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Relationships can be tricky. They need constant effort and support. This equation tends to get a little more complicated if one partner experiences the world differently than the other. Being spiritually sensitive makes a person experience stronger emotions than an average individual. It can even be difficult for them to communicate their sensitive nature effectively. 

The people who are spiritually sensitive are extremely sympathetic towards people as well as the outside world. These people are generally tagged as the “old souls” of the world. A soul that seems to have experience beyond their years and one that displays a great deal of maturity. So, if your spouse feels like they too can be an old soul owing to their mannerisms and personality traits, then maybe they are spiritually sensitive.

While it can be confusing for you to understand the needs of your spouse and their innate abilities, there are things you can do to help. Support and help them through thick and thin by identifying them primarily as a person who is sensitive spiritually. Doing so will make it easier for both you and your partner to smoothly ride the ups and downs of your relationship with this gift. Here are some core traits that can help you identify this intuitive nature of your partner-

  1. Such individuals tend to be over-sensitive towards their surroundings.
  2. These people are usually the creative and imaginative kinds.
  3. They have a gift of understanding others through their empathetic nature.
  4. It is easier for them to bond with people, kids, and even animals.
  5. You might often hear them say that they feel as if they have been to a certain place before when in reality they have not.
  6. They find it hard to sleep during the spiritual hour between 3 am to 4 am in morning.
  7. They have a deep knowledge that goes beyond their actual age.
  8. They feel like the universe is trying to communicate with them.
  9. They get to know when something bad is going to happen to someone.
  10. They have told you about seeing unexplained occurrences.
  11. They experience unusual sensations like a tingling feeling.
  12.  They get emotionally attached to people and pets and can sense their feelings with ease.
  13. They have vivid dreams.
  14. They get nightmares that can be unsettling.
  15. They can easily understand the spiritual teachings of spiritual leaders across the world.

What is being spiritually sensitive?

People often confuse being spiritually sensitive with intuitive behavior. The real reason behind this is that both of these capacities have the same roots. They are both believed to stem from the universe as a gift. Spiritually gifted people are believed to receive their abilities from the blessings of the spiritual realm.

If these intuitive abilities are honed with continuous practice, the spiritual awareness in an individual grows manifold. This process also works the other way around. If an individual practices their spiritual gifts for a long period of time, they become more and more intuitive. This simply means that both these paths lead to the same destination, merging into one another.

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Ways to know if your spouse is a spiritually sensitive person-

Let us now look at the signs that set apart a spiritually sensitive person from the others in a little more detail. These signs will help you support your spouse through their journey:

Sensitive-  Even though this is an obvious trait of such an individual being empathetic comes naturally to them. Even though this is a positive trait, it can be emotionally taxing for the one who is sensitive spiritually. Help your spouse by appreciating them and keeping them away from all forms of negativity. Do not disregard their sensitive nature, rather aid them to use their gift to help others. Do not force them to desensitize but instead help them nurture this trait.

Inquisitive nature- A person who is sensitive spiritually tends to be filled with a great deal of curiosity. They are determined to find the how and the why behind everything. They do not shy away from asking questions if they want to understand something fully. They absorb information like a sponge and take time to reflect upon this newly gained knowledge.

Introspective-  As mentioned above, they like to reflect intently in order to connect the dots between the mundane and the universal truth. This habit of deep personal reflection makes them not only self-aware but also greatly aware of their surroundings. They use their introspective abilities to bring about a positive change in their environment that benefits everyone around them.

Bookworms-  Yes, you read it right. A spiritually sensitive person loves to spend their time in the library or a bookstore. Their curiosity makes them seek knowledge and what can be a better source of knowledge than books. Books give them comfort as they help educate them about the mysteries of life and everything beyond it. Spirituality regards books not only as a source of knowledge but also as a means to connect with the universe. No wonder a spiritually gifted person embraces books as a life-giving fountain.

Exceptionally talented-  A person who is sensitive spiritually, is in tune with their mind, body, and soul. As a consequence, it should not come as a surprise that these people are blessed with exceptional talents. They have the capacity to be the maestro of any form of art be it dance, music, melody, or literature among many more. If you wish to support your spouse, you must start by celebrating their many talents and nurture their soul and mind with your affection. 

Connected to nature-  Being attuned to the rhythms of the spiritual world, a person who is sensitive spiritually is deeply connected to nature. They are sensitive to the changes in the earth and weather. They can predict the oncoming thunderstorms with great accuracy. It is bizarre but they can feel the oncoming changes within themselves. The season cycle impacts their moods because they are so in touch with the elements of nature.

A reservoir of knowledge-  The depth of understanding within an individual who is sensitive spiritually knows no bounds. This knowledge is even beyond their own conscious mind and encompasses matters beyond this world. The exceptional physical and spiritual knowledge that these individuals harbor molds them into mature people. They not only amass as much knowledge as they can but they also have an ardent desire to share it with others. They want to use the information they have to help make this world a better place.

Kind-hearted-  An individual who is gifted with spiritual sensitivity has a compassionate heart. They can not hold themselves back if they see someone in need. Their sincere heart is a consequence of their deep understanding of people. They embrace the flaws that marr an individual and connect with them on a spiritual level. They heal others with their genuine kindness. Since they chase the truth, they are themselves always honest in their attitude which shows in their actions and their heart filled with kindness.

Forgiving-  It is due to their ability to connect with people spiritually that makes these individuals forgiving in nature. Their deep understanding of the world makes them aware of the fact that we are all flawed. This realization often helps them find forgiveness within their kind hearts. Their forgiving nature is a sign of their purity and depicts their strong connection with the spiritual world. They are not only aware of the forces of nature, but they themselves are a force of nature due to their pure soul.

Easily overwhelmed-  Since a spiritually sensitive person always has so much to give, they often find themselves exhausted. They can get easily overwhelmed as they constantly try to heal and help others. As a result, they can often find themselves getting irritated. They are constantly receiving stimuli from all around their surroundings, leaving them feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. As a partner of a spouse who is sensitive spiritually, you should always accommodate their sensitive behavior with understanding.

Easily affected by others-  This should not come as a surprise. As a person who is constantly aware of others and their feelings, a spiritually sensitive person gets easily affected by others and their feelings. They are not only aware but also absorb the energy that others give off. Hence, as a partner of a spouse who is sensitive spiritually, you must be mindful of your behavior around them. Do not give off negative energy that spins them into a spiral of self-doubt or over-analysis.

Intuitive-  A spiritually sensitive individual is very intuitive and this can be a hard pill to swallow for their partners. Not everybody understands this ability. As a matter of fact, people often find it hard to trust those who rely on their intuition. They are often rebuked and called “too sensitive.” This ability is not their imagination running wild but their deep connection with the spiritual world. Understanding this sensitivity as a partner will allow your spiritually susceptible spouse to better access and process it. They will also find it easier to communicate with you if they know that you trust them.

How embracing spirituality can help your spiritually sensitive spouse-

People who are susceptible to the messages of the spiritual realm are often seen to be a lot more prone to anxiety. The reason behind getting so overwhelmed is the constant input of sensory stimuli from everyone and everything around them. Their empathetic nature causes them to absorb all kinds of energies and emotions that people around them radiate. As a consequence, their nervous system gets overloaded causing burnout. This burnout then manifests itself in the form of anxiety. 

Your spiritually sensitive partner might not have the right tools to deal with these overwhelming feelings. They might feel as though they have to carry all this burden by themselves. This is however not the case. Not only can you help them deal with this load but moreover, fully embracing spirituality can help ease the burden more effectively.

As soon as such people start to accept their strong connection with the spiritual realm they open the channels of communication with its unbridled power. As the lines of communication grow deeper, the easier it becomes to connect with the power within themself. Once they forge this connection with the higher power, they find it easier to carry the burden. The weight no longer seems overbearing. This is the ideal way to surrender all the worries and with it the overwhelming anxiety. They have to come to the realization that they are not alone. They need to accept the guidance that is always protecting and nurturing them.

They have to accept that not everything can be controlled and that sometimes the best course of action is to submit. No one knows what the future holds and what has happened is no longer under our control. Individuals who a spiritually susceptible can feel the energy that others give off but they can not control their actions or their fate. Submit to the peace that trusting the higher power brings with it. You can help your partner find this solace by letting them know that you are with them on this journey, every step of the way.

Wrapping it Up!

Helping your spouse align themselves with the spiritual direction can act as a guiding force. This will help them support both their emotional as well as their spiritual needs. Trusting the instincts they are blessed with, individual who is sensitive spiritually can help better manage their sensitivity. As their partner, on the other hand, it is your responsibility to help them strike a balance between the energies and experiences they trap in their psyche. Be their anchor as they dive into the abyss of their spiritual abilities, holding them firmly back to a wholesome life experience with this gift!