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Gold is something most people are familiar with. It represents luxury, wealth and abundance. But does it have any spiritual meaning behind it? Turns out that the color gold has a lot of spiritual significance, and can indicate success and positivity in a person’s life.

If you’ve been wondering what does gold mean spiritually, then you’ve come to the right place. Gold can mean different things depending on the context it’s taken in. The metal gold has a different meaning from the color gold. However, although these meanings may be slightly different, depending on the medium through which you’re interacting with gold. Yet they all have similar meanings at the end of the day.

No matter what the medium, whether you be wondering about the meaning of a gold aura, or the chakra associated with the color gold, gold signifies abundance.

The Spiritual Meaning of Gold

What does gold mean spiritually? Gold is a color that is associated with brightness, success, optimism, and most importantly, wealth. Now as far as the color gold is concerned, this wealth can be material wealth of wealth of information. However, abundance is always on the cards whenever gold makes an appearance.

Spiritually, gold is also associated with victory and truimph. A warm color, the color gold is seen as inviting and welcoming. It also denotes wisdom, as well as enlightenment. While most of the attributes spiritually associated with gold tend to be positive, there are a few negative traits as well.

Narcissism, or refusing to share and be generous, jealousy, and even a fear of success have also been associated with the color gold.

Gold and Spirituality

The color gold has been linked to spirituality since ancient times. In Egypt, or Kemet, as it was known in Ancient Africa, gold was associated with the royalty. Only people who were specially qualified were even allowed to go near gold.

The ancient Egyptians also believed that golf had protective abilities. They thought that gold could protect the spirits of those who had died. That’s why, from royalty to nobles, many of them kept vast quantities of gold in their tombs once they died.

Of course gold has different meanings spiritually, for different religions. In Christianity, gold is also used to.signify wealth, yet God’s love is shown to be more than the value of all the gold in the world. Ultimately, gold cannot truimph divine benevolence and love. This holds true for nearly all religions that use gold.

Gold is everywhere seen as a sign of wealth, even in spirituality. It’s bright yellow hue is associated with positivity, success, generosity, and truimph. Gold is used in spirituality not just as a metal, but also as a measure os spiritual strength. Associated with the crown chakra, the color gold showcases great spiritual strength in a person.

Gold and the Chakras

The color gold is associated with the crown chakra. This is also known as the third eye, and is located right above bridge of the nose, at the center of the temple. A strong crown chakra can enable a person to possess great spiritual strength. And it’s only through regular spiritual practices that a person can activate their crown chakra.

An activated crown chakra can bring great benefits to a person’s life. It can make you more intuitive, help you to work together with the Universe to manifest the life you desire. And a crown chakra that is brilliantly gold is one that is considered pure and healthy. To reach this level however, you’ll first have to deal with various spiritual practice, such as grounding and meditation.

Once you’ve activated your crown chakra, you’ll find that your spiritual intuition is working much better. When working well, this crown chakra should glow a brilliant gold in color. The crown chakra is usually visualized as a brilliant gold ball of light, that’s constantly spinning.

This is one of the most important chakras in the body. The reason behind that is because it connects people with the divine. So if you wanted to invite divine abundance and blessings into your life, then a healthy gold crown chakra can help you get there.

The Meaning of the Color Gold

The color gold has slightly different meanings when it comes to spirituality. It shows purity, enlightenment, and happiness. Gold had always been associated with wealth and positivity. The color gold, shining and yellow, carries the same meaning.

If you’re wondering what does gold mean spiritually as far as the color is concerned, then its associated with blessings. Offering gold during a ritual, in certain religions, can help you get blessings from the Gods. This can be seen both in certain ancient Egyptian, as well as Hindu practices.

Spiritually, then, gold is seen as something that can be exchanged for value, even in the spiritual world. Due to the similar meanings gold carries both materially and spiritually, the color gold is also associated with wealth. But more importantly, its associated with success.

This is the reason why in sports or artistic competitions, gold is the color usually used to signify the winner. The color gold absolutely indicates coming in first place. In a spiritual sense, it’s associated with wisdom and knowledge.

A gold aura in a person, for example, would show that the person has gained a lot of knowledge, and that they have become enlightened.

What Does Gold Mean Spiritually in Dreams?

What does it mean when you see gold in your dreams? Does it carry any specific meaning, and is the spirit world trying to send you a message?

Gold has strong connotations with the spirit world. That is why you could see it in your dreams, if you practice spirituality in your life. Should that happen, does that mean that the spirit world is trying to send you a sign? Is the Universe trying to tell you something?

Seeing gold in your dreams is usually a sign that wealth and abundance are about to enter your life. But this could also change depending on the context of your dream:

  • If you see yourself finding gold, or earning gold, then this could be a sign that material blessings are about to enter your life.
  • If you see yourself giving gold away, then this could be a sign that you may have to part with some amount of your wealth in the future.
  • If you see yourself winning a gold medal, or a trophy, then this could indicate that you should keep heading in the direction you’re in. You will find success down that road.

The meaning behind what gold symbolizes in your dream, could also change depending on the religion you follow. In Islamic traditions, for example, it’s believed that if you see yourself wearing gold, then you truimph over your enemy.

Seeing gold in your dreams could also indicate that other kinds of blessings are about to enter your life, such as spiritual blessings. Your crown chakra might be getting activated, or you may be about to find out important clues regarding your future.

The Metal Gold and It’s Meaning

The metal gold has always been associated with wealth. Even kings and queens from civilizations across the world valued gold, and traded with it. Gold was associated with royalty, with wealth, and with success. This tradition, largely continues even today.

Gold is still seen as a valuable metal, and buying and investing in gold is still done today.

The Spiritual Benefits Associates With Gold

Wearing gold, or bringing in gold into your life can help you prosper in various ways. Aside from being a general indicator of good luck and fortune, wearing gold can also act as a protective tool.

If you want to protect yourself spiritually, while increasing your spiritual powers passively, then a gold ring can be ideal. Gold, whether in its material or spiritual form, indicates:

  • Success and truimph
  • Winning by coming first
  • Wealth and luxury
  • Royalty
  • Achievement
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Inner peace

Gold can also be indicative of certain negative attributes, such as being a miser and refusing to share. Fear of success and wealth is also one of the negative connotations associated with gold.

What does gold mean spiritually also extends to wisdom and spiritual success. A gold aura showcases great spiritual enlightenment, and can only be accessed after great knowledge is acquired.


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Gold is also associated with the element of Spirit, as well as the planetary body, the Sun. If you want to invite gold into your life, then you can consider working with clear quartz or selenite crystals.

What does gold mean spiritually extends to not just success and victory, but also inner peace and tranquility. Gold is representative of riches, whether that be material or spiritual. A person who has an abundance of gold is one who exhibits traits of compassion, generosity and warmth.

At the same time, gold can also be associated with certain negative qualities as well, such as being a stooge. However, gold is mostly seen as a positive and powerful color and metal, when it comes to spirituality.