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What Do Blue Eyes Mean Spiritually?

“Your eyes are the windows to your soul,” they say. What makes people so fascinated with the color of your eyes? After all, personalities are different from person to person. Each person has different life circumstances that affect their character and personality traits.

But did you know blue eyes have the same connotations and implications almost the whole world over? There’s a lot more to blue eyes than you might think.

If you’re interested in finding out, “What do blue eyes mean spiritually?” this article will answer that question.

The Depths Behind The Deep Blues

Imagine the deep sea sprawled out in front of you. Almost infinite, almost as far and wide as your eyes can see. Imagine the skies above you, infinite and enveloping the whole world. What was the first thing you imagined when you thought of these things?

Now imagine a person wearing a blue uniform. What kind of impression do you get? Would you get a different impression if they were wearing a red uniform instead?

The color blue has some interesting connotations that psychologists have only recently discovered. It has some inherent meanings because of its place in nature, and because of how rare it is.

In Ukraine, for instance, the color blue symbolizes healing and wellness.

In Iran, blue is considered to symbolize paradise because blue happens to be associated with a natural paradise.

In Greece, the color blue has the power to ward off evil. Since blue is the color of calmness and serenity, people wear blue charm necklaces to ward off bad vibes from the evil eye.

How is blue linked with the same feelings everywhere? In the world of color, it also has an interesting property: It has the shortest wavelengths of all the colors in the spectrum, coming in at 450 nanometers.

It’s also said to be linked with youthfulness and innocence. But is there any truth behind this belief?

The Meaning Behind Blue

When a baby is born, their eyes are first blue. After two weeks, their iris returns to their natural color. This might be why blue eyes are linked with youthfulness. But blue eyes don’t contain any blue pigment. What gives an iris its color is a natural substance called melanin.

This is a protein created by cells in your body called melanocytes. When you have blue eyes, there is little melanin in the iris.

Melanocytes respond to light. Since a baby spends its first 9 months in total darkness, there’s no light to trigger the melanin production in the iris. The World Atlas states that only 8%-10% of the babies in the world have blue eyes(Brown happens to be the most common color, affecting about 80% of babies everywhere).

Children born with blue eyes are said to possess good powers of observation. Babies are attuned to the spiritual world far more than adults, which might explain their strong observation skills.

They see and understand the world with innocent eyes — based on instinct — before language and culture starts to root them in the physical world.

A baby with blue eyes is said to grow into a cheerful, attractive, and happy-go-lucky adult. Being blue-eyed is an idiom that’s meant to signify naïveté.

As children are born with blue eyes by default, the adjective blue-eyed became linked with the assumption that people with blue eyes are like children, pure, and innocent. Just perhaps a bit naive.

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Real World Benefits Of The Color Blue

1. Blue reduces blood pressure.

Exposing people to blue light can reduce their blood pressure and even help fight against heart problems.

It even improves the health of your arteries and helps your blood vessels relax. Why?

Because blue light increases levels of nitric oxide, which helps to signal protective effects in the cardiovascular system.

2. Blue light improves your thinking skills.

The color blue is known to boost creativity.

This is well documented by marketers and psychologists.

Blue helps people brainstorm and is associated with better levels of creativity.

Many businesses use the color blue in their brand logos to create a favorable impression as well.

3. Blue calms and relaxes you.

When blue lights were introduced to the cities of Tokyo and Glasgow, researchers noticed there was a big drop in the crime rates and suicide rates.

That’s how powerful the color blue is.

The color blue is so powerful it can affect your pituitary gland. If you have trouble sleeping, you can install blue light filters on your computer and phone screens.

This is a popular remedy to combat insomnia nowadays.

4. Blue suppresses appetite.

Blue is the rarest color in nature. It also happens to be the only natural appetite suppressant there is.

People with blue lights in their refrigerators eat less. Blue lights at the dinner table make people eat less. Why is this?

Most of the food in nature isn’t blue. Vegetables are green or red. Meat is red or white. The only blue food most people can think of is blueberries. Most chefs know that you eat with your eyes first. Seeing blue on your dinner plate is so calming and relaxing, it makes you happy and fulfilled.

What Do Blue Eyes Mean Spiritually?

Blue eyes represent the healing potential that lies dormant in nature. They represent the incredibly serenity of the ocean and the power of the seas.

They reflect the serenity of clear blue skies and the calmness of a clear, sunny day. But what other meanings do blue eyes hold?

1. Blue eyes are intense.

Blue can be peaceful and serene on a good day. They can be harsh and powerful on a bad day.

Just like the ocean, blue eyes represent powerful energies.

If the skies are calm, blue represents happiness and cheerfulness. If the skies are stormy, then blue can represent fury, along with intense waves crashing against the beach.

Blue eyes are full of potent, powerful emotional energy that represent energy, strength, and spirit.

2. Blue eyes are sincere.

When you look at blue eyes, you feel the weight of the moving ocean. It has the power to naturally draw you in with its sincerity and authenticity.

It’s inspiring to many people. You see many soap opera protagonists standing next to the crashing waves of the ocean before making a declaration to change their life.

3. Blue eyes are calming.

Blue eyes indicate a soul that has seen much of the world and can understand it beyond its physical limitations.

If the eyes are blue, that’s a good sign that the person behind them will grow to be old and wise.

It reflects the hugeness of nature that spreads as far as the eyes can see.

4. Blue eyes are loyal.

Think of the phrase, “true blue”. What does it mean? To be true blue is to be authentic and rare. This is why blue reflects authentic character traits.

5. Blue eyes are dignified.

What do blue eyes mean spiritually? Well, think of the phrase, “blue blood”. What does it mean?

To be blue blood is to be of noble birth. To be blue collar is to be a working class person that serves society at large.

This happens to be because blue collar jobs require you to use your hands, making them the job of the honest, hard-working individual.

There is dignity and pride in both nobility and in working with your hands.

6. Blue eyes are close to God.

According to many sages, blue is the color of God’s Glory. Looking at this color helps you to meditate, and to catch a glimpse of the very Throne of God itself.

Buddhist figures are also depicted with the color blue, and in Hinduism, the God Krishna is also depicted as blue.

7. Blue eyes connect to the fifth chakra.

What do blue eyes mean spiritually in terms of chakra?

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. In spiritual terms, the throat chakra is one of the highest chakras, which means that if energy manages to pass through it, it brings us closer to the higher ego transcendence level.

Blue chakras unlock purity, truthfulness, authenticity, and peace in a person.


The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. Looking into them can tell you what a person thinks and feels.

They don’t just reveal your mood, but your character and personality. Blue eyes in particular are some of the rarest and most coveted eye colors out there. Less than 10% of the world has blue eyes, and this scarcity is what makes them so powerful in a spiritual sense.

The color blue holds many powers and its connection with the power of the seas and skies is one reason why people believe in its spiritual significance.

There’s also a wealth of research to prove why blue eyes are calming and attractive.

If you’ve ever wondered the question, “What do blue eyes mean spiritually?” I hope this has answered your question.