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We are living in a time when there is conflict all around. But, internal conflict is a phenomenon that has existed ever since our existence on this planet. Whenever there is an inner conflict, you bound to do some soul-searching and look for answers.

Science has helped us unravel the mysteries of the physical world. But, despite the enormous progress made by science in the last century, there are many enigmas that still remain unanswered. Whereas, religious scriptures that date back centuries often leave us in awe of the truths they contain about our universe and its creation. This is exactly why when it comes to soul-searching, nothing compares to the lessons you get from different religious scriptures.

But, before we talk about the role of religious scriptures in resolving inner conflicts, let’s figure out what exactly it means to have an internal conflict.

What is internal conflict?

Internal conflict can be defined as the struggle with your own ideas, beliefs, desires and emotions. It is your internal conflict that puts you in a state of dilemma while choosing one desire over the other. Internal conflict is psychological in nature and caused by your own desires or emotions that are in constant clash with each other.

Internal conflict often arises in the matters where you are required to make an ethical or moral decision. In short, inner conflict is the war-within, the consequences of which have the power to transform your life for better or worse.

Why is internal conflict so important?

Going through an internal conflict does take certain toll on your day-to-day life. It makes you feel doubtful about your life, the people around you and even the existence of God. But, on the contrary, internal conflict is God’s way to help you grow as a person. You must see your conflicts as a stepping stone to grow closer to God. Without an internal conflict, you will be denied of any opportunity to face your fears, overcome your weaknesses and come out stronger than ever.

What do different religious scriptures have to say about conflict?

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Bible, one of the most widely read religious texts worldwide is full of teachings about conflict resolution. The Bible suggests self-reflection as a key tool to resolve inner conflicts. The first step to resolve an inner conflict is to look inward and match your thoughts and actions with God’s words.

Much like the holy Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita too shows you the right path and approach to handle your conflicts to achieve lasting peace in life. The Bhagavad-Gita revolves around the theme of conflict resolution. Arjuna is torn between his duty as a warrior and responsibility as a family member. The scripture teaches the path of selfless duty, saying you must perform actions without fretting about the results. Only when you perform actions, remaining even-minded about the outcome, can you truly get rid of your inner conflicts.

The scriptures in the religion of saints talk about “ego” as the root cause of all conflicts. It is only through the transmutation of the “self” or “ego” that you can be free of all obstacles and experience ultimate love.

Sometimes, all you need to resolve a deep-seated inner conflict is to forgive and let go. This is also something that is taught by most religious scriptures from around the world, be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

If you look closely, you’ll find that most of your external conflicts are rooted in some Inner conflict. To lead a life that is free of both inner and external conflicts, you need to start the work at the core. You need to resolve your internal conflicts first, as this is the first step that will open many closed doors for you in life.

Role of religious scriptures in resolving internal conflict –

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Religious scriptures help awaken your soul and motivate you to find a perfect balance between your inner and outer life. These scriptures help you contemplate in silence and grasp the true meaning of life and death. Look at the role that religious scriptures play in resolving inner conflicts and leading you towards a path of self realization:

  • Understanding the nature and cause of your conflict

One of the first steps to resolving an internal conflict is to identify the very cause of your conflict. The cause of your internal conflict could be an underlying emotion of guilt, a suppressed desire, resentment etc. To understand the root cause of your inner conflict, you can seek help from religious scriptures.

Religious texts not only talk about universal truths, but also help you understand the role of your actions in the cycle of life. By reading the truths unfolded in religious scriptures, you open to the possibility of understanding the very nature of your conflict. Once, you are aware of the nature and cause of your inner conflict, you can begin the journey towards resolving it.

  • Freeing your soul from pain and misery

Once you get a grip of the root cause of your internal conflict, the process of healing begins simultaneously. Religious scriptures help manage memories and emotions that cause recurrent pain and restrict your spiritual growth. As a result, you free your soul from misery and start feeling a positive change in your inner world.

  • Choosing between right and wrong

Your inner conflict has a lot to do with morality and choosing between what’s right and wrong. So, there’s no better way to seek guidance than religious scriptures. This brings you to the next stage of conflict resolution – decision-making.

Most religious scriptures contain narratives that tell you about the significance of ethics and the victory of good over evil. The wisdom in these scriptures help you follow the lead and focus on the dignity of your actions.

  • Finding an answer to your conflict through universal truths

The best part about seeking guidance from religious scriptures to resolve an inner conflict lies in their universal implication. You can look for parallels and patterns that resemble your life situation in the scriptures. No matter what’s the nature of your conflict, you will always find an answer to your problems in these scriptures. It is exactly why century old religious scriptures are still read and valued by people of all ages and nationalities till today.

Religious scriptures make up for a substantial part of world literature. Irrespective of what religion they preach, one common attribute of all scriptures is the revelation of truth. In fact the revelation of ultimate reality and truth is something that binds all religious scriptures together in purpose. So, you can always lean on to religious scriptures and follow it as a map to stay on the path of righteousness.

  • Spiritual empowerment

Religious scriptures inspire you to lead a selfless and compassionate life, which eventually leads to your spiritual empowerment. So, where on one hand these scriptures help resolve your internal conflicts, on the other their teachings make a long-lasting impact on your spiritual journey.

Religious scriptures are nothing less than food for your soul that nourishes your spiritual growth. As scriptures contain the word of God, you can find answers to all your questions in them, including the most difficult ones.

  • Learning the techniques for conflict resolution

The theme of all religious scriptures revolves around the inner life of the individual. These scriptures not only unfold the ultimate truth, but also inspire you to meditate and pray. As a result, the teachings and techniques contained in religious scriptures have the power to resolve your inner conflicts. On the whole, the truth and moral lessons contained in religious scriptures can play a constructive role in transforming your inner life. But, this transformation is only possible if you apply these ideals in your day-to-day life.


As humans, each one of us has to face our own set of challenges and internal conflicts in life. But, it is our hands to convert our conflicts into life lessons that will go a long way to help in our spiritual awakening.

Whether you are struggling to find your true calling in life or stuck making a critical life decision, you can always fall back on the wisdom of religious scriptures to seek guidance. Sooner or later, people realize the importance of the spiritual dimension of life. So, the ultimate gift you can give to yourself is to move your soul to introspection. And, there is no better companion like a good religious scripture to start your journey towards conflict resolution and spiritual awakening. You must remember that it is not about having a scripture at home, rather it is about going through it to find answers to the most pressing conflicts in your life. Once you devote yourself to making the best use of the wisdom contained in scriptures, all your internal conflicts will cease to exist. Learn from scriptures and carry forward your lessons to those in need.