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What does it mean to be broken spiritually? We believe that many of us have suffered from a broken heart, if not emotionally, then perhaps physically. We’ve all suffered a tragedy, break-ups, and bad relationships that have left us feeling empty and beyond redemption. This is at the most basic level of what it means to be spiritually broken.

When we feel lost, hopeless, and in the depths of despair, there exists help for the broken-hearted. The Bible offers comfort and counsel for those feeling spiritually broken inside. People often think that they are alone in their struggles or don’t deserve God’s grace. But, these feelings of being unloved and unworthy can be healed through God’s promises in the Bible.

Brokenness is a prerequisite to intimacy with God

What does it mean to be broken spiritually? One of the essential elements of a healthy relationship is mutual trust. When we enter into a relationship with another person, we give them access to areas of our life that are usually reserved for us alone and only share with those closest to us. We allow them to see our fears, hopes, and dreams; they become part of our inner circle. We tell them things that we wouldn’t tell just anyone.

To have a close relationship with God means having an open heart. It means allowing Him into your mind, soul, and spirit so that He can speak truth into your life and lead you down His path. As humans, we all have areas where we’re broken physically or emotionally (or both). And because God knows us better than anyone else does, He also knows when there’s something wrong in our lives. A place where he needs to go to work before he can fill it up again with peace or joy or whatever. It is that makes us whole again after being broken spiritually by sin (or any other kind).

You are never too far from God’s reach

God is always reaching out to us

God told Joshua that he would not leave or forsake him in the Old Testament (Joshua 1:5). When Jesus was praying for his disciples in John 17, he said: “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in me through their word” (John 17:20). God didn’t stop praying just because some people left the faith; he continued to pray for those who would believe in him through his word.

God’s presence is felt even when we don’t see it

What does it mean to be broken spiritually? It may feel like God is absent from your situation when you’re broken spiritually. It might seem like there’s no one on your side and no one cares about how you feel right now—but this isn’t true! While our earthly eyes can’t see him or hear him directly (John 1:18), God still loves us. And wants us to know that he has a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

Even though God cannot be seen with our own eyes, there are many ways that we can know that he exists. And even more important than knowing whether or not God exists is knowing where our relationship with him should lie. So we can grow closer each day until we reach Heaven one day!

There is no sin or grief too great for God’s power to redeem and heal

You may be struggling with painful emotions, such as grief or anger. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a divorce or other trauma, and it feels like nothing will ever be okay again. Or maybe your life has been marked by abuse, addiction, or addiction recovery—the wounds are deep and lasting.

Regardless of what’s happened to you, remember this: God is the ultimate healer. Healing is not an event; it’s a process—a process that God can begin in our lives at any time if we let him. We don’t need to wait until we’ve reconciled ourselves to whatever pain we’re experiencing before turning to him for help; we can ask him right now! All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). If he can create stars and galaxies out of nothingness (Genesis 1), surely he can heal our broken hearts!

Brokenness results in a deeper, more intimate walk with Christ

What does it mean to be broken spiritually? When we are broken, it can be humbling. We realize that we are not perfect and do not have all the answers. This leads us to rely on God for His wisdom and strength rather than relying on our own experiences or knowledge of Scripture.

Brokenness also takes us away from self-sufficiency and pride, leading to a greater dependence on Christ. When we become aware of our faults and sin, we must turn to Christ for forgiveness instead of trying to clean up our messes ourselves (Matthew 18:3).

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Brokenness is a product of love and faith

If you are broken spiritually, you have been touched by love and faith. Brokenness requires both of these things. You can’t be broken unless you first love, and you can’t be broken unless your heart is full of faith.

When we experience an intense relationship with God or another person, a deep bond is formed that cannot easily be severed. When this relationship ends—when we lose a loved one or when our faith in God wavers—we feel the pain deeply. Because of the intensity with which our hearts were once connected to the person or thing that has been taken away from us. We grieve because we realize just how much joy was ours for just one brief moment before it was taken from us forever!

Brokenness can be a painful process, but it will change your life.

What does it mean to be broken spiritually? What does it mean to be broken before God? For example, some people may think they are “broken” because they sinned against God. This is not what we are talking about here. Instead, we are referring to something much deeper than that—a spiritual shattering that only happens when we trust in Christ.

We believe that brokenness is an experience every Christian must go through in their walk with Christ. Becoming broken is similar to how a diamond gets its sparkle: through heat and pressure from deep within the earth’s core! As Christians, we can choose not just whether or not we want this experience but also how we handle ourselves during this time of suffering (1 Peter 4:12–16). If you have never been broken before by God or man, then you’ve never really trusted Him enough. He used you as one who would lead others into His Kingdom on Earth (Revelation 5:9–10)!