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Have you every wondered, what does rain mean spiritually? Does it have any significance? Across history, people have attributed different meanings to rain. An awe of nature, rain can represent a lot of different things. From spiritual cleansing to the need to release negative energies, rain has powerful spiritual meanings.

Many people also start to feel physical changes when it rains. This can come in the form of a tingling sensation in the hands, or the back of the neck. Aches and pains in the body also affect some people when it rains. If this happens to you, then this means that your angels are trying to get your attention.

Angels try to communicate with people in many different ways. Nature is one of their favorite mediums to communicate through. Depending on your circumstances, and how you feel about the rain, it can symbolize many different things.

Rain and Spirituality

What does rain mean spiritually? Water has always been associated with cleansing and purification. Rain water, is a pure form of water that helps nourish the soil, and helps plants thrive. In this way, rain can also nourish your soul.

If you find that you’ve been thinking about rain, and it suddenly rained without warning, then that’s a sign. The Universe wants you to know that your angels are trying to get your attention. By understanding the cues and messages and your angels are trying to send you through the rain, you can allow blessings to enter your life. There are several things that answer the question, ‘what does rain mean spiritually’. These include:

1. The Need For a Spiritual Cleansing

The most common association between rain and spirituality has to do with cleansing. Even if you’re a spiritual practitioner, the soul still needs to be cleansed from time to time. This can be done simply by stepping under the rain and letting it wash over you.

Alternatively, many people also perform rituals when it rains. The rain helps them to connect to themselves better, and through their rituals, they’re able to purify themselves. Burning sage or incense when it rains can also help you cleanse your home.

In the same way that the rain cleanses the Earth from time to time, your soul too needs to be cleansed. You can try simply meditating in a quiet room to the sound of the rain. Any messages you get during this time should be paid attention to. This is as your angels could be trying to communicate with you.

2. Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

The rain acts as a good medium through which it becomes easier to connect with the spirit world. Whether you want to talk to your spirit guides, or send your prayers to the divine, doing so when it rains could make things easier.

Water is already known for being a strong medium through which many people can channel better. When it rains, your very surroundings are more conducive for connecting with your spirit guides.

During these times, your spirit guides may also make more of an effort to connect with you. Pay careful attention to any signs or symbols that come your way, it could be a message from your guides!

3. Need to Dispel Negative Energy

If you’ve ever wondered what does rain mean spiritually, then the answer is that it can have negative connotations too. Do you start to feel sore, and experience body aches and pains when it rains? Then you should consider bringing more positive energy into your life.

The heavy energy you’ve been experiencing could be coming from your own negative thoughts, but it could also be coming from your environment. Either way, you should consider protecting yourself. Consider using grounding techniques to make yourself feel more present in the moment. This can help you understand where the negative energies are coming from.

Sage and frankincense are also known for having positive effects when it comes to cleansing the atmosphere.

4. Overcoming Obstacles

Rain can also spiritually symbolize that obstacles may soon enter your life, and that your angels are trying to warn you against them. Your angels want you to know that you’re capable of overcoming any obstacle that life throws your way.

They want you to remember that they’ll be helping you on your path, that you will be supported in your ambitions. That is why the angels want you to keep pursuing your path. You will be met with success at the end of your journey, and that is why you shouldn’t give up.

5. Fertility and Abundance

Rain can also spiritually symbolize fertility. In the same way that the rain nourishes the earth and causes plants to grow, so too can rain symbolize fertility in your life.

While often this can literally mean that a pregnancy is about to be announced in your life, this can also talk about creativity. Perhaps you have an idea for a book that you’ve been putting away, or maybe you want to share your spiritual ideas with others. Whatever your passion might be, your spirit guides are giving you the go-ahead to pursue your dreams. They want you to know that you will be successful in fulfilling your ambitions, and that any project you start now will bring abundance into your life.

Your abundance could also come in the form of new additions to the family, such as a pet, a child, or through a marriage.

6. Change and Transformation

Do you wonder, what does rain mean spiritually? Rain can represent change and transformation, or the renewal of something in your life. The rain has a profound effect on the environment, helping it to sustain and grow.

But through this growth also comes change. Your spirit guides want you to know that you may be experiencing some profound changes in your life, but that there is nothing to be afraid of. If you choose to go with the flow instead of fighting the upcoming changes, then this will bring prosperity into your life.

7. A Spiritual Awakening

You may have recently gone through, or be on the verge of going through a spiritual awakening. Rain has the ability to increase your spiritual powers. If you find it suddenly raining, then this can signal that a profound spiritual experience will happen soon.

This is nothing to worry about. A spiritual awakening can open doors to catharsis as well as healing. It can also help you improve your spiritual powers, and become stronger within yourself in the process.

8. Listening to Your Intuition

If it’s raining, then that makes it the perfect time to ground yourself. Rain can increase your psychic senses, and help you connect with your intuition better. Try focusing on yourself when it rains, whether through meditation, or even journaling.

The ideas that come to you during this time should be of great importance. Things about yourself that you’ve kept hidden can also start to surface. When it’s raining, it’s also great time to do shadow work and try to invite more positive energies into your life.

9. Calmness and Tranquility

Rain can also symbolize the need to take a break and just relax. If you’ve been working too hard, then your angels want to congratulate you. They want to applaud you for all the work you’ve done, and they want you to take a break. This is so you don’t burn out.

Consider practicing meditation, doing yoga, or calming breathing exercises when it rains. This can also help you to connect with yourself spiritually, and find messages from your spirit guides and the angels.

10. Spiritual Progress and Growth

If you’ve been working on your spiritual progress, then the rain could be an excellent sign for you. The rain can be a signal from your angels saying that you’re on the verge of attaining great spiritual growth.

They’re asking you to stop to smell the roses, and to gauge what you’ve already achieved. The rain can increase your spiritual powers as well. So if you wanted to ask your guides for help, or for answers, then consider doing it when it rains.

What does rain mean spiritually? The rain represents everything from calmness to the oncoming storm, depending on your situation. Try to understand the rain in the context of how you’re feeling at the moment. A tingling sensation is a great way to know that your angels want to communicate with you. Meanwhile, feeling tired and lethargic could indicate that you need a spiritual cleansing.

Conclusion: What Does Rain Mean Spiritually?

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If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what does rain mean spiritually’, then these were your answers. The rain is strongly associated with spirituality. If you’re trying to increase your spiritual powers, then consider performing spiritual practices when it rains.

Meditation as well as grounding techniques, when it rains, can help you to connect to yourself, as well as your spirit guides better. By using the rain as a medium, you can prove your spiritual progress.