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Spirituality is experienced differently by different people. It is above religion because it does not follow the rules of any particular sect or clan. In ancient Sanskrit texts, spirituality is defined as the union of ”Atma,” the soul with ”Paramatma” which means the Divine Power.

Spirituality is closely involved with the acknowledgment of a feeling or belief that there is something greater than the human beings and this Universe. There is a supreme power who is running this entire cosmos. When we are spiritually inclined, then our mind, body and soul will resonate in unison and we will experience that sublime divinity.

However, even saints who are extremely spiritually inclined sometimes start feeling spiritually blocked. Before we delve into the ways of removing those blocks, we first should understand the ways and methods of awakening our spirituality.

How to awaken our spirituality

There are multiple thoughts on the idea of being spiritually awakened. It is most broadly understood as being aware of the Universe, our surroundings and our connection with the Universe. When we start thinking about such questions, automatically a lot of questions like ”Who am I?” ”Where did I come from?” come to our minds.

We also start thinking if this our first birth or we are being reborn? ”If we are reborn, then who were we in our previous lives” and many such questions start creating a weave of thoughts in our minds.

To first understand the basics, we must understand that our body comprises of many organs and systems which are needed for the functioning of the body. Digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, reproductive system etc. and the organs associated with them. However, despite having all the organs intact, that element which gives us life is the soul. Hence to awaken our spirituality, we need to enlighten our soul.

These are few of the practices which will help us to awaken our souls-

Meditation –

This is the most powerful practice which helps us to awaken our souls. Apart from our two eyes, there is a third eye which is basically our power of intuition. And if we can open that eye through meditation, then we will attain nirvana or the state of ultimate enlightenment.

 There are many yogic disciplines like kundalini jagaran (awakening) which helps us in awakening the chakras and purifying our consciousness. If anyone is feeling spiritually blocked, then they should practice kundalini yoga.

There are references of kundalini yoga in Vedic scriptures and ‘’kundalini’’ means coiled snake. It is believed that this coiled snake is sitting at the base of our respective spines. When we practice this form of yoga, then it helps us to arouse this energy via three nerves known as ira, pingla and sushumna. Once this energy reaches till our brain, it is believed that all the seven chakras in our body opens up. As a result of which we attain the ultimate level of consciousness.

Connect with nature –

If we are feeling spiritually blocked, then we should start spending more time in the nature. In today’s extremely materialistic world, we are all the time chasing something or the other. Be it power, money, success, or any similar thing. While doing that, our stress levels increase, and we start feeling suffocated from within.

When we spend a lot of time indoors, away from the natural sunlight and air, it blocks our energy circles in our body, and we start feeling exhausted. In order to release this tension, we must go for a walk in the woods or amidst greenery. We can even sit next to a water body like a river or pond, and it will calm us down. If we live in urban areas and do not have access to such places, we can even sit next to the swimming pool or an artificial fountain. We will see that our stress levels are reducing, and we are feeling more and more awakened.

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Breathing exercises –

In the Vedic texts, there is extreme importance given to breathing exercises or ‘’Pranayama.’’ It is the practice is breathing through one nostril, hold the breath and then release it. If we can control our breath, we can control our emotions and blow out stress from our systems.

If you are feeling spiritually blocked, and there is a lot of commotion in your head, then in the beginning of the day, just spend ten minutes doing the breathing exercises. If it is not feasible to do it in the morning, you may even do it in the evenings after coming back from work.

Never do breathing exercises after eating a complete meal. It is best to do it in an empty stomach in the mornings, after having some green tea or mint tea. You may do it in the evenings too before having dinner. 

Laughter Therapy-

This is another therapy which helps in releasing your stress and emits happy hormones endorphin. When endorphins are released, then it helps our body to release the bad stress.

Laughter increases your intake of oxygen-rich air which is good for your your lungs and heart. It even impacts your nervous system in a positive way. So, if you are feeling spiritually blocked, use laughter therapy as a solution. Watch a comedy movie, read some light jokes, talk to a friend or family member, and discuss about some funny incidents.

This will even elevate your mood and make your day more productive.


Any form of exercise again releases the happy hormones endorphins and uplifts your mood. It is not only required for the healthy functioning of your muscles and other organs, but moderate amount of exercise is also needed to keep you active throughout the day.

It is very important that we do regular exercises especially now when the entire world is struggling through a difficult stage of COVID 19 pandemic. Many of us have confined ourselves inside our homes, and we do not do much of exercises. It is very common for many to feel spiritually blocked when our body does not get enough exercise.

Due to the spread of the disease, gymnasiums or swimming pools might have been closed by the authorities, or you are not confident to visit them. In such situations, just go for a brisk walk for at least thirty minutes every day. It will help you to inhale fresh oxygen and you will get to feel energized and rejuvenated.

Removal of toxins from body-

Along with the above-mentioned techniques, you need to cleanse your body physically. The best way to do that is to observe fasting (not eating anything other than light fruits and juices) once a week. It is a good idea to abstain from meats occasionally for a week to ten days and allow our intestines to clean everything.

We can even rely on ancient ayurvedic treatments of cleansing our bodies. Along with it, you must go for hot herbal oil massages and bath with herbal water. It will cleanse the pores and the massage will improve better blood circulation. Physical well-being is imperative for mental well-being. If anyone is feeling spiritually blocked, and even after exercising and meditating, then we advise them to go for complete cleansing of their systems.

Sleep therapy-

It is very important for the body to get 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day to function at an optimum level. For any reason, if you are not getting proper sleep, then try to take a hot water bath before the bedtime. Read something light before going to bed to help your mind to drift away from the incidents of the day-to-day life.

Even listening to soothing music helps in inducing deep sleep. Sleep deprivation sometimes leaves us feeling spiritually blocked.

Practice Dancing-

You need not be a trained dancer to dance. Dancing is an expression of joy. Spend some time with yourself, away from all he worries and put on your dancing shoes. Play your favorite music and dance to express. It does not matter whether you know the steps, or your steps are good enough for a performance.

Once you libertate your inhibitions and start dancing as if no one is watching, you will feel more connected with your own soul. Your mind, body and soul will be in sync and you will be able to pour more positivity in your actions.

Attitude of gratitude-

In the morning when you wake up, before leaving the bed, thank almighty or the Universe for all the abundance in your life. During the day, thank all the people be it the office janitor, courier boy, parcel delivery boy, food delivery boy or your friends and colleagues at work for everything they do for you.

At home thank your family for giving you all the care and love. In short, never forget to thank everyone who makes your life easy. If you are feeling spiritually blocked, then look back into your days and you will realise that you might not have thanked people enough. You might also realise that you are complaining more and appreciating less. So, start doing the opposite and you will feel spiritually liberated.

Start volunteering –

If you are feeling spiritually blocked, nothing can make you feel better than sharing your good fortune with the less fortunate. Be it an old-age home or a home for orphaned children. Start sponsoring children or contribute for any charity which is close to your heart.

Do not keep it only to donating money. Spend your time and efforts too and you will see how it enriches your life. There is nothing bigger than the joy of giving. Teach your children to value what they have. Teach them to appreciate their abundance and encourage them to share it with their friends and others in the community.

Participate in any voluntary activities during any national emergency like tsunami, cyclone, earthquake, heavy fire etc. and do your bit. When you work along with the authorities or without them, and help even one soul, you will realise the value of it. That smile of the needy person will help you to evolve as a better human being and it will in-turn help you to become more awakened.

Visit a holy place or shrine-

It does not matter whether you believe in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism, or any other religion. Visiting a church, mosque, temple, or any other holy place will elevate your spiritual quotient. Hence if you are feeling spiritually blocked, spend some time in such holy and calm places.

Listen to the church bells, temple bells, or hymns (azaan) in a mosque. Be a part of the mass, chanting of mantras, lighting of candles or incense sticks. Listen to the preaching of the priest or the monk and try to follow one small thing from that. You will feel that your spirits got lifted and you are feeling light and happy.

Practice forgiveness-

Keeping the grudges inside only impacts our lives. The negativity only increases our blood pressure, and all the negative feelings coil up in future to give birth to diseases. So, learn to forgive people from within, not only in our minds, but in reality. No matter what they have done to you, even after being punished by the lawmakers, we are often unable to forgive someone from our heart.

‘’To err is human and to forgive is divine.’’ Practice forgiveness and try to talk to the person who might have wronged you. Once you talk to them, you will realise that may be from their perspective, what they did was right. And if not, then they might be repenting for your misdeeds and are seeking your forgiveness.

If you are feeling spiritually blocked, then dig deep within yourself. You might realise that you are holding a lot of grudges against a lot of people which is not letting you to be at peace. You need to work on that emotion to get rid of it. Else, you will continue to live a life, continue to do all the chores, but will not be able to get rid of all these negativities.

Be transparent and truthful-

It is said that our words create the world. Value your words and keep your promises. Do not lie to people, and do not say things which you do not mean. Keep your dealings with others transparent and be emotionally intelligent. Be aware of the people around you and what they are going through. Empathise with their situation and try to give a shoulder for them to lean on. In turn the same people will take you as a compassionate leader, friend, neighbor, colleague etc. and while you are helping them, you will realise that you are helping yourself the most.


There is no fixed way to make anyone feel spiritually inclined or awakened. It all depends on what we believe in and what works for us. It is absolutely normal to feel spiritually blocked every once in a while. But the good news is that this state is not permanent. Once we start filling our lives with positivity, we will realise that our levels of consciousness too are increasing. Spend some time with yourself every day, and you will be able to hear your inner voice.