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It is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. Clichéd? Maybe. But nothing rings truer than this. The eyes can tell us a lot about a person. They open a world of information about people and their personalities. A powerful mode of non-verbal expression, symbolism, and meaning, the eyes can often communicate people’s thoughts, feelings, and spirit better than words.

Our world is home to a wonderful variety of individuals blessed with diverse personal and physical characteristics. Eye color is a distinguishing and unique feature of people that is often noticed first when we meet people. But as much as eye color is determined by biology and genetics, have you ever wondered what does eye color mean spiritually? What does a person’s unique eye color mean spiritually?

The different colors of the eye have spiritually symbolic meanings. Although determined at birth by genetics, the color of a person’s eyes can be an indicator of the person’s unique traits and personal characteristics.

The eyes speak truth to what people feel, think and dwell upon. They reveal our inner spirit and desires as well as our joys and pain. They communicate without words and reveal our innermost selves to the world.

While we may not have the power to choose our eye color, the color we are blessed with can tell us a lot about ourselves. Each eye color has a specific spiritual and symbolic meaning. So what does eye color mean spiritually?

Eye Colors and their Spiritual Meaning

What does eye color mean spiritually for our personalities and inner selves? Our eye colors are a genetic inheritance. While they are determined biologically, they may have an influence on our personal characteristics and traits. Personalities are not determined by eye color. But they may certainly shape them by how eye colors are perceived in the world. Different eye colors hold different spiritual meanings.

Black/ Dark Brown Eyes:

What does black eye color mean spiritually? Dark brown or black eyes are indicative of people who are trustworthy, wise, loyal, and secretive. This is one of the most common eye colors in the world. A wide variety of people have dark brown or black eye colors and hence this color covers a wide range of personality characteristics.

People with dark brown or black eyes are said to possess intellect and wisdom. They have been through a wide range of experiences and events, having experienced both joys and sorrows, highs and lows, and victories and losses over the years. It is said that their souls are timeless, having been reborn countless times over and over again in the world. This has made them wise and practical. They understand how the world works and know that despite the challenges and upheavals of life, there is a perfect balance in the universe.

The experienced soul with dark brown or black eyes has a kind, nurturing, and gentle spirit. Such people do not like to reveal much about themselves, preferring instead to be understood over time. This is what lends them a sense of mystery about their character. They are dependable and responsible individuals who form trusting and loyal bonds with friends and family. They are open, caring, optimistic, and ever-ready to help friends in times of need.

Brown Eyes:

Brown is another common eye color. It is the color of mother earth. People with brown eyes are believed to be strong, steadfast, and independent. They are confident individuals who possess a strong sense of self and self-worth. They are rooted in their original selves, their homes, and their experiences.

People with brown eyes are affectionate and loyal in their relationships, especially to the people and places that have helped them become who they are. They are open to new experiences and meeting new people. They are caring, comforting and seek to protect and nurture their families and friends.

Brown eyes are also indicative of confident, persevering, and determined spirits. People with brown eyes know what they want and are steadfast in their convictions. They are not easily led astray by temptations and fantasies. They are grounded in a strong sense of reality and do not have unrealistic or inflated expectations of people or the world.

Individuals with brown eyes are old strong souls and also share a close bond with nature.

Green Eyes:

The color of nature, green eyes possess a sense of mystery and ambiguity to them. Although commonly associated with envy and jealousy, this may not actually be the whole truth! What does green eye color mean spiritually?

People with green eyes are quite outgoing, extroverted, and passionate. They live life to the full and possess a deep sense of creativity, compassion, and healing. They have a strong desire to live life to its fullest potential. They are kind, cheerful, and compassionate in their relationships with people. They possess an acute sense of creativity and curiosity about the world and nature.

People blessed with green eyes also display a good sense of self-awareness. They are not clouded by the hustle of everyday life, choosing instead to focus on what is important to them. They are drawn to care and nurture people and display a warm and kind soul that is brimming with love and concern for others. Their souls are pure and clean, although sometimes, jealousy and envy may get the better of them.

Blue Eyes:

One of the most desirable and attractive eye colors, blue is connected to a sense of calm and peacefulness. Think about the sky or the deep blue sea when you think of blue eyes. People with blue eyes are associated with attractiveness and youthfulness.

People with blue eyes are thought of as cheerful, kind, smart, and perceptive. They are capable of having deep and long-lasting relationships.

Blue eyes are also associated with a strong sense of insight and observation. People with blue eyes are considered to be old souls. They have experienced and seen much. They understand the mysteries of the universe and how the world works, having gained much insight and knowledge along the way. This understanding of the potential and limits of the universe drives them to seek calm and tranquility in a busy world.

Grey Eyes:

Grey eyes are associated with sensitivity and rationality in thought. People with grey eyes are believed to be calm, peaceful, and wise beyond their years. They do not fret over problems and challenges easily, preferring instead to take the time to think through situations rationally and find peaceful solutions.

They possess good analytical skills, clear thought processes, and flexibility in spirit and action. They are gentle and tend to avoid aggression and conflict. They exercise restraint in thoughts and deeds. They foresee and plan ahead and think through situations carefully before offering solutions.

Their inner workings and thought give them a strong sense of self and understanding of diverse situations.

Hazel Eyes:

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As a combination of green, brown, and grey, hazel eyes represent a mix of the best qualities of green and brown eyes. People with hazel eyes are thought to be independent, creative, and ever-willing to try new events and experiences. They love a good challenge and do not hesitate in unfamiliar circumstances.

Hazel-eyed individuals embody spontaneity, fun, and curiosity. They possess the healing qualities, curiosity, and compassion of green-eyed individuals. Hazel eyes also have the independence, deep-rootedness, and strong spirits of brown eyes, and the sensitivity and calmness of individuals with grey eyes. They represent the best mix of these diverse qualities and strengths.

Violet Eyes:

Violet eyes are relatively uncommon. It is not easy to find another who possesses violet eyes. As this eye color is not all that common, it is believed that people with violet eyes have young souls. Their youth is associated with a strong sense of curiosity and desire to learn.

People blessed with violet eyes seek to make the most of their lives. They seek out new people, places, and experiences. Their souls urge them to seek, learn and absorb as much as life offers them. They are motivated to accumulate as many new experiences, life lessons, and feelings as possible. This hunger for new experiences is what makes people with violet eyes constant and evolving learners. As such, they are highly spiritual and are in a constant search for life’s truth and meaning.

Eye colors and their spiritual meanings can tell us a lot about the people we meet and live with. They are beautiful reminders of the nature of a person’s soul and personality. While science has indicated the nature and origin of the different eye colors, it can only tell us why people possess the different eye colors that they do. Science explains this to us through biology and genetics. However, what does eye color mean spiritually is also important. These meanings are important to help us understand people and their emotions and souls. It is no wonder that our eyes are indeed the windows to our soul and our emotions.

The different eye colors can tell us so much about the nature and age of our souls. They shed light on the journey of our lives and our innate characteristics and nature. No matter the color of the eyes, they hold great spiritual significance for ourselves and our relationships with the world and others.