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Have your hands ever suddenly felt cold? It’s completely normal for your hands to feel cold if it’s winter, or on a chilly night. There are still times when you may have stopped to think about why its happening. Cold hands are often a sign from the angels, and if you observe your surroundings closely when your hands grow cold, you may find answers you’ve been looking for.

Our angels communicate with us in various ways. One of these ways is in the form of spiritual chills. While these can happen in any part of the body, special attention should still be paid when it happens to the hands. If you’ve been thinking, ‘What do cold hands mean spiritually?’, then the answer is that you’re being asked by your angels to look deep within. If your hands suddenly feel cold, then stop to think about what you were doing when that happened.

Your angels are trying to communicate with you. They are trying to get you to pay attention to whatever you’re doing in the moment, because they hold valuable information that can lead you towards a more positive life.

Cold Hands and Spirituality

If you find yourself experiencing cold hands from time to time, without any reason, then you may be wondering what could be happening. While there are many medical reasons that point to why you may have cold hands, there are spiritual answers as well. So if you’re perfectly healthy and your hands still feel cold from time to time, then what could this mean?

Spiritual chills are a form of communication through which the spirit world tries to communicate with us. It could be your angels, or your spirit guides, or even a loved that has passed away. Cold hands are associated with spirituality. At the same time, cold hands could also indicate that there are negative energies present around you.

Getting cold hands repeatedly could be a sign from your angels that you’ve been having negative thoughts, and that you need to find balance within yourself. The hands are very important when it comes to spirituality. Consider how during meditation or even yogic practices, hand symbols that help people align with their spiritual side are used.

Hands are typically seen as warm, radiating with bright energy. This energy is created by your chakras, and when your chakras are properly aligned, your hands should feel warm and soft. On the flip side, cold hands could indicate that your energies are not balanced. This could be a sign that you need to ground yourself, before negative energies leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, cold hands could also be indicative of spiritual progress. Often, people go through a spiritual awakening before they find their spiritual path. The time when you’re going through your spiritual awakening can feel scary, and obstacles can keep coming your way. But your angels are asking you to keep pushing past any hurdles you face. Because once you’ve had your spiritual awakening, abundance and blessings are waiting for you on the other end.

Cold Hands and Communicating With The Spirit World

If you suddenly find your hands growing cold, then this may be a sign that your angels or spirit guides have a message for you. Consider stopping at the moment to observe the thoughts that are going through your head.

Spirit guides and angels often communicate in the form of visions, or thoughts. A sudden inspirational idea may strike you as your hands feel cold. This is a strong sign that the Universe wants you to pursue that goal or idea, and that you will find success on your journey.

You may also get a message of a different sort. Say for example, you had been asking your angels to help you solve a particular problem in your life. Think of the thoughts that went through head when your hands felt cold, and if they pertain to your questions. It could be that your angels are trying to give you the message you’ve been looking for.

If no thoughts cross your mind when your find your hands starting to feel cold, then consider observing your surroundings. Is there anything in the room with you that can be an answer to your question? Maybe you had lost your favorite book and had asked the angels to help you find it. If your hands go cold while you’re sitting on your sofa, look carefully around the sofa to see whether you find your lost book or not.

Cold Hands and Negative Energy

What do cold hands mean spiritually? Cold hands can indicate that there’s an abundance of negative energy in your life. The negative energy could be linked to the place where you live, or it may even be coming from you.

Consider observing your thoughts when your hands feel cold. Are they positive? Do you feel happy or at peace in the moment? If the answer to these questions were ‘no’, then your cold hands may be representing your inner negativity.

However, negative aura can also be linked to a place. You could also be affected by the negative aura of another person. If your hands suddenly feel cold, observe your surroundings carefully. Are there any objects or people who could be radiating negative energy? Consider doing things you enjoy, or follow your passions to allow more positive energy to come in. You can also burn sage or frankincense resin to clear the air of negative energies.

Cold Hands During Meditation

If your hands suddenly start to feel cold while you meditate, then this is a clear sign that your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you. Observe the thoughts that float into your mind as you meditate. Through your cold hands, your spirit guides are trying to get you to pay attention to the message they have for you.

In case you were wondering what do cold hand mean spiritually during meditation, then the answer almost always is that it’s a sign from your guides.

Cold Hands and Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes, you can start to experience your hands growing cold before and during a spiritual awakening. While spiritual awakenings are different for different people, they are almost always associated with spiritual chills.

And while these spiritual chills can appear on any part of your body, the chills feel more prominent when they happen to your hands. That’s why cold hands are one of the most common ways in which the spirit world tries to communicate with us.

A spiritual awakening is meant to be a difficult time. You’ll be made to face yourself, and will emerge much stronger through the process. While a spiritual awakening can last an hour for someone, it can take weeks for another person to spiritual grow.

By paying attention to what your spirit guides are trying to tell you by giving you cold hands, you can help yourself progress through your spiritual awakening. This can help you reach spiritual growth faster. Remember that your spirit guides and angels are always trying to help you and support you. Pay careful attention to your thoughts, feelings, as well as surroundings whenever your hands feel cold. You never know what message your spirit guides may have for you.

Cold Hands In Your Sleep

If your hands suddenly feel cold while you’re snuggled under the blanket, could there be a spiritual significance behind it?

If you’re thinking about what do cold hands mean spiritually, then it could be a sign that your dreams will carry a special message from the spirit world.

Consider keeping a notebook and a pen next to your bed as you go to sleep. That way, you should be able to note down everything you remember from your dream. This is important, since most people forget their dreams within five minutes of waking up.

If your hands feel cold on multiple nights as you go to sleep, then your angels might be asking you to keep a dream journal. Note down your dreams each morning, and try to see if there is a special message from your angels in them. If your hands continue to feel cold, then that means that you haven’t received the message yet. Once you do get the message however, your hands should stop feeling cold as you go to sleep.

Conclusion: What Do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually?

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If your hands suddenly start to feel cold without their being any justifiable reason behind it, what does it mean? From your angels trying to communicate with you, to negative energy surrounding you, there could be different interpretations of cold hands. But what do cold hands mean spiritually is that your angels and spirit guides are trying to reach out to you.

They want to let you know that they support you.

You may also be given messages through your thoughts, or your surroundings. You could also experience cold hands when you’re going through a spiritual awakening. Finally, cold hands as you go to sleep could indicate that important messages will come to you through your dreams.