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Do you want to know what does burning sage do spiritually? Burning sage has long since been associated with spirituality, and you’ll find spiritual practitioners using sage to clear the air. Some tarot readers, for example, burn sage before their readings, in order to better connect with their spirit guides.

When it comes to spiritual hygiene, burning sage is very important. When you burn sage, negative ions are released from that sage. It has also been observed that sage has the ability to get rid of nearly 94% of all airborne bacteria. There are plenty of benefits associated with burning sage in your home. But what does burning sage do spiritually?

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Burning Sage

People who are spiritual want to ensure that the air around is full of positive vibes. This is because they are well aware of what could happen should negative energies be allowed to fester. Negative energies can come from anywhere, including other people.

You may, for example, encounter an energy vampire, who leaves you feeling drained. In this case, what should you do? One of the ways you can ensure that the air around you is full of positivity, is by burning sage. When you burn sage, you dispel any negative energy that may be around you. This is why many spirituals burn sage, and then carry it around their homes. They ensure that each room in their home has good energy.

Burning sage can be seen as a holistic healing method, that is becoming more and more popular among people. This is as it’s easy to purchase sage, and there are several health benefits associated with burning sage as well. However, not everyone who burns sage actually knows what they are doing. What are the benefits associated with burning sage, and why should do you do this practice?

Say you work in a place that has a lot of people, or a job where you need to interact with many people on a daily basis. This means you’ll be meeting people who have different kinds of energies, shaking hands with them, and entering into an energetic exchange. While you can’t control the energy of the people you meet in your life, you can certainly control your own energy. You can do this by burning sage at the end of the day, to cleanse your aura as well as the air around you.

Should you have any rooms in your home where a lot of people tend to gather. Then consider burning sage in that room, as it can help to diffuse any bad energies that may have gathered there.

The Symbolism Behind Burning Sage

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Do you want to know what does burning sage do spiritually? If this is the case, then you should know about the history of burning sage as well. This is as burning sage is an age old tradition. It’s also considered a very pure method of cleansing the energies that belong to a person, or space. Historically, people have also tried to get rid of spirits by burning sage as well.

When you’re looking for what kind of sage to buy, consider opting for one that is of higher quality. Sage has become associated with spiritual cleansing as there are several health benefits associated with burning sage. The smoke from burning sage has the ability to get rid of bacteria that can be present in the air. The smoke from burning sage rapidly reaches the brain and is absorbed quickly by the body.

Burning sage, for this reason, is also a good way to disinfect the atmosphere. Negative ions in spirituality have been linked to improving people’s moods. And when sage is burned, negative ions are what are released. As a result, you can improve your mood, as well as the mood of anyone else within that space. This makes burning sage positive for mental health as well.

The answer to what does burning sage do spiritually, is that it cleans the air and ensures that the aura of the room is bright and clear. Keep in mind however, that before you burn sage, you’ll need to open the doors and windows. Why? Because burning sage releases a lot of smoke. You also want to ensure that the negative energy present in the space has somewhere to escape to. So when you burn sage, you need to ensure that the smoke has somewhere to exit from.

How Do You Burn Sage?

Aside from knowing what does burning sage do spiritually, you should also know how to burn sage. Many people make use of abalone shells as a place to keep the sage when burning it. Because of the shape of the abalone shell, keeping the sage and transporting it from room to room becomes easier. You also don’t have to worry about burning yourself.

Abalone shells also have the ability to endure heat, so it isn’t affected by the burning sage. Should you choose to use some other kind of container to keep the sage, then ensure that it is fire resistant. When you’re ready, light the sage. Then, grab the end of the sage that isn’t burning and place it on the abalone shell. The sage should then be held at a 45-degree angle. Let the sage burn for at least twenty seconds before gently blowing out the flame.

If you find that your sage isn’t staying lit, then this could be because the sage was packed too tight. If you loosen the ribbon holding the sage together, it should be easier for you to burn the sage.


The answer to the question what does burning sage do spiritually, is that it helps clear negative energy out of different environments. Negative energy tends to gather in a place as more and more people interact within that space. But with the help of sage, you can ensure that your home or office stays free of negative energies. Use this guide to learn all about what does burning sage do spiritually.