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The word “spirituality” is used so often that we often forget what it means and how it feels. If you’ve been wondering what it feels like when you become spiritually aligned with your higher self, then this blog is for you.

Becoming spiritually centered is not something that happens overnight, that’s something you should bear in mind. Spirituality takes years, and then it hits you like an epiphany. Some experience it as total oblivion, other experience it as a light shining through the darkness.

Like humans, spirituality can feel different for every person. The signs of becoming spiritually centered remain the same. Usually, you’ll go through years of seeing these signs. Other than that, some may become spiritually aligned in a relatively short time.

Let’s look at the signs so that you can tell where you are on your spiritual journey.

A kind reminder: Read before you read the signs of becoming spiritually centered

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Please bear in mind, progress looks different for everybody. Spirituality is a delicate topic.

You could feel like you are becoming spiritually centered. But after reading the signs, you may feel disheartened if your journey is not processing fast enough.

There’s also a chance that you may feel that you’re close to being spiritually aligned. But the signs tell you a different story.

When you read, please bear in mind that your journey will happen in due time. You can use your knowledge of these signs to understanding your progress. To catch onto your progress with time, even if you’re not quite there yet.

Knowing these signs will help you gauge your progress and comprehend what is coming next in your journey.

A comprehensive list: The common signs of becoming spiritually centered

1 You find yourself becoming inquisitive

You find yourself becoming more intrigued by life. From sciences to creative arts, you find everything excessively interesting.

You may have the urge to learn more about every aspect of life, physics, chemistry, literature, psychology, the list is endless.

This is one of the earliest signs of becoming aligned. When start to find your spiritual center, your mind becomes curious.

You begin to crave knowledge. You want to learn about everything you lay your eyes on. It is not uncommon for people to pick on new hobbies when they begin to become spiritually centered.

2 Become aware of yourself, your patterns, and the world

When we talk about spiritual beings names like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Gautum Buddha, and Nelson Mandela come to mind.

If you take a minute to think, you’ll realize why these names are commonly associated with spirituality. Every one of these great minds was aware of what was wrong in the world we live in. The reason why they could make a difference, the differences we still learn and talk about, was because they were aware.

So, when you begin to notice your behavioral patterns, you’re on the right path. For example, you could ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why do I drink so much?
  • Why do I push people away?
  • Why do I procrastinate?
  • Why do I self-sabotage?

If you begin to do that, remember your self-introspection has begun. Right after self-introspection, you will come face to face with self-awareness.

It is through self-awareness that you begin to understand the complexities of the world. You will begin to see all perspectives of the world. And oftentimes, you’ll find yourself understanding the actions that are deemed as “wrong.”

Always remember, once you start to notice your patterns, and consciously begin to fix them, you’re on the right path.

Because only through understanding yourself, you begin to embrace the unknown. That is what spirituality means.

3 You feel a deep-rooted connection

Spiritually centered beings tend to have an understanding of things. They feel things, like connections.

If you’ve been noticing yourself feeling a sense of connection with animals and living creatures, you’re on the way to becoming spiritually centered.

You could feel that you have heightened awareness of the surrounding creatures. If you notice yourself feeling pain or experiencing a joyful connection with an animal, that’s a sign.

For example, if don’t kill flies or spiders, but trap them. Then let them loose in the wilderness, consider it a sign.

Another example is that you begin to understand that everything in nature is connected. The planet we walk on, the transactions between humans, animals, and plants become evident. You begin to understand what people usually miss.

4 You find inner peace

One of the tell-tale signs of becoming spiritually centered is knowing what inner peace means. The term reflects a sense of calmness, even when things do not work out as you planned them out.

In most cases, when things go wrong, we tend to become disheartened and lose hope. A spiritually centered person will take the loss with a grain of salt.

They will not brood over what is lost. A spiritually centered person will understand when they go through emotionally troubling times. But in the end, won’t let it affect how they view their lives and the actions they take.

It aligns well with “you can’t control life, but you can control your reactions.”

And that is exactly what a spiritually centered being will do. If you see yourself exhibit this, take it as a sign to become centered with your spiritual self.

5 You begin manifesting what you think

The truth is, most of us manifest things from our imagination to reality. But not all of us understand, it was us who brought our thoughts and materialized them into something tangible.

When you are becoming spiritually centered, you will see that you manifest thoughts and even actions from other beings.

A spiritually centered being will have a sense of “knowing.” It is like you can see in the future. You lay your eyes on a person or a thing, and you know what will happen next.

Or you could be thinking of a friend or a person, and they show up. Or they text you. And this will happen the moment you think about it.

For some of those who are still learning to find their way to spirituality, they may see these manifestations with a time gap. For them to see manifestations, it could take a few hours or months.

Provided they have those positive thoughts.

As people, our reality is constantly recourse by our thoughts. So, it is natural for you to manifest negative thoughts in life and bad outcomes. But the moment you see your positive thoughts becoming a reality, take it as a sign.

6 Seeing synchronicity in your life

An unbelievable sign of becoming spiritually centered is that you could see synchronized things in life.

This could be in terms of numbers, places, or similar names. Synchronicities reflect guidance in the spiritual world. In other words, it can be a sign to make a move or take things forward.

It will depend on what repetitions you keep seeing in your life. For example, if you keep seeing New York wherever you go, have friends bring it up, you could stand to gain something from a visit to the city.

Similarly, if you see numbers, such as 11:11, 12:12, 555, etc. it could be another sign. These numbers, dubbed as angel numbers, hold keys to your future actions. Sometimes these numbers also tell you when to fix your attitude towards a situation.

But there’s a catch. If you see repetitions in life, and you do nothing about it, it is not considered a sign.

On the other hand, if you see repetitions, and make deliberate efforts to understand them. And then to move towards it, you will see a change, an opportunity even.

Becoming spiritually centered: The takeaway

When it comes to spirituality, the presence of the mind can’t be emphasized enough. You see, everyone you meet is on a unique journey. And so are you.

It is for that reason alone, you need to be mindful of your progress and not compare it to anyone else’s journey.

It is easy to see other spiritual beings, and become disheartened. While most of us are concerned about what others are doing, we forget the instrumental element of spirituality, patience.

The need to become spiritual or aligned will not bear results for you. It will have the opposite effect. It will cloud your mind and your intuition.

Be patient with yourself. Trust the process. Take one step at a time.

Before you reach spiritual heights be prepared for your life to turn upside down. You may see things go south, you may lose connections with people you were close with, and other unexpected things.

It is during those times you need to trust yourself. Spiritual growth and spiritual centeredness come with experience. It comes with many hardships.

Before things start making sense to you, you will have a breaking point. You may feel that everything is crashing around you. And if you’re reaching your spiritual zenith, you will see your life turn up quickly. That will be your last sign.

Once you go through this, you will know you’re spiritually centered.