What does it mean to have a good spirit?

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We’ve all encountered this usage at least once: “Be a good spirit”. But have you ever thought about what it takes? It really does not take many complicated virtues. But, a nice spirit is someone who practices a set of basic human values. In essence, a kind, helpful, and positive person usually has a good spirit. Let’s check out what does it mean to have a good spirit.

1. Kindness

Kindness is one of the major virtues exclusive to humans. We can relate to other people easily, unlike other members of the animal kingdom. And we can act with kindness.

Every act of genuine help is a display of kindness. Kindness makes you feel useful, confident, and in control. Besides, you may be one act of kindness away from making a great positive change in someone’s life.

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Without kindness, we are just beasts walking around. There would be no difference between monsters and humans if there was no kindness in us.

Each act of kindness changes the way we see ourselves as well as others. When we act kind to others, it helps our confidence and makes us feel useful. This helps us to grow into a more grateful and optimistic person. So, kindness is one of the first answers when someone asks what does it mean to have a good spirit. Kindness is always right, regardless of the situation. Stay kind, stay good.

2. All-embracing mindset

Brotherhood is another key virtue that makes human beings a level higher than other animals when it comes to existence. it means the ability to accept others without judging. It is about seeing all humans as humans and not under a certain narrow definition. In other words, it is the feeling of belongingness to something larger than ourselves.

Brotherhood encourages kindness and makes everyone nicer to each other. The all-embracing mindset will make us all better humans through our acts. We help one another and support one another with this spirit. By doing this, human beings can evolve to become better every day. And this is a defining factor when it comes to what it means to have a good spirit.

To see all fellow beings under one umbrella, to act without prejudices, and to be lively in all acts is something every human should strive to be. This encourages optimism, and your willingness to help, also important virtues that a good spirit should have.

3. Benevolence

Being kind and nice to others naturally makes you more giving. In other words, the right spirit makes you a person who prioritizes giving. Giving means helping. And there is no greater act than extending your hand to pick another person up. This spirit has defined humans from ancient times. It is also responsible for our level of evolution and development.

Benevolence also mean sharing with another, what is valuable to you. This could be anything from basics like food and clothing to finances. What matters is the act itself and not what is being exchanged.

If you give, you naturally feel good about yourself. This helps boost your morale and optimism. Meanwhile, the receiving person definitely benefits from what is being given. Apart from that, it makes them feel grateful, that they received something valuable when needed. This makes them feel responsible too. SO when the chance comes to help someone, they will not think twice. This chain of sharing and helping goes on. And this also defines the goodness of spirit.

4. Optimism

Optimism is without a doubt, an important virtue when it comes to the goodness of spirit. Optimism is defined as the quality to think that the best will happen, regardless of the situation. It is the ability to stay hopeful or to see the positive aspects of a situation.

Optimism opens up a bunch of possibilities in life. For one, it always makes us see the aspects that are worth pursuing. Difficulties are unavoidable in life. Whether we succeed or not depends on our approach towards a situation. It is clear from human experience that having an optimistic outlook can be the difference between winning and losing. At the end of the day, positive thinking may not directly result in victories, but makes you see that failure is a step to success.

Optimism keeps you away from negative energies and influences and that is essential for a good spirit. Being optimistic is what it means to have a good spirit.

5. Self-discipline

A good spirit is also practical. They consider situations with an unbiased eye. This approach results in beautiful deeds. This mindset does not come to a person in one day. It takes practice, to become better than what you were yesterday. And what results is self-discipline. It is the power to stay rational in all situations and the determination to do the right thing regardless of the situation.

Being a good spirit means doing good things. And this comes from a certain mindset that can choose goodness whatever the situation is. Being a helpful person, doing something for nature, and preserving resources for future generations are all good deeds. But they come from a disciplined mindset, one that requires determination to be good.


At the end of the day, a good spirit is the spirit of happiness. Humans and all beings seek happiness. And if you can bring that spirit to daily life, there is nothing more beautiful. It is a mindset and a choice. To see light at the end of the tunnel and to stay happy is a result of optimism, self-discipline, and kindness. If you can spread smiles and be happy at the same time, there is nothing more a spirit can desire.

Try to bring the above virtues to your life too. it may not be possible in one day. But you can become a good spirit in this lifetime. Be a good spirit. Spread happiness and positivity wherever you go. This is what it means to have a good spirit.