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Being yourself and being with your loved ones is an incredibly happy and peaceful feeling. However, there are times when you will doubt yourself, your actions and would question them as well. These are the times when you need to have courage in yourself and not be bothered by unnecessary comments. If you genuinely want to enjoy this life, then look no further.

Discovering yourself and understanding how your brain and mind works will help you find out the person spiritually. You seek answers to the question of which is already in your mind. The question of the answer “who am I spiritually” remains unanswered as of now. However, everything will be clear when you are spiritually connected to yourself. You feel you are at peace- you feel happy, you can observe you are smiling more. All this is only possible when you are spiritually connected to yourself and have answered the question “who am I spiritually”.

There are ways and means by which you can find out and understand you are a spiritual person. Once you know who you are, you have a deeper understanding of everyone and everything around you. Here are the different ways which can help you find out the person you are spiritual.

  • You do not fear anyone: Being fearless is a vital sign of a spiritual person. When you say you do not fear anyone, you need to mean it. Many have a fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of pets, and many more. This fear tends to make you weak. The more you think about being afraid of something, the more it seems to weaken your inner strength. Keep your mind and body free from such worries.
  • No one has escaped death, but then you cannot keep stressing over the fact that one day you may die. Stop worrying about things that you have no control over. Rather invest your time and energy in things you can control and can make you happy and healthy. As long as you know how to ignore being afraid and running away from fear, you are a truly spiritual person.
  • You see things as they are: You avoid having unnecessary conversations and save yourself when you do not require false promises, expectations, resentment, desire, passion. You realize change is the only thing constant, and you accept it. Realizing that everyone and everything is temporary on this earth, will help you a great deal. You know nothing is permanent around you and once you stop worrying about the impermanent you will see your spiritual self is reflected in your smile.
  • You do not demean people: Being a spiritual person you ignore talking ill about others. You do not indulge in baseless gossips and keep everything quite simple. You know spreading positivity can help the surrounding people. So you do not indulge in baseless gossips and rumors. Rather you prefer silence over spreading negativity. All these are signs of a positive person who is spiritually enlightened.
  • You have a kind and loving nature: Your positive attitude reflects in your actions towards others. You do not pretend to be someone or something which you are not. Rather you make it a point to hold your head high and just be yourself. You have a pure heart and a golden opportunity to express yourself and be close with your loved ones. A lot of spiritual leaders have always been kind, loving, and supportive. That itself is a big step for you to gain spiritual enlightenment.
  • You are a keen observer and learner: You have this innate quality in you where you tend to observe everything and everyone around you. And you not only observe but also tend to learn from your observations. You are a keen learner, and your interest lies in things that make sense. The right knowledge will only help in the longer run. Knowledge in the form of gossip and bitching is just not meant for you. This is a true mark of a spiritually enlightened person.
  • Meditation is the key: When you ask yourself “who am I spiritually”, have you ever sat back to consider the answer to this question. You are what your thoughts make you. Days are becoming difficult to survive and having your loved ones close to you is a blessing in disguise. Likewise, to manage everything on your own can be a challenge. And this is where meditation plays an especially important role. Meditation can help you rejuvenate and reconnect with your inner self. You sit back and relax and concentrate on the asanas and your breathing. Meditation can help you come face to face with your fate and understand its importance.
  • You have a habit of taking care of yourself: You may be active throughout the day and by the end of it, you may get tired. Hence this becomes all the more important that you take care of yourself and your health as well. You cannot exhaust your energy and expect to be fit and fine. And strength should not just be of body, but mind as well. Mentally too your need to be fit and fine to ensure no one can hurt you. And this shows how spiritually enlightened you are.
  • You feel your life has a purpose: Being spiritually enlightened, you tend to feel one with the higher being. You find the purpose in your everyday life to stay motivated and to motivate others. The purpose of your life is to spread positivity amongst liked and all. That is not much to ask for! Yet you feel the need of having a purpose in life that helps you in more ways than one.

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Understand if you are spiritual

All the above points will help you understand if you have spiritual qualities within you or not. Understanding yourself can help you at the end with your question of “who am I spiritually”. Your spiritual journey will indeed be a memorable one, and worth sharing the experience with all others. Before you disperse and start with your mundane routine, try, and understand the value of being spiritually enlightened, how well you can help others with the same. You will need to understand what a person you are spiritually. Here is a comprehensive list of kinds of spiritual people which you can refer to and further determine yourself.

  1. The Kinesthetic: For Kinesthetic spiritual person, you tend to connect via touch and feelings. You enjoy body workouts and like moving around. Some are even of the opinion that indulging in physical activity like yoga, dance, any other art form can help you achieve your spiritual self. Kinesthetic spiritual mainly contact through touch or sense. You may also indulge in physical exercises, running early in the morning and practicing regular yoga can help you a lot.
  2. The Scholar: A Scholar spiritual person is known for their love of reading and books and thoughts. The Scholar would be a person who believes in thorough research work and coming to conclusions only after understanding the consequences. A scholar spiritual soul would be into book, would also indulge in writing, reading, sharing a lot of their work. You may join a book club, read books daily. You also share a circle of friends who have the same mindset as yours. Also, you enjoy reading and exchanging your thoughts with your friends. You share your knowledge, and you indulge in a meaningful discussion. This is how scholar spirituals are. Majorly into books and reading, they also have a knack of maintaining their knowledge about something new and will keep updating themselves.
  3. The Devotional: As the name suggests, Devotional spiritual would be into constant prayer and hopes and wishes. It is said the way Kinesthetic is about the body, the Scholar is about the mind, the Devotional is only about the heart. Devotional spiritual is all about the heart. They do not need much of scientific explanation or evidence or analytics to understand everything around them. They feel happy with their own selves. They are selfless, loyal, compassionate, and empathetic. They believe in what they see and trust with their instincts.

    Know more about devotional spiritual

    For a devotional spiritual, you need not require books or any activity to feel enlightened. Even with your close one, loved one, you feel spiritually enlightened and happy. You understand what it means to be with your loved ones. And you gain your strength and power from this very understanding. You need good company, happy thoughts and happy activities will automatically come in the picture. As long as you have amazing company to help you out, keep you sane, you can be spiritually charged up and enlightened.
  4. The Servant: Those spirituals who indulge in helping others or for the greater good of humanity are termed as The Servant. The word Servant is originally very offensive, however, the context for which this word has been used is completely different. Traditionally a servant is meant to serve their master and agree to all their demands without any say in it. However, here the word servant has a quite different connotation. Those spirituals who believe in helping out others, who are never afraid of reaching out to others are the ones termed as the Servant spirituals. Volunteering is a noticeably big example here

    Many times, it has been observed that you do not feel connected to everyone around you. You feel discord and a disconnect. And the courage to reach out to others even in the most difficult times shows your true nature. You are a true spirit who needs to heal and touch people around. You feel more energized and more active when you are on the field interacting with the audience. And that is how servant spirituals seem to bloom and blossom.

  5. The Contemplative: Quietly praying, meditating and enjoying your very own company and relaxing in the silence are all that Contemplative Spiritual does. They do not thrive well in crowds and avoid too much company. They feel happy and content on their own and work well when left alone to be with their self. They indulge in quiet meditation and prayers and like being left alone. Contemplative spirituals are peace -loving and avoid noisy and crowded places. And hence they prefer their very own company and indulge in quiet times. Such a spiritual may indulge in a solo road trip or meditate in their room and avoid too much of company.

Reaching spiritual point

Now that we know the kinds of spiritual people, you can go through and see who you resemble the most. Irrespective of whose traits you follow the most, understand reaching out to your self is one of the main criteria of becoming a successful spiritual. You cannot always follow the instructions. At times even you need to make some changes with the way you think and react and behave around each other. This however works for all. As long as you are true to yourself, you feel at peace and are happy, you know you have reached your spiritual point.

Know your traits

You know how to recognize a spiritual person. The above list is comprehensive but not the only criterion. Understanding everyone and everything around you, keeping an open mind and an open eye to everything is what a spiritual does most of the time. And that is exactly what is expected out of you. You will need to understand your traits and identify with the kind to have similar spiritual qualities and can explore the world around you. Being one with Nature, appreciating those around you, taking care of yourself and your loved ones, is all that truly matters. Your spirituality will come to you naturally without you even having to put much effort into it. Just be prepared and trust yourself.