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Experiencing an awakening of spirituality is a bliss that is exclusive to only a few. It can be a hard time for adults to gain self-awareness regarding their elevated spiritual self. It can be even harder for children to understand their spiritual awakening.

If you are a parent of a spiritually-gifted child, then an awareness of the spiritual gift of your child

can help you understand your child better. You can also connect better with him/ her.

So, how can you realize if your child is spiritually-gifted? Given here are some ways to help you in your amazing discovery:

Heightened Sensitivity

A spiritually-gifted child is extremely sensitive. His/ her sensitivity may manifest in the form of experiences that seem strange to spiritually-uninclined people. Kindness is one way that sensitivity manifests in these children.

Sometimes, they may respond to other people’s emotions based on their sensitivity alone while other people around remain clueless. For example, your child may be aware of the deep anguish of your friend and respond to him/ her with compassion. You might have been completely clueless of the fact that your friend needed emotional support.

In some gifted children, this heightened sensitivity may be experienced in response to specific environmental triggers, such as sound, smell and visuals.

Unusual Questions

Experts that have worked with spiritually-gifted children say that such children show an eagerness to learn about the mysteries of life. They demonstrate an uncanny awareness of the impermanence of their present life. They are also keen to discover the meaning of their present life.

Another common aspect of spiritually-gifted children is an inclination toward seeking answers to unusual questions. These children ask such questions about life that are characteristic of spiritually-inclined adults.

If your child shows an immense interest in concepts such as death and its meaning and aspects beyond death, then he/ she could be spiritually-gifted.

A passing curiosity in death and related concepts may not be an adequate indicator of spiritual elevation. But if your child keeps asking questions about such concepts and is eager for answers, then it could be a sign of heightened spirituality.

If you are time and again surprised at the kind of spiritual questions that your child asks, then chances are your child is spiritually-gifted.

Complementing this habit of asking unusual questions is the child’s ability to handle this mental dimension with an incredible emotional maturity.

While these questions may seem “weird” or unusual to those with low spiritual awareness, the children themselves are matured enough to view their tendency in a broader perspective.

Supremely Talented

Your child may show an exceptional ear for music or an innate talent for painting. He/ she may show an incredible brilliance in studies. The gifts of spiritually-gifted children are limitless. This supreme talent could surprise you, especially if no one in the family is not artistically or academically inclined.

You may also notice any of the following spiritual talents in your gifted child:

  • Clairvoyance – Ability to see things unavailable to normal human perception
  • Channeling – Ability to become a channel for communication from a deceased individual or an entity that is not accessible to the senses of normal humans
  • Energy Healing – This is the ability to heal another person with inner energy. If your child possesses this gift, he/ she will be able to identify the body part that is affected by illness. He/ she will be able to heal it either by touch or through remote healing.
  • Spiritual Mastery – This refers to an enlightened state where your child is bestowed with a deep knowledge of the spiritual. They already know matters of the universe that are still a mystery to other humans.

Children with spiritual gift also find it easy to express their talents. Though sometimes such exhibition of talents may be playful, they are mostly responsible with the use of their gifts. This is because they are usually masters of execution. They come with all the knowledge needed to use these spiritual powers in the right manner.

Deep Curiosity

While children are naturally curious, spiritually-gifted children are more than just curious. They seek answers with a never-ending curiosity and are extremely eager to fill their minds with answers.

They demand clear and in-depth answers and remain unconcerned with superficial aspects.

Subtle Power

Deep spiritual awakening in gifted children gives them immense power. Gifted children realize their power but are not brutal in their show of strength.

They do not waste their time or life over trivial matters such as using their spiritual powers to prove their strength to others. Instead, they use their powers for situations and people that really need them.

Gifted children are more focused on using their spiritual strength for the welfare of others.


Spiritually-gifted children introspect and change their ways where needed to ensure harmony between their inner and outer self. A unique characteristic of gifted children is that they change their ways with immediate effect. They neither take time for cultivating new habits nor do they find excuses to stick to their old damaging habits.

In addition to improving themselves, such gifted children help others improve themselves for a more peaceful and happy life. They are able to detect disharmony within other people, especially closed ones. They take the lead to enable the individual understand and connect with themselves better.

Transcendental Experiences

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A transcendental experience is one in which there is a realization of knowledge or understanding that is beyond normal human perception.

If your child talks about events that happened before his/ her birth, or about people that lived in another time, then these are transcendental experiences.

Sometimes, heightened spirituality may also reveal itself when children talk about their own death in another life.

Some gifted children may demonstrate their transcendental experiences in the form of connectedness with the universe. For example, if your child talks of experiences of conversing with animals, then it could be a spiritual experience.

In some gifted children, such connectedness may manifest in the form of talking to dead people they were extremely close to, during their lifetime. Feeling the pain of other living things, including people and animals as their own is also a mark of spiritual connectedness.

Such connectedness can be felt with art too. Some gifted children have been known to experience a spiritual connection with music. Such children demonstrate their connectedness through emotions such as heartfelt tears after listening to a soulful rendition.

An Eagerness to Gather Information

Children with spiritual power show an eagerness to gather information.

This tendency to gather information is another way that spiritually-gifted children employ to achieve the connectedness they constantly seek. The connectedness they achieve through information-gathering makes them deeply happy and be more in touch with themselves and the universe.

Reading is one of the most common ways that gifted children use to gather information. They may also use forms other than reading to gain information.

An Understanding that is Beyond their Years

Spiritually-gifted children possess the ability to gain an understanding pf people, situations and the world, in general, in a way that may seem is beyond their capacity.

This innate ability for deep understanding enables them to forgive wrongs of others more easily than those with low spiritual quotient can do. The sincerity and simplicity of the act of their forgiveness can be an incredible experience to witness.

An Interest in, and an Ability for, Profound Conversations

What is spirituality? Is it universal connectedness? Is it a reference to something unknown that exists beyond human understanding? Is spirituality realizing the element that exists beyond what can be humanly imagined?

If you find your child getting animated at such profound conversations that even adults think twice about before discussing, then he/ she could be a spiritually-gifted child.

A child with spiritual awareness not only understands profound spiritual concepts but also shows an eagerness to participate in such conversations. Such children show an incredible familiarity with such subjects.

Disinclination to Obey Rules

Spiritually-gifted children sure are polite, honest and more forgiving than others. But this does not mean they have no opinions and that they follow others without objections.

These children too are opinionated and they do not shy away from voicing their opinions and protesting against rules they “feel” are better done away with.

Spiritually-gifted children analyze if the rules they are required to follow deliver a meaning to them.

They use more of an inner barometer than a logical explanation to gauge whether a rule needs to be obeyed. If they “feel” right, they comply with the rule.

If not, they are stubborn in their non-adherence.

In Conclusion

Discovering that your child is spiritually-gifted can be an amazing, exciting and sometimes even an overwhelming emotion. When you know the ways of discovery, you remove half the stress of connecting with your child.

Awareness about your spiritually-gifted child is also key to acceptance. You can guide your child accept himself/ herself totally while you too learn to accept your child and his/ her rare gift.

Awareness also develops empathy for your child. With empathy, you will be able to provide more

meaningful emotional support to your gifted child.

With better connectedness, you can get involved in more meaningful conversations with your spiritually-elevated child. You can even expand your own spiritual universe with such conversations.

What can be more fulfilling than having your child as your spiritual guide?