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When you sleep with someone, you are basically having sex. If the person is someone with whom you have a relationship or are married, then it a natural act that is sanctioned by society. Sleeping with a casual acquaintance or having a one-night stand is generally considered as a promiscuous act. While eyebrows were raised over such incidents some decades back, things are different today. Sexual promiscuity is now considered as sexual freedom. Even people in a relationship have open relationships where they sleep with someone who is not their partner.

Sexual freedom is exciting and is considered normal in today’s Tinder generation where you can swipe left when you like someone. The act of sex is fulfilling for the body. It allows you to enjoy the sensual pleasures that life has to offer. Is life only about sensual pleasures? This answer is obviously no! There is a spiritual aspect of life that most people believe in. Every act of ours affects us spiritually. Spiritual development is important since it has a bearing in not just this life but even the future life. This brings us to the question of what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

Spiritual impact on our actions

The actions that we do affect us spiritually. We are formed not just of this body but also of a soul or spirit. The spirit leaves the body when we die and moves into the spiritual realm. In this realm, the evolution of the spirit determines what happens. An evolved spirit progresses in the spirit world. In the next human life, an evolved spirit will have a better life. This makes it important to consider the spiritual impact of any action. So, what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

Sex and Spirituality

To answer this question, it is important to understand the relation between sex and spirituality. Sex is not a mere act of physical pleasure. It is considered as a sacred act that leads to a union of body, mind, and spirit. Sex is considered a spiritually fulfilling act when it happens between two souls or spirits. The mind and body need to be ready for the sexual act. This leads to a spiritual union. This can only happen in specific situations. Sleeping with someone randomly or having a one night stand is not a spiritual union.

You may have heard of the concept of Tantric sex. This is a belief in Eastern religions, where the end goal is not physical satisfaction. The goal of tantric sex is spiritual union. It is all about mindfulness and connectedness. This shows that sex is considered among many cultures as a divine act that leads to a complete union between two beings and bot just two bodies.

Even among the aboriginal community of Australia and the Kabbalah faith, sex is considered an intimate act between individuals. In fact, the male and the female are considered as elements of God. In Hinduism, the God Shiva is represented in the form of a lingam. This depicts the union of the male and female sex organs. The Chinese concept of Yin and Yang also depict a spiritual union. All these show that there is been a strong relationship between sex and spirituality for ages.

Impact of sex on our spiritual life

To answer the question of what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone, we need to understand the impact the act of sex has on our spiritual lives. Sex can be an act of meditation. Some people believe that at the time of orgasm, the mind completely becomes blank. That is when we can visualize God. There are cults that practice sex to achieve this state and become spiritually aware.

The answer to the question of what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone can be found by looking at a study done by the University of Kentucky. The study showed that women who considered themselves spiritual had a greater desire for an intimate sexual relationship. The act of sex was considered as a spiritual experience. The act allowed the woman to satisfy her partner and achieve a sense of well-being. This is possible due to the spiritual impact of sex.

Energy exchange

The act of sex has been described as a dance of energy. There is an intertwining of bodies, minds, and souls during the act. This leads to the exchange of not merely bodily fluids but also of energies. When you sleep with someone who has a higher energy level, then you can benefit from the energy exchange. The sexual act will help you charged with energy – physical and spiritual. You are thus absorbing the energy of your partner and sharing your energy too.

Now let’s take a look at the negative side of this. If you are sleeping with someone who has a low energy level, then it is obvious that you will be negatively affected. Your body imbibes the low energy of your partner. As a result, you will end up losing energy. High energy and low energy does not refer to physical strength and energy. It refers to spiritual energy. Those whose actions are positive and mind is positive, will have positive energy. Someone who is more focused on the material aspects of life will have more negative energy.

Importance of relationship

One night stands invariably leads to the fulfilment of physical desires. The chances of your partner being someone of low energy is very high. When you sleep with someone, your spiritual energy either increases or decreases. This depends on the person with whom you sleep. It also depends on the nature of the relationship between the two individuals. When there is a strong relationship between two individuals, then it helps to create a union of minds. This raises the spiritual energy levels. As a result, sex would lead to a positive energy exchange that can boost you spiritually.

The lesson is that you need to choose a partner with whom you can have a satisfying union of body, mind, and spirit. This enhances you spiritually.