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Angel numbers are everywhere, you just have to look. Sometimes, we notice a number appear almost coincidentally at the most unexpected of places. Most of the time we ignore it. But when they continue to appear, almost persistently, it is only natural that we become keenly aware of their presence.

If you’ve experienced something similar, where it seems like the number is following you, it might be of greater consequence than a mere coincidence. This phenomenon is popularly known as the ‘angel number’ where certain numbers tend to appear at random places and seep into a person’s conscience. These numbers hold spiritual or biblical importance and are thought to be some signs from the universe and angels. It might be about a problem you’re facing in your life, struggling with important decisions or simply a thumbs up to keep doing what you are. The trick lies in identifying those signs and decoding the message behind them.

One such sign is the angel number 56. If you’ve become aware of its presence because you’re seeing it everywhere, you’re probably wondering, “what does 56 mean spiritually?” Here’s what the universe is trying to tell you.

Angel Numbers in Spirituality

Before trying to decipher a piece of information from the angels, you first have to receive the message with optimism. Don’t think about whether the sign is positive or negative, first make sure that you welcome it and thank the universe for the answer it has bestowed upon you. Once you do so, you will look at the number that has showed up in your life in a whole new light.

The first step towards spirituality is accepting supernatural signs and messages with open arms. If a message tells you that good things are coming your way, it is an indication that you have to stay on your path. However, when the message comes as a warning, we tend to get disheartened and don’t accept it the way we’re supposed to. Just like when we’re receiving the spiritual thumbs up to continue what we’ve been doing, the thumbs down is also a positive message. It tells us to stop, take a break, weigh our options and try walking along a new path.

Everything spiritual depends on how we perceive it. When we perceive their signs positively, with vigor and appreciation, the results are powerful.

The Number 56

Angel number 56 is a special message to the one seeing it. So what does 56 mean spiritually? When you notice 56 becoming more prominent in your daily life, it is a sign of fulfillment from your guardian angels. It is a very promising symbol as it tells you that the life you’ve been living is fulfilling. You’re being taken care of by those cosmic beings and your guardian angels will continue to cater to your daily needs.

56 also has a lot to say about your personal and professional relationships, love and family matters. Try to identify the relationship in your life that is suffering from conflict or a relation where you feel a strong connection. The intensity of your feeling about this relation will help you decode the message presented. In most circumstances, 56 tells a person to either take a step back or step towards a relation.

The number 56 is a result of the union of two numbers- 5 and 6. To clearly understand its meaning, we will break down and scrutinize the number at its most basic.

56 in Numerology

To understand 56, we will look at 5 and 6 separately, and then at their combination.

The Number 5

Oozing with confidence, the number 5 symbolizes everything positive with a loud and self-assured nature. It taps into your ability to be resourceful, quickly adapting to changes and dealing with tough situations with a smile on your face. It also gives you the spirit to do better, to make important life choices and to usher in new opportunities. If you see an angel number with five in it, understand that the universe is telling you to get ready for some major changes.

The Number 6

Unlike 5, which is pretty out there, 6 is the soft and calm angel number. It symbolizes protection, love and nurturing. The vibrations of 6, resonate deeply in the feeling aspect of one’s life. It also acts as a sort of emotional shield, telling you to seek comfort and warmth in your loved ones in situations where you have trouble finding it in yourself. 6 is the symbol of faith, gratitude and familial reliability.

5 and 6 Combined

56 combines the hard and soft of the angel numbers. A duality that allows one to delve outside their comfort zones, take risks and be protected at the same time. 5 is the confidence to take risks and 6 is the mellowing effect of emotional support so you don’t lose your way. When you notice 56, know that the angels believe in your ability to make decisions and remain grounded at the same time. It is basically a sign to go ahead with your plans if you’re ever second-guessing yourself.

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56 as a spiritual whole can be considered to be the small voice at the back of your mind that wanted to do something but was too scared to do it. Once you see the number, the small voice, which was barely a whisper, will become louder and louder. You will feel an irrepressible urge to do what you want and you will realize you already have all the support you need to take on the challenge. The luck factor of 6 will also ensure that the risk you’re taking has a high probability of bearing fruit. On the other hand, the opportunistic and intelligent 5 will keep you from making irresponsible choices. 56 symbolizes utter fulfillment- both in the familial and the financial aspects of your life.

56 and Love

When it comes to the romantic kind of love, 56 comes bearing good news. It might be an old flame that recently made its way back into your life or an unrequited feeling that you were unsure how to deal with. If you suffered some heartache in the past, 56 is a message that says, “maybe it’s time to move forward, the risk might be worth it this time around.” Don’t shy away from taking the plunge.

If you’re facing some problems in your existing relation, 56 tells you to remain patient. If you love the person, such difficulties are temporary and your relationship depends on you braving those situations.

In a nutshell, 56 says love is about hope and faith. Even if things appear grim at the moment, they’re usually better than what we perceive them to be. The key here lies in hoping that love is on its way to you and having faith for when it comes, it is here to stay.

Hidden Meaning of 56

The most important meaning of 56 usually goes unnoticed. When you see their angel number recurring, it is an indication that the universe is officially on your side. That no matter what you do, you’re bound to be happy and your life will be overseen by your guardian angels. It also shows that your life is finally in resonance with the cosmic plans. You can either take charge or simply go with the flow. Whatever decision you make, your life will lead you to exactly where you’re supposed to be.

The many opportunities and relationships you strengthen during this period, make sure that you convey your genuine gratefulness towards the universe for the same.

How to Decipher What 56 Means For You

The first thing to know when you see 56 is that you’re already on the right path and have your angel’s attention. It is also the time to act on any pending decision that you’ve been deliberating for a while. If you’re on a personal journey, the universe will walk alongside you.

If you wanted to work towards a particular goal but were unsure about whether it will reap good results, go ahead with it. The angels are telling you that your hard work will be rewarded.

It is a great time to build relationships of all natures. You will be more open to making new connections and meeting people who will add value to your life.

56 means that you can keep doing your thing but also tells you to stay open and vigilant towards new opportunities.

If your current life revolves around any or all of these aspects, you might want to take a moment to breathe and welcome the good things with open arms.


Like any other angel number, 56 works its magic when you let it. To let it take its course, your mind should be clear of negative thoughts and feelings. The next time you ask yourself, “what does 56 mean spiritually?”, don’t be cynical and focus on what you want your angel number to help you achieve.