The word spiritual awakening as a whole has been used a numberof times. It has been used to define certain qualities like happiness, positivity and tranquility. A clear definition doesn’t exist but when we experience awakening, it could be a sudden change in our consciousness, which has a very large impact on our lives. But on the other hand, the experience of enlightenment comes with a feeling of sentience as well as understanding.

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The path to spiritual awakening

As soon as we start holding ourselves responsible for our own life, the path to spiritual awakening opens with the help of guidance from angels. In this world, ordinary people are in a sleep like state with no knowledge that everyone in this world is a part of you and not different and separate. As a result, the question arises as to what it means to spiritually sleep. When we haven’t experienced spiritual awakening, we lack knowledge that everything around is a part of a larger consciousness and not separate. This detachment from everyone is usually because of the greed, victim blaming and hatred that is prevalent in today’s world.

Anything that is sidetracking you from the actual spiritual reality could be defined as being spiritually asleep. Spiritually asleep people usually are hesitant to make the necessary changes in life, will avoid uncomfortable situations and indulge in harmful behavior. You need to be aware of what exactly is happening in the present moment. Whether you are aware of your experience or whether you are trying to distance from others and the world is necessary. It would explain if you’re still spiritually asleep or spiritually awake.

It can be difficult to have an exact definition of enlightenment or spiritual awakening. But your awareness and a positive change in your consciousness could help define it. It is better to understand what’s happening to you than read about awakening, as it can be more fruitful and mentally rewarding.

Signs that you are on the path to awakening and spirituality


The first step in awakening is when you start noticing changes in you. Earlier, you might not have given much thought to what you want in life, who you are or what your purpose in this world is. If you are suddenly having such questions in your mind, it could be a sign of spiritual awakening. Once this awareness steeps in your mind, you start asking questions like why you need all these luxuries. Or you will ask why it is necessary to view others as competitions rather than a part of you.

Which is why if you are experiencing awakening, it starts with the feeling of realization and awareness. After attaining spirituality, you get a big impulse to change certain things.

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Sense of community connect

This usually means when you stop viewing others as separate beings and begin to feel a sense of connection with everyone. This feeling can happen to you due to many reasons like-

  • There is a sudden interest in helping others and giving back to the community. Helping the old neighborhood lady or taking up volunteering at an animal rescue shelter are some examples of this.
  • A heightened sense of awareness about the wrongs you have been doing. You suddenly realize wasting food, money or excessively using harmful plastics are bad for the environment and people in it.
  • You are worried or concerned about animals and might stop killing flies/small insects/spiders and eating meat.
  • The cloud of judgment is lifted from your eyes and you start viewing people in a different light, trying to understand their perspective and reasons.

Cutting off material attachments

Everyone in this world is tied down by different attachments. These are the ways in which we identify ourselves. For example, we may identify ourselves with the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the money we have and how we spend it. Or it could be what we like to eat and various other things.

In this process, you end up forgetting yourself. You are being fed certain attitudes, values and beliefs by people around you such as friends, parents, media or teachers. The awareness that all these beliefs are subject to change and functions as barrier to what your true beliefs are is usually a sign of spiritual awakening.

This is when you realize these beliefs is a hindrance to your own beliefs after which everything becomes clear. You now have the ability to see right through material aspects.

Sense of tranquility and calm

In today’s’ stressful and fast paced life, it is next to impossible to achieve inner calm. However, the people on the path of awakening and spirituality usually have achieved that sense of Zen. If you find yourself having fewer anger bursts, general frustrations, emotional outbursts in your day-to-day life, it means you are experiencing spiritual awakening.

This doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong in your life- the difference is you might have an emotional reaction that is way less volatile and short-lived. Having a sense of peace can help in battling negative thoughts and encouraging positive emotions.

Increased empathy

When you put yourself in other’s shoes and try to view things from their perspective, you’re being empathetic. Empathy and compassion go hand in hand. A major sign of spiritual awakening is the heightened feelings of empathy, kindness and compassion towards those who are suffering. For people who are aware of the actual spiritual reality, such feelings come naturally and are fulfilling and normal to them. This is why a sudden desire to suffer with others and partake in their suffering is a sure sign of awakening in life.

Death is no longer feared

Most of our fears in life stem from the fear of our own death. A person who is on the path to spirituality finds himself letting go of such fears. The more you are awakened, the more your fear decreases and the reason might be loss of attachment. This is when you stop being concerned about the future and regretting your past decisions. Instead, focus on living the present fruitfully, your own death seems trivial and less fearful. Achieving that sense of tranquility helps you in understanding that death is natural. It is something that cannot be avoided and it is something which is not to be feared.

Sense of happiness

People who are on the path to spiritual awakening seem to be happier than those who are not. Such people not only are happier but healthier than others due to having an excellent body-mind connect.

Several studies and research conducted in positive psychology is quite similar to spiritually awake individuals. This is because qualities such as positivity, peace, happiness, relationships and accomplishments form a part of the happiness model in positive psychology. These are also considered important qualities of a spiritually awakened person.

What happens to you while experiencing spiritual awakening

  • Your emotions are now every heightened as compared to before. Earlier, you might be feeling a disconnect with others. It is possible you are unable to feel or understand their suffering, happiness, anger or any other emotion. However, when you are experiencing spiritual awakening, you are able to comprehend what others are feeling and is able to relate to them. If you are not on the path to spirituality, you will feel detached from everything and everyone.
  • Finally you start realizing that spiritual awakening comes in different forms and there are different ways through which you can unlock spirituality within yourself.
  • The quest to understanding spirituality becomes important to you. Now all you want is to get answers to your questions and to go on the path of spiritual awakening in your own way. You are able to understand this when you start feeling a shared connection with everything around you. This is often an enriching experience. When you experience such an awakening, it is better to read more about it to understand it better and achieve enlightenment.
  • The mysteries of the universe appeal to you and you want to find the answer to them. You get the feeling that everything is connected to each other and not a separate entity. This helps you in understanding people around you better as now you view them as an important part of you.

If you have been feeling such emotions lately, it might be a sign that you are experiencing spiritual awakening. Once you realize you are spiritually awake, start helping others. Practice mediation and yoga and change how you view the world as a whole. Distance yourself from negativity, listen to relaxing music, focus on positive energies, start becoming healthy and interact with the wonderful nature more.

All those questions you have been meaning to ask or is scared to ask are stirred by spiritual awakening. Your soul is trying to connect you with others around you and spiritual awakening is the path to understanding, happiness and calm. When you experience such emotions, instead of ignoring them, listen to the call of your soul and angels. Doing so can have a positive impact on your life by making it more meaningful and enriching.