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Crows frequently find their mention in the world of fantasy and magic. They generally appear a lot in fairytales, folklore, occult, and other otherworldly practices. Most of the cultures relate crows to negativity and death. But, their are some cultures in which crows are praised a lot for their good qualities! So, one must understand what do black crows mean spiritually and what symbolism does it hold in your life.

Problem Solvers

If you see a black crow often, then it has a spiritual meaning that your life is going to take a sudden shift. It means that your spirit guide is trying to send you a secret message that you must pay heed to. What do black crows mean spiritually is that they represent insights, cycles, psychic tools, transformation, and venture into reals that hold unknown secrets. If you are facing a challenge in your life, then seeing a crow means that you are going to get rid of your problem soon. Crows are considered as spiritual messengers who forbade that you are going to crack a problem in your life.

What do black crows mean spiritually depends a lot on where you are in the present situation of your life. Then only you will be able to grasp the significance of the spiritual meaning of seeing a crow. It will help you connect the dots and find a solution to your problem sooner.

Ancient Symbolism

Since times unknown, crows are regarded as having an important place in the spiritual domain. These creatures are considered as having secret spiritual messages for the various mysteries of our lives. In many mythologies, they are thought as the mediators between the cycle of life and death. Also, crow is a carrion bird and feeds on dead animals. This factor contributes to relating the bird to the world of the dead. So, they are considered as the creatures who can connect to the dead or lost souls.

Some cultures hold this belief that the damned souls are reincarnated as black crows. In many dramas you must have encountered that whenever the death of the hero is imminent, their is always a crow flying around making shrill noise. This, they are being associated with the bad news. As a result, they are considered as supernatural creatures who possess the ability to talk with the humans. The black crows are seen as the embodiments of the spiritual message that the world is trying to give us.

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Symbols of Transformation

The typical association of the black crows with death is not something that connects them with negative spiritual meaning. It is a bitter pill to swallow but true that death is an inescapable part of our life. What do black crows mean spiritually is that they are symbolic of this transformation of our life from the physical world to the spiritual world. So, they represent change that is a harsh truth in human life. Seeing death as an end in itself is a very restrictive attitude. Instead, death is symbolic of change, transition, and the beginning of a new life! In this sense, black crows can be seen as the messengers of a new phase in the life that will begin as a result of the end of an old phase.

Embracing the New Self

Everything that dies gives place to a new life. In this sense, seeing a black crow means that you are going to embrace a new identity of yourself. In other terms, it could also symbolize burying your ego and attaining a heightened self. Black crows symbolize the death of a superficial self and reaching an altitude in life that is far beyond the shallow physical self. So, black crows mean the end of one kind of sense of being and embracing a new high self. Often, this period is very difficult to deal with and is filled with a lot of pain, trauma, sense of grief, and confusion. This is the reason why crows are generally related to “Bad energy” or “ill omens”.

The fact of life is that a good change can only happen when we get rid of the past that is holding us back. Leaving the old self behind is life the death of someone close to us. But at the end of the day, you have to accept it as it is better for your own personal growth.

Black Crows as Spiritual Messengers

Different kind of bird and their feathers carry different spiritual meaning. Crows are generally regarded as spiritual messengers. They are regarded as prophets having the spiritual insight of clairvoyance. They possess more ability to connect to the spiritual realm as compared to any other bird. This is the very reason that black crows are considered as spiritual messengers and you must know what do black crows mean spiritually.

Signs of Comfort

Next time you see a black crow, you must take it in a positive sense rather than being negative. Crows show up as agents to soothe in the harsh times. They appear in front of people to comfort them if they are growing through a rough phase in their life. They are symbols of change and thus make you realize that change is a compulsory par of life and something you need to accept irrespective of its harshness.

Help to Move Beyond Mental Blocks

Since black crows are symbolic of change that is an integral part of our life, they also take you out of various blockages in your life. Sometimes, our mental blockage keeps us trapped in situations that we cannot get rid of. Seeing a black crow brings the positivity to shed off the negative aspects of the life that weigh you down and moving into a new reality. They kickstart a new journey in our life that we were too afraid to embark on since a very long time!

So, black crows are the messengers that hover in between the physical and the spiritual realms. They symbolize that death is not an end but a sign of a new beginning and a fresh start.