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There are different ways to awaken your inner spiritual sense and enable it to guide you through life in a more conscious way. Some of these spiritual ways can only be felt or sensed while some can be witnessed physically. Flickering lights are one such physical forms of experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Flickering lights have been a staple of horror movies, mostly preparing audiences to believe the imminent arrival of a scary spirit bent on revenge. But flickering lights can also mean a path to spiritual consciousness. With the right insights, you can understand the real reason behind flickering lights and adopt a spiritual method for understanding or healing.

So, what does flickering lights mean spiritually? Read on for some fascinating insights:

The Spirit of a Loved One is Nearby

One of the most common reasons for flickering lights is the presence of a loved one that has passed over, in the vicinity. A spirit is a form of energy. So, any form of energy gets impacted when there is another form of energy in its proximity.

Spirits can manipulate electrical energy as a means to convey a message. This means electrical devices such as televisions, computers and lights, can all be impacted by spirits.

So, how do you know if a flickering light is a spirit calling out to you or just an old bulb giving up on you?

Flickering lights could be a normal occurrence, true.

But if you are thinking about your beloved grandfather whom you lost physically, and lights flicker, then it may not be a coincidence or a bad bulb. It could be your grandfather’s spirit telling you that he misses you too and that he is nearby.

You can refine your intuition to identify such spiritual messages and feel the presence of loved ones deeply. Spiritual guidance and healing can help you awaken your spiritual sense, or refine and nurture your existing spiritual consciousness.

A Spirit Wants to Get in Touch with You

What does flickering lights mean spiritually? The answer could be in your dreams.

If you are witnessing flickering lights in your dreams, then it could be a sign that a spirit is trying to make contact with you. Dreams often serve as a gateway for elements outside your physical consciousness. So, if a spirit wants to contact you, then dreams are one of the best channels to use.

Dreams are also one of the easiest ways for spirits to make their presence known to you. This is because you would not try to suppress such communications in dreams as you may when you are awake. The conscious mind is at its weakest while you are in sleep while the sub-conscious is at its peak. This difference makes it possible for spirits to contact you in several ways.

A dream of flickering lights could therefore be a communication from a spirit.

A Spirit is Trying to Get your Attention

Any form of electrical interference, be it lights flickering without any physical contact, or a device working on its known without your intervention, can be a spirit calling out to you.

Perhaps, you may have mistaken such disturbances for normal occurrences, or you may not even have noticed the strangeness of the coincidence of such occurrences.

Spirits can make use of every opportunity and channel available to them to make their presence known to you, if they really want you to know. Flickering lights and electrical interferences are some such mechanisms. The spirit could be trying to draw your attention with such energy communications.

May Indicate an Impending Danger in your Life


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What do flickering lights mean spiritually? Sometimes the simplest answer could be the one you may have been thinking – danger.

Yes, spirits of loved ones are endowed with the ability to warn you of an impending danger.

Flickering lights are their way of expressing their love and the need to protect you. They may be warning you to be more watchful over the next days to overcome the danger.

While the very thought of flickering lights being a signal from the spirits could be creepy, it would help to widen your spiritual senses and embrace such experiences with an open mind. The depth of emotions you get to experience with awakened spiritual senses is beyond bliss.

An awakened spiritual sense is also a way to be in touch with your loved ones after they leave the physical world. Spiritual awareness enables you to let go of the feeling of emptiness that you may feel due to the absence of your loved ones in your life.

Indicates your Elevated Spiritual Alertness

If you have been spiritually inclined of late and have been searching for an answer for what does flickering lights mean spiritually, then a possible answer could be your elevated spiritual sense.

Perhaps, your intuitive senses have become sharper than before and you are becoming aware of some repeated occurrences in your surroundings. You may know that these occurrences are not quite normal but you may be missing their spiritual significance.

Intuition when combined with spiritual power can empower you with abilities essential to explore

opportunities, discover success and heighten your inner peace. This means you need to be able to understand the spiritual meaning of your intuitive grasping of your surroundings.

If you are seeing flickering lights repeatedly and your intuition is telling you that these occurrences are beyond normal, then this could be true. These flickering lights could be indicative of significant spiritual developments in your life.

One, your intuition has become more responsive to tangible and intangible elements in your surroundings. Two, a spirit is conveying its presence to you aloud.

You may be Receiving a Communication from a Spirit Guide

A spirit guide is basically an energy being that can help you overcome an overwhelming point in your life, or help you sail through life with more determination. Spirit guides can be angels, spirit animals or even your ancestors.

Spiritual moments such as flickering lights that cannot be brushed off as convenient coincidences or electrical problems, could be signs from your spirit guides. These spirit guides can help you choose the right path with their wisdom.

Spiritual practices such as maintaining a dream journal and paying attention to seemingly coincidental occurrences such as repeated light flickering, can help you understand spirit guides better.

Your Aura is Becoming Powerful

What does flickering lights mean spiritually? YOU could be the reason.

Or more precisely, your aura.

Auras are energy fields that surround every living being including humans. Most of the times, these auras go undetected. People with low intuition levels or negligible spiritual awakening, cannot recognize, let alone see, auras surrounding other people.

Aura can be of different colors. A white aura represents the highest energy field that can surround a human. The positive strength of white auras can make them clash with energy elements of the physical world.

Your aura could be the reason for the repeated flickering of lights. This could be because of any of the following reasons:

· Your aura has reached high energy levels and is waiting to explode. If there has been a sudden increase in the energy levels of your aura, then this too can cause energy clash.

· The positive energy from your aura is interacting with the negative energy in the lights. Negative energy has a tendency to attach itself to almost any object or person. Perhaps, your aura is attracting the negative energy.

You can tame such unstable auras with expert guidance from a reliable spiritual teacher.

So, what does flickering lights mean spiritually? More than that meets the eye, of course.

A flickering light is a basic mechanism of spiritual communications. Flickering lights are also complex to understand especially if you are a spiritual non-believer. A range of factors need to be considered to arrive at the right conclusion that explains such occurrences.

Were you thinking anything specific or were you involved in some action when the lights flickered? Was it a spirit guide trying to help you or was it your aura own that has gone out-of-control?

Depending on these factors, the spiritual communication needs to be interpreted. This is where the services of a spiritual expert or healer become invaluable. Spiritual teachers can help you raise your spiritual awareness while helping you understand the factual meaning of the message being communicated by flickering lights.