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How do you get to know if God is giving you a sign? Does something different happen when God is giving you a sign? Do these questions intrigue you?

God wants to build a relationship and create a dialogue with us. We remember him when we are troubled and in a distressed situation. God is always there to guide us, but we often ignore the signs and resort to other options. In such moments we turn away from God, who always wants to ease our pains and be the guiding light. There is no particular sign that is an indicator that God is trying to reach us or tell us something. So how do you know God is giving you a sign? Is God trying to get your attention and you are ignorant about it?

In this article we will talk about how to know if God is giving you a sign? But, always remember, God is omnipresent and God chooses when he wants to show certain signs to you. Many a time , these signs may be delayed. It is God’s way of testing us. We shouldn’t lose hope or question God in moments like this. At the right moment, things will fall into place. We need to be calm and patient. It’s important that we keep our minds and heart open and read the signs.

Below explained are 11 ways to know, how God is giving you a sign.

1) Symbolism:

Reading the signs and deciphering them is important to lead a stress free and contended life. For a few minutes in a day, you need to shut all the outward chaos and concentrate on hearing God’s voice or reading the signs he is showing you. Did you see nay image or a symbol during your day which could be an indication? The symbol could appear in front of you form nowhere and it could be completely unexpected. You might have just accidentally ignore it, but remember this could be a sign form God. So, symbolism is one of the important indicators to help you know that God is giving you a sign. So be alert and next time do not ignore it.

2) A feeling of restlessness:

Sometimes there is an inner restlessness and anxiety we experience. It is difficult to explain such feeling but there is a sense of uncomfortableness. Outwardly everything seems fine but you know at the back of your mind that there is a change that is about to happen. This is one of God’s sign to prepare you for a transition. If you can sense that change, start praying and share your thoughts with God. Communicate your inner anxiety and restlessness to God. This feeling of restlessness and uneasiness, could be one of God’s sign to prepare you for a new chapter in life.

3) God’s messenger:

God’s messenger or people is one of the ways for you to know that God is giving you a sign. God may be communicating his message through a close friend or a family member. Sometimes even a total stranger could give you an advice or solution that you were desperately seeking for. When we are distressed it is most often our family and friends who provide us with the strength. God is using people we trust to deliver a gospel truth. If you feel someone is showing you a divine path then listen to that person. Any kind of communication through God’s messenger or people are one of the ways to know that God is giving you a sign.

4) A simple gesture:

In life we often ignore the simplest things and signs around us. We often feel that the bigger the problem the more complicated the solution will be. But that is always not the case. Slow down, observe, be attentive and you will surely read the signs. God often uses his own creation give us some sign. Your pet dog, a butterfly in the garden or a sudden thunderstorm, a white dove on your window sill could be the signs and indicators. Your heart will instantly know and your mind will be clear of all your doubts.

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5) A direction:

Do you often feel that God is leading you in a certain direction? It almost feels like God is holding your hand and walking you towards a certain path. Out of nowhere you will suddenly notice that there are certain occurrences and trends that keep pushing you towards a certain direction. For example, if you have been thinking of writing a book or starting your own venture you suddenly start noticing certain clues. You might meet a writer in a social gathering or a successful business man who motivates you take a step further to achieve your dreams. We need to trust God and walk in the direction that he has laid for you. When the Lord leads us into a certain direction, you know God is giving you a sign.

6) It’s not a coincidence:

Many a time you are amazed at a coincidence or a sudden occurrence of an event. But remember it’s not a coincidence always, it can be one of the ways, god is trying to communicate to us. It is God’s way of arranging certain remarkable things for us to ease our problems. You might not sense the sign immediately but it is one of the ways to know that God is giving you a sign.

7) Heightened spiritual activity:

Your spiritual activity will increase and you will have a deeper sense of understanding. It could be a simply activity like reading a book or watching a television program but a deep meaning could be unearthed by you which others fail to comprehend. God will bestow you with greater wisdom and knowledge that you were not aware of. It will help you to calm down and find a logical solution to your problem. This deeper understanding is important as this may be God’s wish to help you walk the path of spirituality with greater seriousness. If you feel you are engaged in a deeper spiritual activity, know this one of the signs from God.

8) A recurring theme:

If a certain theme keeps reoccurring it may be God’s sign to communicate something important to you or the beginning of a new chapter in your life. For example, a certain job may keep showing up your mails, or a new location keeps appearing in your new feed, these may be signs from God. These repetitive messages could be through sermons, podcasts, scriptures etc. When certain messages keep appearing do not ignore it. Delve into that message and try read and understand the hidden meaning. This is God’s way of giving you a sign.

9) Closed doors:

This particular sign could be quite frustrating. It may sometimes happen that you are desperately and wholeheartedly trying for something to work out. It could be moving to a new location, job, marriage etc. But somehow your efforts all go in vain. If the door’s keep closing on you and nothing you do seems to be enough then it’s time to move on. It is indeed a difficult situation but it could be God’s sign to purposely keep you away from that path. Probably God is preparing you for better and bigger things in life. So instead of feeling disheartened, pray to God, And he will eventually show you the right path. Closed doors do not always mean closing of an opportunity it could well be a sign to direct your attention to other bigger opportunities.

10) Unexpected opportunities:

When all of a sudden and out of the blue new things start happening in your life, it could be a sign form God. For example, a new job opportunity, a new relationship etc. You may not be expecting it all, but it could be a new calling. At the beginning it may seem a bit confusing to you. Do not ignore such opportunities eventually everything will make sense and it will seem exciting to you.

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11) Listen to your heart:

Our mind often plays tricks and games with us. It can often confuse us and unknowingly we take a wrong decision or tread a wrong path. In moments like these, it’s our heart which shows us the guiding light. To calm our minds, we often resort to meditation, prayer or even read a book. You may feel a gentle tugging at your heart. Both your mind and heart knows that you have find a solution to something you were so eagerly yearning for. Follow your heart, this could be a sign from God.

God has a plan for each one of us. We may not always have a clarity but we should be patient and obedient and surrender ourselves to God. Do not always expect immediate results. There are times, God tests our patience and in these moments, it is important to believe in God and not question him. This article explores the different ways through which you know if God is giving you a sign. Once you are able to understand the sign from God, it will be the most enriching, empowering and humbling experience of your life.