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We are living in a complex, confused, and conflicting world. Sometimes, it becomes so tough to get around the life that people take the extreme step of taking their own life. As technology is making the physical world around us easier, our psychological world is getting harder. People are trying to find a way out of this and ease the burden on their minds and souls. Most of them try their hands on readily available chemicals like drugs, LSD, cocaine, alcohol, etc, and end up further thickening the complexity. Others choose to leave everything and spend their life seclusion and loneliness.

There is another way to balance your physical and psychological worlds. Awakening the hidden spiritual abilities inside you would solve most of the problems. Whether they are physical or psychological, spirituality shows the path to understand them better.

How to get spiritually awakened?

Different cultures and religions have spoken about spirituality broadly and lucidly. According to Christianity, we are spiritually dead and as we grow, we have to gather things around us to spiritually awaken ourselves. In eastern cultures and religions, every living and non-living thing is born with traces of spirituality. A person must try to realize the hidden spirituality inside him and awaken it before he dies physically.

Since a human being is an intellectually evolved person, it is considered that he is closer to awaken hidden spirituality. But most of us don’t care about it and remain aloof to the infinite possibilities of spirituality. This stage of not giving attention to the spiritual side of our existence is called spiritual death.

We can either chose to lead our life completely immersed in achieving materialistic goals, or we can leave everything and dedicate our life to spirituality. Another better way is to balance both things and make our life better. This was we can ensure we don’t remain spiritually dead individuals.

What is spiritual death?

What causes spiritual death?

Such questions must be popping up in your mind. Let us find the answers together.

What is Spiritual Death?

A human being dies twice in his life. Once when his body loses the life energy. And other, when he completely avoids trying to understand the spiritual meaning of his existence. A spiritually dead person never tries the path of spirituality to find answers to many questions that the physical world fails to answer. Even after knowing that there is a path called spirituality, he despises it or completely ignores it.

The main reason for ignorance is that he is chasing the dreams of the materialistic world. He thinks money, fame, sex, happiness, ecstasy; etc could be achieved using the tools provided by the materialistic world. He indulges in too many activities that keep dragging him away from a spiritual path. Most of the time, even after achieving his goals, he starts feeling empty and hollow. It becomes very difficult to awaken hidden spirituality if you cross a limit. The spirituality gets completely vanished because he never intended to awaken it.

It is not like you can’t come out of this spiritually dead state. You have to know what exactly causes spiritual death before you start making plans to rejuvenate the hidden spirituality inside you. Knowing the causes would give you a fair idea of how to revive spirituality.

Let’s see what causes spiritual death.

What causes Spiritual Death?

The causes of physical death could be assessed within minutes if the person is dead due to natural causes. If he has died due to some unfortunate events, the cause could be ascertained in weeks. In the same way, the causes of spiritual death could be ascertained by assessing the character, behavior, and activities of a person.

When it comes to finding the causes of physical death, the causes could be out in the external environment. But when you want to find out what the causes of spiritual death, you have to look inwards. Science and technology help to find out the real causes of physical death. In case of spiritual death, you have to take the help of a spiritually awakened person or you could take a break from your routine and go inwards to find the causes yourself.

Spiritual and religious texts talk about the cause of spiritual death that is common to any person.

Let us look at them one by one and understand what causes spiritual death.

1. Lack of Intent

Your intention decides how much success you are going to achieve in the cause you have taken up. If your intentions are not strong or clear, obviously you are going to face problems and end up as a failure. Most of us are resigned to our mundane routine and think that it is our fate. Though we face many problems in our life, we never show any intention of finding answers to those questions. We even see several people gaining from awakening their spiritual side. But we remain apathetic about it or never force ourselves to take that path. If ignoring spirituality had made life easy, then you have all the right to be away from it. But lying on death bed without knowing the answers to some of the questions you had faced in your life would haunt you.

Lack of intent can make a person lead a life without any motivation or cause. Not only spirituality he may not achieve anything in life that he could savor on while he is taking last breaths.

2. Zero Compassion

A compassionate person sees things differently than the one who is lacking it. compassion makes a person respond to others’ miseries and suffering. A non-compassionate person never shows any sign of providing succor to others. He doesn’t even make effort to at least say something that would bring solace to souls. He is enchanted by his ego and pride. This always keeps him away from spirituality because he never finds it as a virtue. On the other hand, a compassionate person lends a hand to people who are facing difficulties. He empathizes with them and provides whatever help he could muster.

Compassion connects the souls at different levels. Many saints and yogis have achieved their spiritual goals just being compassionate. When you are compassionate, you are just a few steps away from finding spirituality hidden inside you. Compassion awakens qualities like hope, courage, empathy, sympathy, etc. All these qualities help in absorbing the spiritual vibrations around us.

Lacking in compassion is like living without any sense of belonging to the people around you and the world. You are pleased with yourself and think you have all the answers. This attitude kills every bit of spirituality inside you.

3. Apathy towards Learning

Every creature, object, and person around us can be teachers if we are ready to learn. Events, incidents, and difficulties we face teach us a few lessons. We can’t say we are finished with learning just by achieving a college degree. Learning never stops and it is a constant quality that remains around us. Accepting this fact would make us humble and look for new things to learn. Interest in learning makes us look for the answers we have been struggling to find. You may learn from so many things in your life. From your close friend to spiritually awakened guru, anybody could turn into a teacher if you are prepared to learn.

Most of us never try to learn from anything. We become addicted to our intelligence and ego that we think there is nothing to learn in this world. This keeps us away from so many things that could impart knowledge to us. It also makes us arrogant and ignorant whenever someone tries to teach something. We either humiliate him or try to teach him lessons that we think are more important.

You could stay away from so many things but if you refuse to learn in life, you would remain a spiritually dead person forever.

4. Sense of Repentance

We all make mistakes and commit sins that distance us from god’s path and spirituality. But repenting for misdeeds or sins we have committed would invoke a sense of responsibility in us. If you never repent for the sin you have committed, you would keep repeating the same thing. A person who regrets his mistakes and sins would always be attentive and responsible making sure that he always keeps learning. Learning from past mistakes always keeps you away from committing mistakes in the future. It keeps you alert and awake.

A person lacking in repentance would never hesitate to sin. He executes the sin without any shame or regret. Such a person will never live a fulfilled life nor would he be spiritually awakened.


Spirituality keeps us alert and attentive to everything around us. A spiritually educated person would keep his emotions in balance and never react to anything hastily. He would also make others’ lives better. Keeping spirituality alive within us would keep us in sync with vibrations around us. This allows us to seamlessly extract answers for every life question.

So be a spiritually alive person and never let the spirituality inside you to die.