soul to find answers. You may need to pay a little extra attention to it. It will surely have the answers you have been looking for.

9. Feeling Like Always Being On Autopilot

You may feel like just doing enough to get through the day. You may even just start counting days until the weekend so you can get away from everything and everyone. If you notice yourself doing these things, your soul requires rejuvenation. Do you find yourself busy throughout the day or just ticking off your tasks so you can finally go to your bed and sleep? If your answer is yes, you are spiritually tired.

No one likes doing work all the time, but at least one or two things should be enjoyed throughout the day. If you don’t, you might want to do some inner research and find out what makes your soul truly happy. Maybe you can start off with meditation and introspection to get some answers.

Soul Exhaustion: Our Final Thoughts

People of any ethnicity, age, gender, etc., can be spiritually tired as, life demands a lot from us, which can be overwhelming. If you notice yourself suffering from 5 or more symptoms on this list quite often, be sure to take the time to nourish your soul.

Remember: your priority should not be the world, it should be your health, happiness & well-being. The former can wait but the latter cannot. Ensure you make time to nourish your soul because the inner piece is real gold and totally worth it.