Better living through spiritual healing is our mantra here at Spirit Restoration. We wholeheartedly believe that anyone can find more meaning in their life as long as they are on the right path, and that path, for us, is spirituality.

Relax. Sit back. Listen to your spirit. It will tell you what you need.


Ways to Become a Shaman

Image Source There are spiritualists who irrespective of their background, refer to themselves as Shamans. Interestingly these spiritualists also describe themselves as mediums, aura cleansers, tarot readers, and Reiki masters. Shamanism is not considered an organized religion but more of…


Movies that make you think about death

Image Source Death and spiritualism are closely interconnected as death is deeply knit with the human soul and the relation to oneself. Innumerable books and other literary materials dig deep into the subject of death. For those who like movies…