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Do you feel that you have a sixth sense? Have you grappled with questions about your ability to know things that are bizarre? Have you had the feeling that maybe the universe is trying to communicate with you? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, then perhaps you are spiritually gifted. 

Having an intuitive sense is a unique gift that enables you to forge a strong connection with the spiritual world. In order to make this ability even stronger, you have to remove your inhibitions and open yourself to all the possibilities. Let this spirituality flow through you in order to channel its magic for greater things. The more you deny yourself this gift, the more you reject the guidance from the spiritual world. So, accept this knowledge and let your life takes its course. 

So, how to know if you are spiritually gifted? Read on to find out.

Signs that you are spiritually gifted

It is possible that you are not entirely sure whether you are really gifted spiritually or you simply have the ability to make good guesses. Figuring out this difference can certainly be a confusing task. We have tried to list below some of the signs that can help you figure out whether this unique intelligence is a connection with the spiritual realm:

Vivid dreams-  To answer the question- how to know if you are spiritually gifted? Let us look at the most obvious clues. Medically it is proven that sleep is essential for our body as it is during this time that our body repairs itself. As a result, during sleep time, our body is at its most vulnerable. Our mind is at rest and is creative during this time of the day. Dreams, therefore, come to us easily while sleeping.

Dreams have been known to open up a channel of communication between us and the spiritual world, connecting us to the greater message during our mind’s vulnerable state. While dreams are always open to interpretation, if you get a vivid dream often, you should try to write it down when you wake up. This way you can later connect the dots and decipher the meaning behind your dreams and see how they communicate to you about the real world. 

Awake During the Spiritual Hour-  If you have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, try to check the time next time this happens. If you find yourself consistently waking up between three to four in the morning, then perhaps it is an indication that you are spiritually gifted. This hour is famously known as the spiritual hour across cultures.

It is believed that during this time of the day, the veil separating our world from the spiritual world is very thin. As a consequence, it is easier to communicate with the spiritual realm during this time. If you wake up during this hour, it might be because the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you because you have the capacity to receive this message. So, the next time it happens, try to focus on the message that is sent to you as it might hold grave importance.

Visions-  Answering the question of  how to know if you are spiritually gifted? here is another easy clue. While dreams are the means of communication for the spiritual world when we are asleep, visions communicate with us when we are awake. Often people confuse visions with daydreams however that is not the case. It is a sudden premonition that pops into your head out of nowhere. It might leave you feeling a little uncomfortable but they usually warn us of impending danger. It is therefore important to take them seriously as it could be spiritual guidance, aimed at protecting you. They often help you by pulling you out of harm’s way even though they don’t leave you with a pleasant feeling.

Nightmares-  Remember when we were kids and nightmares used to wake us up? Kids are often believed to harbor irrational fears and hence they are more susceptible to having nightmares. However, there might be another reason why children are more prone to getting nightmares. It is believed that kids are usually more sensitive to the spiritual world. Scientifically, it is proven that when adults sleep, they reach a state called the Delta and Theta states. These states are where our mind mimics our childhood state. Hence, when a grown-up enters this state, they too become spiritually aware just like a kid. The spiritual realm uses nightmares to get your attention in order to communicate with you.

Weird Sensations-  Do you also experience unexplained and strange sensations every now and then? Maybe it’s a tingling sensation that is similar to having butterflies in your stomach or maybe you feel like you have goosebumps on your skin out of nowhere. Usually, these sensations are a sign. They are a way for the spirits to communicate with you. You might be getting a piece of good news soon or you might be getting a warning sign from the spiritual world. This phenomenon is not to be taken lightly. Pay attention to these as the more you encourage these signs, the stronger and impactful they grow.

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Being in Sync-  Many cultures around the world believe in the power of three. Three is a special number and has deep spiritual connotations for people with varying faiths. One such belief is that if you get constant visions, thoughts, and dreams about a person, it might be a message from the spiritual world. It is a way for the spiritual realm to tell you that you need to connect with that person.

It is possible that this person is in danger and needs your help. It could even be possible that you need to reach out to this person as they hold the key to the mysteries of your life. Perhaps, the forces of the spiritual realm want you to connect with this person to make peace and embark on your respective journeys with a renewed vigor. This phenomenon is called synchronicity and it has deep symbolism in the matters of spirituality. This is certainly an easy way of how to know if you are spiritually gifted.

Strong Connection with Animals- Even though we are among the most developed species in this world, animals are a lot closer to nature. As a result, they are also considered to be closer to the spiritual world. It is believed that they can easily perceive the things in the spiritual realm that will otherwise be invisible to the human eyes. They are hence, believed to be spiritually gifted. This gift not only enables them to look at the world differently but it also allows them to understand people better. It is for this reason that people believe that if animals are drawn towards you then you too might be spiritually gifted. Your strong aura is the reason that they are drawn towards you and this is how to know if you are spiritually gifted.

One with Nature-  Just like animals, if you are bestowed with the gift of being in alignment with the spiritual world, then you are connected to nature as well. If you have a knack for predicting the weather. If you can tell that the local weather report predictions are not going to come true, then you might be spiritually gifted. Some of us can tell it will rain because we can see the dark clouds looming on the horizon. However, if you can tell that it is going to rain even when it is bright and sunny outside, then you are blessed by the spiritual world. This gift is a result of your extra sensitive self that is in tune with nature telling you exactly how to know if you are spiritually gifted.

Impacted by Lunar Phases-  This point follows the previously mentioned point of how to know if you are spiritually gifted. If you feel an impact due to the changing phases of the lunar cycle, then you might be gifted. Moon is believed to have a lot of impact on nature as well as our planet as a whole. The gravitational pull exerted by the moon influences the tides of the sea and influences the weather. As a result, the different phases of the moon like the new moon and the full moon especially, impact the workings of our planet.

A spiritually gifted person is most likely to experience the effects of these different phases. This is because they are highly attuned to every aspect of nature. So, if you too feel your moods changing or your sleep cycle getting disturbed during the lunar cycle phases, then you might be spiritually gifted.

Impacting Things Around You- People who are gifted spiritually often find that their surroundings have an impact on them. The opposite of this is also true as they too have the power to influence their surroundings. Our emotions have a lot of inherent power, but those who are spiritually gifted have even more influencing emotions. There is a power that resides in their emotional being. As a result, they can often witness a reflection of their internal emotions on their external surroundings. If they have a green thumb and are into gardening, they might find it hard to grow plants if they are upset. Even flowers in full bloom might wither away due to their pensive mood. A similar effect can be seen upon pets and other animals around such people.

Sensitivity towards Others-  As we mentioned above, spiritually gifted people have powerful emotions. They are equally capable of perceiving the emotional state of others around them. They are natural empaths and can therefore easily pick up on the emotions felt by people they are around. Their senses are triggered by negative energy and therefore if someone is feeling sad, angry, jealous, or frustrated, they can easily sense it. Sometimes they are able to tell merely by looking at an individual whether they are upset. So, if you too are good at perceiving the emotions felt by others, then perhaps you are spiritually gifted.

Deep Knowledge-  We sometimes meet people who seem to be older than their actual age. Some people call them mature, others refer to them as evolved but mostly they are the old souls. These people seem to have experience and knowledge beyond their years. Such people have a spiritual depth that renders them a deep understanding of the world as well as people. One such trait depicted by such individuals is their affinity to share more than they receive. This deep knowledge is a gift of the spiritual world and it is an easy clue for those wanting to understand how to know if you are spiritually gifted.

Great Curiosity-  Those who are spiritually gifted have a thirst for knowledge. Their connections with the spiritual realm make them want to absorb all the knowledge in this world. They are observant and are curious to know the answers to their questions. Generic answers do not satisfy their knowledge-seeking soul. Their quest is bigger than that and they are willing to pursue the answers till they satisfy this eagerness to learn.

Wrapping it Up!

If you find any of the traits mentioned above in yourself, then there is a high possibility that you have been blessed with the gift of a spiritual connection. It is certainly hard to come to terms with such a revelation but once you embrace the bountifulness of the spiritual world, you will see its magic all around you. These extra senses that you possess will enable you to traverse through a path of spiritual enlightenment only if you fully accept them. Allow them to powerfully and positively influence your life with a little bit of practice.