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Ways to Attract Money Spiritually

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.“

— Buddha

Why do some people find themselves making lots of money while others get by with the bare minimum?

Maybe you were told that you have to struggle, get an education, and then work until your bones hurt to become worthy of being rich.

Maybe you were told not everyone could be rich, and that it wasn’t in your cards to begin with.

Maybe you looked at your grades, your family, your bad habits, or had some belief about why you don’t deserve to make money.

All these beliefs culminated in you and money standing at opposite ends of a spectrum. Always repulsing the other, never attracting.

This is simply the law of attraction in action.

Just like human beings emit energy, so do inanimate things like money emit energy.

When your energies are mis-aligned, you’ll never meet and join in harmony.

Making money isn’t easy, but neither is it as difficult as most people convince themselves it to be.

There are forces at play here beyond your education or your job history.

To begin to attract money, you must understand the law of attraction, how it works, and how to apply it in your day-to-day life.

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is a philosophy that says positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts do the opposite.

This law is absolute, and affects all areas of a person’s life such as their health, finances, and relationships.

Like attracts like.

Abundance attracts abundance.

Scarcity attracts scarcity.

Similar things are believed to stand on the same frequency as one another, and attract each other as a result. It’s that simple.

So, if you want to make money, all you have to do is match the frequency of money to guide it towards you.

It’s easy to find out your current frequency.

If you’re always broke, then you’re not on the same frequency as money.

If you’ve got plenty in the bank, then you’re already aligned with the frequency of money.

Chances are, you’re not already aligned with money. That’s why you’re reading this article.

That’s why you’re looking up “How to attract money spiritually?” on the internet.

That’s why it’s easy for me to understand you and your mindset. Knowing that much, I can say for certain that you don’t have an abundance mindset when you go about life. The abundance mindset is tricky to grasp, but it works and creates real results. This mindset is one of the biggest keys to attracting money.

Imagine someone struggling financially. They appear to inherit a windfall of money by sheer chance. Things suddenly look up. Opportunities come knocking, life seems more fulfilling. Yet, because such people have always repulsed money their entire lives, they find that their wealth quickly and immediately vanishes.

“Easy come, easy go,” as they say.

Lotto winners quickly become penniless. They spend money like water and soon find their wallets empty. Wealthy, miserly people, as a counter-example, are stingy with their money. They have a hard time letting go of money yet the money pours into their bank accounts with the ferocity of a waterfall.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How to attract money spiritually?” Well, this is one of the biggest hints there is for the law of attraction.

Many people notice this phenomenon, and make up their own explanations as to why it happens. Only those who understand the law of attraction understand it for what it is.

So now that we understand what the law of attraction is, how can we implement it to spiritually attract money?

Establish Your Intention

The first step in attracting money spiritually is to establish a clear intention. Like any goal, it’s important to be specific.

It’s not enough to wonder “How to attract money spiritually?” Be specific.

Vague and ambiguous goals like “Make a lot of money” don’t translate into attraction. The more details you can add to your goal, the better. The more specific you can be, the better.

When you set your intention with the universe, don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt the universe, either. Simply set a firm, specific, and concrete intention. Don’t wonder “How to attract money spiritually?” ever again. Simply believe and go forth.

Trust that the universe will do its part in making your intention real. Take actions to fulfill your part of the bargain. The universe helps those who help themselves. You have to be receptive and emotionally, physically, and spiritually align yourself with your intention. This means believing in your goal and doing everything you can to reach it.

Remember to frame your intention in a positive manner. Saying something like “I don’t want to smoke anymore,” or, “I don’t want to be poor anymore” can backfire.

These messages contain negative energy and can backfire. They make you think of unpleasant things and remind you of what is lacking. Negativity attracts more negativity.

Set an intention with a positive frame, such as “I will make $10,000 by the end of this month.”

The bigger your intention, the more time you need to allow it to manifest. The bigger the space between your current position and your goal, the longer you need to wait for it to manifest.

If you are currently broke, homeless, and without an education, you might need an incredible amount of time before you realize your goal. It’s still completely possible, as long as you are willing to put in the effort and be patient until the results manifest before you.

For this reason, it’s worth breaking up your goal into smaller chunks instead. The bigger the goal, the larger the positive force you will need to make it true.

With each passing day, and each passing setback, you’ll need to replenish your positive energy to close the gap.

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Establish Your Reason

It’s also important to understand why you’re setting your intention. Spiritually impure reasons for making money will always fizzle out, but spiritually strong reasons for making money will stay robust until you manifest them.

Some people have the strong belief that all money is inherently evil and so, desiring money is automatically evil. This isn’t so.

If your desire for attracting money is to live a better life, you’ll have an easier time attracting money. Helping the lives of people around you will always be one of the spiritually purest and noblest reasons to make money.

Pure reasons empower the individual and provide a strong motive and backbone for the times when reality makes your conviction waver.

Thinking of money as “evil” is a symptom of a greater problem. Your desire to make money must always be in harmony with your spiritual beliefs, or with your higher self. The more you associate money with negative, selfish reasons, the more you are likely to repulse money instead. Money is simply a tool, like a hammer. There is no rightness or wrongness to money, it is up to the person that wields it.

This is why many people feel stuck in their jobs. They don’t feel that their jobs align with their spiritual selves and lose harmony as a result. They feel disgruntled and dissatisfied, and fail to realize their potential. This leads to profound unhappiness.

In the end, everything and everyone is made up of energy. When you understand why you want to make money above all else, you will find that money can flow freely to you and through you.

Your desire always comes from the highest part of you. You rarely choose your desires. Your desires choose you.

Your reason will fuel the fires of your desire and force your frequency to match that of money.

For most people, the desire to attract money is a desire for experiencing more of life. Physically, money is just bits of paper and coin in your pocket. There is no inherent value to them that allows you to purchase warm food, or a house to keep your loved ones safe. Money contains within it an energy to live a greater life and express more of yourself.

Cultivate Your Desire

Now that you’ve established your intention and your reason, it’s time to cultivate your desire. Desire is a magnetic force that draws or pushes energy to you. Suppression of your desires always ends up in over-correction or under-correction that makes you crave harmony.

Thinking of your desires as bad will impede the flow of energy.

How do you know you’ve successfully cultivated your desire?

You will be immediately met with strong emotions.

Emotions are a sign of strong resonance. The most common emotion most people feel is fear. Fear of failing. Fear of making money. Fear of not making enough. This fear paralyzes you and cripples you.

Do NOT block out the fear. Understand why you are feeling these emotions. All emotions are incredibly powerful attracting forces.

Ask yourself why you feel fear. What will it look like when your intention manifests? What if it fails to manifest? How does the result make you feel?

Emotions are a sign that the law of attracting is working. Stay positive, however, as things can go negative in the blink of an eye.

Think about what your life will look like when you make your intention manifest. How will it make your friends and loved ones feel?

How would you feel when you can afford to take care of yourself and everyone you care about?

It’s perfectly normal to feel a rush of emotions. Let yourself stand in the center of them, basking in their energy. Disregard the negatives and cherry-pick the positives. Remember your intention, your reason, and super-charge your desire with them.

This is where the real power lies.

You will no longer be wondering, “How to attract money spiritually?” You will know exactly what to do, and how to take action.

Inspire Action

The word “inspired” is made of two parts: “In” and “spirit”.

Being inspired was originally a spiritual concept with knowledge that has long since been lost. However, psychologists have once again discovered the power inspiration holds through research and study.

All inspiration has three core aspects to it:

  • The evocation, where it feels like something happens to you, rather than something you choose to experience.
  • The transcendence, where you feel connected to a powerful source of energy that brings about new possibilities.
  • The approach motivation, where the cultivated desire forces you to take purposeful action to steer your life in a new direction, or do something new. It can make you accomplish things you previously thought impossible, and completely transform your perception of your own capabilities.

If you’ve followed the previous steps correctly, you will have successfully inspired yourself towards a new goal.

Once inspired, you will find yourself energized in a way like nothing you’ve felt before. You will feel a strong desire to reach your goal, a renewed belief in your own abilities, self-esteem, and optimism.

You will have aligned yourself with the frequency of a powerful, unimaginable source of energy that will make you an unstoppable force in achieving your goals.

All those with a great purpose or extraordinary project break free from their bonds. Their consciousness seems to break out of their cage and expand in all directions freely. They find themselves filled with a powerful, rejuvenating force that is impossible to describe.

Once you have reached this state, it is important to be persistent in attracting money.

The law of attraction is powerful, but it grows even stronger with consistent mental practice. Being persistent in attracting money will eventually become second nature to you, and people will start to think that you were born lucky instead. You will find yourself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with those who share a similar energy to you, and those who naturally attract money. You will doubtlessly face challenges. You will doubtlessly fall from time to time. You will be tempted to quit and return to safety. But as long as you push yourself and fulfill your end of the bargain, the universe will see to it that you attract money.