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Various kind of theories are available that pertain to the spiritual meaning of beauty marks. Both bad and good reputation is being associated with what do beauty marks mean spiritually. While some people regard them as the “Angel’s Kisses”, some people consider them as the “Marks of the Devil”. So, their have been different viewpoints regarding the spiritual importance of the beauty marks.

Historical Importance

Through the course of the history, beauty marks have been seen with suspicion and paranoia by the religious fanatics. But as the time progressed, people started to see some positive significance of what do beauty marks mean spiritually. Now, people associate beauty marks with life purpose, reincarnation, and destiny. So, beauty marks cannot be considered as mere skin anomalies!

Previous Lives and Beauty Marks

Across many cultures, it is believed that the what do beauty marks mean spiritually have a strong connection with our previous lives. In this scenario, the location of the beauty mark carries a huge significance. Also, the shape of the beauty mark too has a great role in adding to the spiritual meaning. People believe that a specific kind of beauty mark also tells about the group or tribe with which you were connected in an earlier birth.

Some people believe that what do beauty marks mean spiritually imprint a kind of memory upon the soul of an individual. They serve as a reminder of the events of the past life. They can also be considered as sign or warning to remain alert in the present life.

Beauty Marks and Animal Spirits

Some beauty marks have a shape that resembles to that of an animal. This shows that a person who has this kind of beauty mark had a connection with the animal kingdom in the past life. They also reveal the teachings of the spirit animal. You might have a paw that has an appearance like the paw of an animal or a feather or a wing. These kind of resemblances to animal features carry a deep spiritual meaning. These kind of beauty marks provide enlightenment to an individual and open up secrets pertaining to the life of the concerned person.

Heart-Shaped Beauty Marks

In rare cases, we see that the beauty signs are in the form of a heart. This kind of shape has a connection with the romantic aspect of a person’s life. Heart-shaped beauty mark has a relation to the twin-flame of a person. They serve as a form of identification which help the soulmates to reunite with each other. Heart-shaped beauty are also a symbol of universal love. Families have revealed that they have noticed that same kind of heart-shaped beauty marks have appeared across multiple generations. So, these kind of birth marks show a deep connection with your loved ones.

Connection with the Universe

Beauty marks having the shape of a sunburst, a shooting star, or a crescent moon are considered as giving a message from the side of the universe. People who have these kinds of beauty marks are seen as having a strong bond with the cosmos. Also, if you have a beauty mark that echoes your sun sign such as Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio, then too it means a lot. It means that the beauty mark is related to the universal spirit.

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The Placement of the Beauty Marks

The moles can be present on any part of the body as beauty marks and have relation to what do beauty marks mean spiritually. Their placement on the body decides the spiritual significance they carry in a person’s life.

Here is an analysis of what a mole means on different parts of the body:

Right Arm

A mole on the right arms means that a person is a hard worker. He or she puts a huge amount of effort in every work that comes at hand. It also means that a person is very cautious about life.


A mole on your back represents bad luck. It also means that their is a high chance that someone could betray you or stab in the back! Moreover, a mole on the back tells that the person is not a hard worker!


A person with a mole on the chest can consider himself very lucky! It also means that you are ambitious and generous. Some cultures relate a mole on the chest to a person having wonderful children.


A mole on the neck is an indicator that a person may have a short life! It signifies that a person need to relax and take things lightly. So, if you have a mole on the neck, then you should start to relax more!


If you have a mole on the forehead, then you will be considered very wise. If the mole is on the right side of the head, then it means that the person will prove to be a great partner. On the other hand, a mole on the left side of the head signifies bad luck!


A mole on the lip is regarded as a marvelous beauty mark but it also carries a huge spiritual importance. Whenever their is a mention of the mole on the upper lip, then the image of Marilyn Monroe pops up in the mind of the people! Nevertheless, a mole on the lip means that you will go a long way in your life and discover new things. A mole on the corner lip indicates that a person has a taste for finer things in life.


A mole on the cheek is seen as an indicator of beauty. But apart from being a beauty mark, a mole on the cheek signifies the brave spirit of a person. It also means that a person is studious. A mole on the right side of the cheek represents a person as sensitive and follow family values. On the other hand, a mole on the right cheek shows a person as an introvert and having a bit of arrogance.


A mole on the chin looks very beautiful as a beauty mark. But it also means that a person is honest, genuine, and caring.